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How to Get Rid of Lady Bugs in the House 


Everyone loves lady bugs, from children to adults no one minds a lady bug sitting outside in the garden chilling. But when these lady bugs decide to bring the party inside your house then it is a whole different story. Although lady bugs are completely harmless, there are various species which can be very dangerous. This is exactly why every homeowner should not risk it when it comes to lady bugs as you can never tell the difference between each species. Furthermore, even lady bugs are a health hazard as they carry millions of germs that are deposited all around your home. Rest assured, we will help you get rid of these lady bugs once and for all! All you need is a few our tips and a push in the right direction. 

To defeat your enemy, you must understand your enemy! This is exactly why we must start with knowing more about lady bugs.

About lady bugs

Lady bugs are actually one of the most beautiful insects out there, these lady bugs are easily identifiable with their wing covers which are covered with either red or black dots. These color patterns on their wing covers vary and they all have the same black legs, round heads and antennas. These insect prey on herbivorous insects and are considered to be minor agriculture pests. Lady bugs can actually help your garden as they feed on other insects that might eat your plants or deteriorate your landscape such as aphids. They breed explosively as two lady bugs can breed an army within no given time! So please stay on top of things the moment you find a lady bug inside of your house.

Different methods to get rid of lady bugs from your home - for good

Given below are different methods that are devised to help everyone out there rid their homes of lady bugs for good!

  1. Physical removal

If you have found lady bugs in your house, please do not make the common mistake of trying to handle the bugs with your bare hands. Lady bugs have a unique defense mechanism which induces them to discrete a foul yellow substance which is actually its blood! Sounds hard core right? Yes lady bugs discrete blood the moment they are threatened and this blood can stain your cloths and hands.  

Doesn’t sound that bad right; just ask the people who unfortunately decided that it is fine to pick up a lady bug with their hands. A quick solution to this problem is using a vacuum cleaner and directing it towards the lady bugs!  The vacuum cleaner will suck the little bugs and how you release them is your personal discretion however, we would recommend setting them free as far as possible from your home! You can also use a broom to simply sweep the little bugs outside and give them a little smack with the broom to make sure they remember you.  Please do remember that the yellow liquid that lady bugs discrete can easily stain your floor or any other material.

  1. Invest in a light trap

We understand that there are many people out there who cannot even imagine getting close to a lady bug as it is an insect at the end of the day. For all of the best people the best alternative is investing in a light trap that is readily available in every pesticide store. Once you have equipped yourself with a light trap, strategically place it around your house picking a new direction every day.

This trap uses its bright light to attract the lady bugs out of their hiding place and once they have entered the trap they cannot escape without your help. Again please do not get diabolical and kill the lady bugs stuck inside, simply set them free outside in your garden. These insects are harmless and honestly do not deserve to do die!

  1. Death by diatomaceous earth

If you really want to kill lady bugs because of personal reasons, then the best way is using diatomaceous earth which is natural pesticide. This substance penetrates the skin of the lady bug and dehydrates it until it dies a slow and painful death. Simply sprinkle the diatomaceous earth all around your house and entry points as well. Any lady bugs in the vicinity will slowly start dying because of this substance.

Furthermore, diatomaceous earth is a completely natural substance which is not harmful to pets or little children.  If you want to get your hands on diatomaceous earth then simply visit any pesticide store in your area, rest assured it is offered at extremely cost effective prices.

How to prevent a lady bug infestation

Prevention is the best cure for anything; this specially applies to a ladybug infestation. No one wants to deal with trapping or killing lady bugs as it so not really that exciting! This is exactly why it is imperative that every homeowner takes the following steps into consideration in order to avoid a lady bug infestation. These steps are as follows,

  • Make sure your home has no entry points through which the lady bugs can enter your home

  • Sprinkle the perimeter of your home with diatomaceous earth

  • Fix any holes in your doors and windows

  • Consider applying a weather strip

  • Chalk any gaps in your doors and window 

Say Bye Bye To Lady Bugs With Professional Products With Solutions

If all else fails when using home remedies, you can always turn to professional DIY insecticides which we carry here at Solutions Pest & Lawn. At Solutions, we don’t carry inferior brands that you see at your local big box store or supermarket, these are top notch high quality insecticides that professionals equip themselves with when treating a client’s home.

To keep lady bugs from infiltrating your home, there is a product we sell which works well to both kill and repel them off your home called Martins Viper Insecticide Concentrate. This product contains a fast killing active ingredient called cypermethrin which has a great residual effect which can last up to 3 or 4 weeks. We recommend mixing the product inside of a pump sprayer which we also carry.

Just 1 oz of this solution mixed with a gallon of water can give you up to 800 square feet of coverage around your home. That means most homes will require 2-3 gallons of mixed material to get a good protective barrier in place. Another great alternative to use as a barrier around your home is Reclaim IT.

If ladybugs are indoors, One of the best products we have for inside treating them is an aerosol which known as Pyrid aerosol. Apply Pyrid by spraying small amounts around windows, door frames and light fixtures. These are common routes of entry for ladybugs. Pyrid can go on “dry” which makes it mess free and it is also odor less. Apply in places you have seen ladybug activity and before you know it you will no longer have ladybugs around.


Follow the above instructions and you won’t be bugged by ladybugs any further. If you ever need more DIY pest control, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via phone (800-479-6583) or email (askapro@solutionsstores.com).

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