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housefly on some ice cream

How To Get Rid of Houseflies

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Have you ever wondered why those small, annoying buzzing flies freely roam and fly around and sit on every living and non-living thing they find? It’s as if they owned every single thing in the environment. The houseflies are the most common insect that you have to deal with. It is also one which is can quickly spread disease and multiplies rapidly.

The worst part is you can’t get rid of them just by swatting them off. If you have had trouble keeping them at bay, then this guide will tell you everything you need to know about how to kill houseflies.

housefly on a wallHarm caused by Houseflies

Houseflies thrive and feed on anything that is filthy, smells and is unsanitary in every way possible. They are usually flying around and sit on garbage, compost, feces, fertilizer, fish manure sewerage and human excrement etc. They tend to sit and stick everything that they sit on and taste them. Since their taste receptors lie underneath their legs. So you can imagine when they end up buzzing around your house, sit on any food, or otherwise pass on all those germs and dirt they have accumulated everywhere. Additionally, files have a tendency to defecate anywhere they sit on.

In addition, since they prefer liquefied foods they, the house flies often swallow and vomit out the food to liquefy any solid food they might want to feed on. This means they are passing on germs and their own feces and vomit onto the food. This makes the food unhygienic for anyone to consume. Due to these factors, they are known to transfer diseases like cholera, dysentery, typhoid, dysentery, salmonella and leprosy, etc.


Now that we have established the extent of harm the houseflies cause. Needless to say, we need to be aware of how to get rid of it.

  1. Hygienic environmentSanitation is essential in eliminating houseflies

It is important to be aware that the indoors and the outdoors must be as clean as possible. Make sure the garbage can is sealed tight. There shouldn’t be any decaying material that may turn into compost or fertilizer lying around. Take the garbage out as quickly as possible to landfills or fly-proof container.

  1. Lock and seal

Make sure all your windows and doors have nets and are locked. Furthermore, all openings that might lead to flies from entering the house must be sealed for example water, gas pipes, etc. If any occasional flies do come by they can be swatted right off. So, do make sure to keep a swatter at home.

  1. Cider and Soap

Ultraviolet light traps and stick-traps have been proven to be effective especially outdoors. There are other means through which a fly could be trapped at home. For instance, a bowl of apple cider vinegar with some fruit fragranced liquid soap can be left on a table covered with plastic wrap with a couple hole or it can be left open. Once they get lured into the bowl with the scent of the fruit, they get drowned into the mixture of soap and vinegar.

  1. The paper funnel and the glass jar

Pour apple cider vinegar into the glass jar and place a paper funnel inside the jar. The odor of the apple cider will attract the flies into the jar. Once they enter they won’t be able to leave and eventually drown.

  1. Organic garden

A variety of herbs like basil, eucalyptus, mint and bay leaves can be grown to shunning the houseflies from wandering and exploring your household. These natural herbs serve as repellants for the flies. Placing them indoors and outdoors keeps them at bay.

  1. Nasturtiums and lavender

Growing such beautiful flowers will not just add to the beauty and soothing aroma but serve as a natural repellant against the flies. These magical flowers ward of the evil that the houseflies can inflict upon the house and the abundance of filth and diseases it can unleash on you. Nasturtium is another plant, which if planted will keep other bugs and insects away from homes and encourages the growth of other flowers and plants.

  1. A squash of lemon and a pinch of cloves

The scent of lemon and cloves is normally refreshing for us, but not for the houseflies. This can be used to our advantage. The lemon and the cloves both put them off and keep them away from such areas. Take 2 lemons, cut them in halves, and add around 6 to 12 cloves in each lemon. Placing them around the house makes the home smell fresh and repels the houseflies from entering the premises. It can also be wrapped in a muslin bag and hung outside, particularly areas where the flies like to hangout.

  1. Essential oils and lotion

Lemon grass scent again has a refreshing fragrance and keeps the houseflies away. Pour 4 tablespoons or 1/4th cup of hot water into 10 to 12 drops of lemongrass essential oil. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and spray around the whole room. It acts as a natural air freshener and repulses the houseflies.

1 teaspoon of clove mixed with 10 teaspoons of olive oil or witch hazel oil acts as an organic housefly repellant. It keeps them from sitting near or buzzing around you.

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Although it is great to have more natural options for protecting your home and yourself from insects, at times, insecticides and pesticides have to be used. Chemicals, like synthetic pyrethroid and aerosol sprays, are effective, while application of pesticides should be handled with care. Nevertheless, in cases where it can be avoided the organic methods are the best way to go. The most important factory is to keep everything around you as clean as possible.

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