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How To Get Rid of Ladybugs in my house


What do you see when you look at the picture above? A cute, harmless little ladybug? Loved by all, ladybugs are very rarely equated with typical insects that are a nuisance to one’s home and peace. If you’re one of those that have a favorable view about ladybugs, you’re also one of those that have never suffered through a ladybug infestation. 

For those who’ve witnessed the other side of the spectrum, don’t worry, we’ve got for you some foolproof, definitive ways to rid of a ladybug infestation – for good. Before we dive into the purging details though, here are some interesting facts about what people like to refer to as the ‘cute little ladybug’.

About Ladybugs

Beetles, aka ladybugs, lady birds, lady beetles are insects which belong to the order of Coleoptera. With over 5000 known species of the ladybugs worldwide, the ladybirds are referred to as such because they were once believed to be named for the Virgin Mary – who blessed old European farmers in the middle ages by sending the red and black dotted beetles to save their dying crops from the pests that threatened their livelihood.

With a very picturesque appearance owing to their brightly covered exterior, the ladybugs are often considered quite harmless. However, there are quite a few different types of ladybugs that can cause a significant amount of damage to the natural vegetation, plants, and even humans if they were to infest a home.

Ladybirds have a favorable opinion because they are predacious on pests and bugs that affect plantations such as aphids. Feeding solely on them, an adult ladybug can kill up to 60 aphids in a day. They also devour white flies, mite, and other scale insects. Apart from adult insect species, ladybugs also feed on hundreds of larvae, effectively eliminating a pest before it even has a chance of becoming a nuisance for a farmer or gardener.

Ladybugs, wherever they may be, and of whatever type, they are habitual of hibernating during the winter months in warmer environments. Social insects, the ladybugs prefer hibernating collectively as a colony in order to take advantage of the greater warmth generate together.

As winters hit, ladybugs, especially the Asian multicolored variety tend to invade homes across the country in order to seek warmer shelter. What’s more, ladybugs are highly attracted to light colors.

How to Get Rid of A Lady Bug Infestation Permanently

There are a number of ways to permanently rid of a ladybug infestation. They include:

  • Use Diatomaceous Earth

A naturally made pesticide, Diatomaceous Earth is quite effective in eliminating a ladybug infestation – for good. Made from naturally fossilized remains of diatoms, the Diatomaceous earth dries out the insects and pest including the ladybugs by absorbing their body oils and depleting their fats. Non-toxic to humans and animals, this pesticide is safe to use in and outside your home without causing any harm to you or your furry friends. Just sprinkle some diatomaceous earth generously in all the corners, gaps and cracks in and outside the perimeter of your home. Clean and replace every few days to prevent the ladybugs from making a home in your home. At Solutions Pest & Lawn, we suggest a product such as Alpine Dust Insecticide.

  • Menthol and Camphor Spray

Beetles and ladybugs like to hide in warm dark corners, huddling close together for warmth. To kill them and effectively rid them from your home, just mix together some menthol in a spray bottle with some camphor in one part water and spray the liquid in and around all the areas where the ladybugs like to hide. Again non-toxic, you can easily use this spray without fear of causing harm to yourself, and other occupants of your home.

  • Vacuum Cleaners

As mentioned earlier ladybugs are found together in large colonies with all of them trying to maximize on their warmth. You can easily just scoop them up and discard them but vacuuming them is even better and option. Dead or alive a home vacuum is completely capable of removing the ladybugs from every corner and crevice of the house. Just remember to discard of the vacuum bag or else as the ladybugs decay it will begin to smell something fierce.

  • Install Light Traps

Quite attracted to light colors and lights itself, ladybugs can effectively be removed from a home by using a light trap. While there are commercially made high-grade light traps readily available in the stores, making one at home is also quite easy. All you need to do is use a large jar or a gallon sized jug, make a makeshift funnel out of some cardboard and attach a light source on top. You can even line the jug with some neem or orange oil to trap the ladybugs inside. Switch on the light source and leave it in a darkened corner frequented by the ladybugs. The bugs will follow the light source and fall into the jug through the funnel where they will become trapped by the oil.  We recommend a Mantis Fly Light. While meant for flies, they can also attract and trap ladybugs.

Prevent A Ladybug Infestation

If you wish to prevent a ladybug infestation from occurring in the first place, here’s what you can do:

  • Paint Your Home A Darker Color – attracted to white or lighter colors, ladybugs will naturally be repelled from entering your home if it’s painted a darker color.

  • Repel Ladybug Scent with Neem Tree Oil – With a bitter taste and highly pungent smell the neem tree oil is very effective against lady bugs. Spray some around the exterior of your home and ladybugs will never enter it.

  • Plant Mums – the pretty houseplants are actually despised by the ladybugs owing to their chemical smell.

  • Consider Winterizing Your Home – close the windows, chalk the cracks and gaps and the ladybugs won’t find a way inside your home.


Ladybugs are not a common home problem but if they have been giving you trouble, we hope these tips can help you to eliminate the problem. There are also additional insecticides which can do a good job of eliminating ladybugs. For more helpful advice please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 800-479-6583, email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com, of chat with us online.

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