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How to Get Rid of Indoor Gnats

Have you ever seen little black dots flying and fluttering in your home, usually around the drains in the kitchen or bathroom, garbage cans and a sink full of dirty dishes? If you have, you should know that there is an indoor gnat infestation in your humble abode. 

If you’re already aware of the fact, let’s talk more about what are indoor gnats and how you can get rid of them – permanently.

About Indoor Gnats

Gnats are the pesky little insects that zip around the house like tiny little black dots floating in the air. Long-legged and winged insects, gnats are generally weak fliers. As small as they are, it’s quite common to associate any and all types of tiny house flying insects with the generalized term ‘gnat’. However, there are quite a few different types of gnats, which not only differ in the size, color, and type, but also in their behavior, diet and source.

Some of the most common indoor gnats are mentioned below.

Fungus or Winter Gnats

The most commonly seen indoor gnats are the winter or Fungus gnats. Caused by the smallest kinds of fungi which thrive in a sticky and damp environment, the winter gnats are usually found in places where there is high humidity. In homes, you’ll find fungus gnats commonly breeding in house plants, plumbing leaks, or roof leaks, or near the water tanks where there’s a lack of proper drainage.

The winter gnats are quite attracted towards the light and can often be seen around the windows or light bulbs.

Drain Flies

The drain flies resemble the moth fly quite closely, however they’re about one forth the size of a true moth fly. Again attracted towards and bred in moist environments, the drain flies are most commonly found in very damp areas of the house. The drain flies commonly lay their eggs in the sink drains because the larvae prefer the bacteria in the drain pipes to feed on. The bathroom, and kitchen sinks and drains are usually where you can find the drain flies.

The Tried and Tested Methods to Rid Your Home of Gnats

Indoor gnats, though not usually harmful to the humans, can be particularly annoying and frustrating- especially because they seem to continue to reoccur. However, unless the infestation is particularly bad, homeowners can actually get away with clearing out their homes of gnats by themselves, without calling in the professional pest control which may cost them an arm and a leg.

Some of the most effective, tried and tested methods to get rid of gnats include:

  1. The Vinegar Home Traps

Gnats – of most types – are unusually attracted to the scent of vinegar. They tend to flood towards vinegar in droves. To get rid of a gnat infestation, first identify where the gnats are arising from. Is it because of the water puddles near the water tank? Or are the around the house plants? Or are they most commonly found near trash cans and house drains?

Once you have the location scouted, find a used can or Mason jar and fill it up with vinegar. Any type of white vinegar would do perfectly well, though apple cider vinegar works best because of its appealing fruit mixed scent. You can even make a concoction of white vinegar and lemon scented dish washing soap to make it all the more attractive for the gnats.

Once the mix is ready in the Mason jar, cover it up tightly with the plastic wrap. Carefully poke small holes into the covering and leave the Mason jar around the areas gnats frequent.

The gnats will be able to move inside towards the vinegar but won’t be able to leave. When the jar is full, just dispose it and you’ll have rid your home of the nasty gnat infestation.

  1. The Electric Gnat Exploders

Gnats are quite attracted towards the light and are often found fluttering around the windows – especially the fungus flies. The best way to get rid of them permanently is to invest in the small electric insect killing devices that you can plug in around the house. The electric devices easily plug in into any electrical outlet around the house. The device emits UV light which attracts the gnats. Once the gnat comes close to the light, it gets trapped by the surface of the light, and is immediately electrocuted.

  1. Ammonia Killings

As mentioned, the drain flies are sourced from the sink drains where the adult flies lay their eggs. To get rid of a gnat infestation once and for all, it’s best to kill the very source of the gnats. Ammonia is a very effective drain cleaner and gnat killer. By carefully pouring some ammonia down the drain pipes, you will not only be cleaning out the drain of the clogged bacteria, but also be eliminating the gnat infestation that bothers you.

However, keep in mind, ammonia is a chemical with very strong fumes and can be harmful if misapplied. Be very careful and well prepared with a face mask and plenty of ventilation around the drains before attempting this DIY.

The Gnat Prevention Plan

The best way to get rid of a gnat infestation is to prevent it from ever occurring. Here’s how you can prevent the gnats from re-occurring:

  • Thoroughly clean the house – clear out every nook and cranny. Pick and remove the dirty food and candy wrappers that may be hidden beneath sofas, or behind the beds.

  • Repair and fill in the cracks in the floors which may hold spilled water.

  • Clear dirty dishes, throw away the rotten food and fruits which may attract the gnats.

  • Clean out all the garbage cans from around the house as soon as they are full– don’t let the trash sit and collect, it becomes a festering ground for gnats.

  • Keep the trashcans covered at all costs.

  • Utilize the vegetables, meat and fruit before it goes bad, or if it does, throw it out as soon as possible. Gnats are attracted to rotten and ripe food.

Use Professional DIY Insecticide Products For Gnat Control

If the above DIY remedies are not something you’re up for, you can still get rid of gnats using professional grade insecticides which we carry at Solutions Pest & Lawn. Some of the top products we recommend for indoor gnat control are Musca-Stik, Pyrid Aerosol, Reclaim IT Insecticide, or CB PCO Insect Fogger for fogging the home.


If gnats are becoming an unwanted plague in your home, keep your house clean, dry and clutter free. By taking the necessary precautions and using the products we mentioned above, you are sure to get rid of the gnats and avoid having a major case of gnat infestations at home. For more helpful, DIY advice call us at 800-479-6583, email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or visit one of our stores and speak to us in person!


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