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How to Get Rid of Ladybugs In Your House


Ladybugs look adorable hovering over your plants in the garden or when kids are playing with them and letting them crawl on their hands. That is one of the sweetest moments in spring. Ladybugs go into hibernation during winter and come out in spring. You would find them in red or yellow colors, with black spots. The black spots are the primary reason why you need them in your garden. The black spots and the yellow substance that they secrete are what keep the predators away. 

Ladybugs are extremely useful to your garden in keeping away the harmful insects, particularly aphids. When the US crop fields were infested with aphids, US actually imported ladybugs to handle the aphid issue. There are insects like aphids that feed on your plants and are capable of wiping out your vegetation within weeks. Since this is what was happening on US farmlands, ladybugs were brought to the rescue just in time.

Ladybugs, for a very good reason, feed on aphids and lay eggs in aphid colonies so that the larvae can also feed on aphids for maturation. This is how they can help in bringing down the aphid population and spare your hard-grown vegetation from all those costs or damage. The larvae feed on aphids as soon as they hatch. Ladybirds can consume as many as 5000 aphids in a lifetime.

However, here’s why you would want to get rid of them. As soon as autumn arrives, ladybugs start swarming around houses in huge numbers to find shelter for hibernation. To want to keep them out, if not kill them, to prevent the infestation from spreading to your entire house.

Check the entry spaces  

Identify the open spaces around the house – holes in the attic, basements, and walls, gaps beneath doors, between windows and around your cable wires. Time to take proactive measures and by proactive it means that you should begin to seal the open spaces prior to the autumn season.

You could try using temporary measures such as fixing old newspapers in small holes and covering the large holes with cardboard boxes. However, these would not last long especially during the wet days so you want to get the holes plastered. Use glue to seal the spaces in windows. Shield the gaps beneath doors with leather or rubber strips as these can help you keep out not just ladybirds but other insects, pests and small animals as well.

Get light traps

You want to be gentle on the ladybugs because they don’t harm you or your belongings. Thus, when you would rather not kill them, you could try fixing light traps in different rooms of the house, basement and attic.

They are effective when the other lights at dim, so switch them on during the night. The light would draw ladybugs in and trap them in a jar. Instead of killing them, you could just take the jar outside the house or away from your locality and release them.

However, the trap works effectively for only those lady bugs that are flying near the trap. If the infestation is severe, it is only part of the solution.

Clean the indoors and outdoors

If you clean and mop the house daily, you would be able to keep most of the pests and insects away anyway. Sanitation is important in keeping away unwanted guests. Eliminate all food sources for insects and clean up after eating.

Wash surface with detergents to wipe off all the bacteria and odor that invites insects. Soak sponge in water mixed with washing detergents to clean the dark corners as insects mostly seek shelter and breed there.

You could also vacuum the place and release the ladybugs from the bag outside. However, you want to be careful because when ladybugs feel threatened, they secrete yellow substance – blood – which smells dreadful and could even leave stains on floors or walls. This mechanism also alerts other ladybugs to defend themselves.

Renovate with dark paint

Ladybugs mostly gather around houses that have lighter paints. If you have been having this problem, it is time to renovate your house before winter arrives. It is better to consult a professional about the certain colors that you could use because you want to prevent your house from warming up too much during the summer.

The colors that you choose for the house would depend on the location of your house the angle at which your house receives sunlight.

Use deterrents

Essential oil sprays are effective in repelling several types of insects so you could either get them from a local store or make your own. Tea tree oil and lavender sprays could help in keeping the beetles away as the strong smell repels them. You could spray some amount on the exteriors outside the entry spaces.

Furthermore, citrus sprays such as orange or lemon help in keeping away pests or insects. The thing is that you would need to re-apply them every few hours or days because they get easily washed off.

Diatomaceous earth works effectively in keeping the insects away. you would need to apply it before autumn arrives and every few days because it could get washed off by pets, rain or wind.

If the infestation is severe or if you have family members who are allergic, only then you could use insecticides as a quick solution. Make sure the house is empty before performing the remedy. Otherwise, use the milder methods together in rotation and repetition.

Solutions can Help You With Your Ladybug Problems

Solutions Pest & Lawn has products to address all types of insect problems and ladybugs are included. To keep lady bugs from infiltrating your home, there is a product we sell which works well to both kill and repel them off your home called Martins Viper Insecticide Concentrate. This product contains a fast killing active ingredient called cypermethrin which has a great residual effect which can last up to 3 or 4 weeks. We recommend mixing the product inside of a pump sprayer which we also carry.

Just 1 oz of this solution mixed with a gallon of water can give you up to 800 square feet of coverage around your home. That means most homes will require 2-3 gallons of mixed material to get a good protective barrier in place. Another great alternative to use as a barrier around your home is Reclaim IT.

If ladybugs are indoors, One of the best products we have for inside treating them is an aerosol which known as Pyrid aerosol. Apply Pyrid by spraying small amounts around windows, door frames and light fixtures. These are common routes of entry for ladybugs. Pyrid can go on “dry” which makes it mess free and it is also odor less. Apply in places you have seen ladybug activity and before you know it you will no longer have ladybugs around.


Ladybugs are sure to be eliminated with the help of the tips provided above. Shop our ladybug control problems now and If you ever need more DIY pest control, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via phone (800-479-6583) or email (askapro@solutionsstores.com).

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