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How To Get Rid Of Lady Bugs Naturally

lady bugs on dark vegetation

Lady bugs (also known as Asian lady beetles) have long been known as the prettiest bug out there. It is not scary nor does it hurt anyone. Whenever anyone sees one, they quickly want to pick it up and marvel at its beauty.

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They are also quite useful to have in your gardens because they tend to eat pests like aphids and other bugs that would otherwise damage your flowers and shrubs. But if they unexpectedly come inside your home, they can be a bit of a nuisance because they can multiply quickly and before you know it, you might have a swarm of lady bugs in your home.

What Are Lady Bugs?

Ladybugs are insects that belong to the Coccinellidae family. They are small in size (usually 0.8 to 18 mm) and are bright red with black spots all over them.  They also come in other colors such as orange, yellow and black.

Generally, gardeners prefer to have lady bugs in their gardens because they watch out for any pests that could destroy the plant. Therefore, ladybugs are their predators and eat away any insect, such as mites that could cause the plants harm.

Lady Bug Infestation

This happens when adult ladybugs enter your home because they are looking for a safe haven and need to have a warm shelter for the winter until spring comes. While ladybugs usually go to natural places to hide during the winter such as hills or other underground spaces, they can also crawl their way in low elevated houses that have basements.  


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However, since they don’t cause any harm to you, they can be gotten rid of using natural remedies. They don’t breed indoors, so you don’t have to worry about them multiplying, but when they enter your home, they are usually in swarms so you have to watch out. They can crawl into different places and at times make you feel uncomfortable.


How To Get Rid Of Lady Bugs

 Here are some ways you can get rid of lady bugs naturally:

Act promptly

The first step to getting rid of a lady bug is to act really fast as soon as you see them. Because they can disappear into some corner or a hole if you turn away for something. Just get a tissue paper and gently pick it and keep it inside. Then you can release it out in the garden, preferably a near the soil where it can go hibernate for winter.

Winterizing your home

Since the only time of the year you will find lady bugs in your home is winter, the best thing you can do is to winterize your home. They usually crawl into cracks, holes and crevices in walls or flooring and hibernate till spring. You need to seal in all the gaps or cracks that can shelter them. Caulk the windows
and seal doors so that no bugs can creep their way inside. This should be done at least 2-3 weeks before the fall season starts to ensure proper prevention.  You can spray an insecticide on the southern side of the home to keep them from being able to survive in the inside of your attic or home.

Garden away!

Consider gardening as an option if you don’t already have one. Since ladybugs love to be around plants and flowers and eat any garden insects, this will definitely distract them from invading your personal space. They will find themselves a place to hibernate in the garden when the fall season arrives and you will have a ladybug friendly home.

Mum’s the word!

You can plant mums (chrysanthemums) in your garden to prevent any insects or bugs from coming to your plants.  These bugs also include ladybugs and they easily get deterred from coming to your garden. Alternately, if you just want to keep them away from your home, then keep mums in a pot near the window sill and outside your entrance so that they can’t creep inside. The best part about these flowers is that they also prevents fleas, so if you have any pets then rest assured the fleas will also be kept at bay.


If you are too afraid to pick them up and dispose them off and using a bug spray seems too cruel then you can just vacuum them away. Don’t worry they aren’t going to die if you vacuum them. You can just release them from the vacuum bag into the garden or some green area far from your home.


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Unleash the power of diatomaceous Earth powder

You can dust some of this powder in areas of your home that you suspect can have any bugs or insects. Make sure to use it especially near the windows and doors. This prevents any bug (including lady bugs) from entering.

Citrus scents

Lady bugs can be repelled by the scent of citrus fruits because they tend to be intense. So you can wipe away your counters, window sills by dabbing some lemon juice and wiping them away with a cloth. Alternately, you can use orange or lemon essential oil to do the same job.

Bay leaves

Head to your kitchen and you will most likely find some bay leaves and use them to your advantage. Lady bugs also don’t like smell of bay leaves and stay away from them. So, if you see a swarm of lady bugs, just put some bay leaves in the areas and they will most likely go away.


Lady bugs can only be prevented if you ensure that all entry points and gaps are properly sealed.

They are harmless little creatures and you won’t be scared if you see them. Just ensure that you get rid of them as soon as you see them so that they don’t attract more of their kind inside from their scent.

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