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How to Get Rid of House Spiders

The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout… oh wait, you couldn’t sing anymore because you were busy screaming. A spider is all well and good when we are watching Spiderman because who doesn’t love Toby Maguire. However, in actuality, these eight legged freaks scare the bejesus out of most people.

What is that makes spiders so frightening and disgusting? Is it the legs? Is it the hair? Or is it the fact that they can make high jumps and land anywhere on you?

There are hundreds of YouTube videos, where clueless people accidentally touch a spider’s nest and unleash chaos. Imagine yourself in a situation, where your walls are crawling with spiders and you can’t even cross the room to get you car keys! It takes a week to get rid of such a mess and the smell in the house after that is unbearable.

In order to understand how to get rid of them, you need to know a little more about these eight legged freaks.

About Spiders

There are around 45,700 species of spiders found all over the world. Though a bite from a spider is not deadly, it may cause some skin damage. Due to advancement in medicine, spider bites can now be treated easily.

A spider bite can cause either of the two problems: Latrodectism or Loxoscelism. Some of the dangerous spiders, whose bite can cause severe damage, are widow spiders, the Brazilian wandering spider, and funnel web spiders. The world’s most deadly spider is the Australian funnel-web spider. When bitten by one, it is important to seek immediate medical attention rather than trying home remedies.

6 Steps to Get Rid of Spiders

Step #1: Suck It Up

Vacuum. Vacuum. Vacuum. The only way to keep your house clean of spiders is to begin sanitization. Vacuum routinely and remove spider webs from corners with a broom. Common household spiders are extremely small and weak. When sucked up by a vacuum, the power kills them instantly. Also, you don’t have to worry about them breeding inside the vacuum bag. Whether the cobwebs are old or new, remove them thoroughly. Old cobwebs have egg sacs on them which later develop into spiders. Once you have cleaned the visible areas, it’s time to take your cleaning supplies down to the basement, then up to the attic. Make the place clutter free and stack everything with precision.

Step #2: Dry the Food Supply

A spider’s main food source is other insects and anthropoids. Without food, a spider can live for four weeks. So, in order to get rid of one infestation, you need to make sure there’s not a second one. It’s time to bring out the big guns because you need to do a few repairs such as installing screens on you doors and windows, making sure the weather stripping is intact, covering any cracks and holes in the walls, and closing all other entry points. Next, wipe down the areas where the spiders were nesting so that there are no pheromone trails.

Step #3: Set Out Traps

The best trap for a spider is a sticky glue trap. While these traps are mostly used for cockroaches, rodents, and other creatures, they are effective on spiders too. You can lay these traps anywhere but makes sure that they are out of sight of children and pets. You can lay them under baseboards, in cupboards and closets, etc. Change the traps after a few days and keep placing them until there are no spiders found on the trap.

Step #4: Use Spidercide

To keep the spiders out and prevent them from creating more nests, apply insecticides to the corners where they are usually found. You can create a barrier around the house by laying down a trail. This way, their entry will be blocked and you will have double safety.

Step #5: Use Spider Repellant

If you are afraid to use insecticides because you have curious little toddlers going around the house, then use a spider repellant. These repellants have a smell that spiders hate but are pleasant to human beings. To make the repellant more effective, tackle one room at a time and keep it closed.

Step #6: Keep the Outside Clean

Just as corners inside the house can become a breeding place for spiders, cluttered places outside can become nesting grounds too. These places include compost and wood piles, rocks, cracks in the exterior, and plants growing on the trellis. Make sure that nothing is touching the walls of the house. This provides a pathway to the spiders to reach the windows easily. Keep the compost and woodpiles away from the main entrance and confine the rocks to the garden.

It’s impossible to get rid of household spiders without killing them. However, if you are still a bit reluctant in killing them, cover the visible ones with a jar. Now, gently tilt the jar a little bit and slide in a piece of paper. Tip the jar over and the spider will fall to the bottom of the jar. Go ahead and release it outside, far away from the house. Try these six steps and you won’t see a single wandering spider again in your house.

Solutions Pest & Lawn Can Help You Get Rid Of House Spiders

You can effectively get rid of spiders using professional DIY pest control products from Solutions Pest & Lawn. Aside from delivering quality insecticides, we also give expert advice on how to apply our products step by step, either online or over the phone.

For spiders, it is best to treat their presence by using multiple control methods. You shouldn’t limit yourself to using just one product or control technique as a combination of products will work the best in getting spiders killed or caught quicker and more efficiently.

For instance, we suggest using a liquid insecticide such as Reclaim IT (which we recommend using with a hand pump sprayer) and spraying around all baseboards, door and window frames, in closets, storage rooms, under patio coverings, porches, in garages and attics. Make sure to also focus application in your garage or basement, dark damp places are prime examples of spider hiding grounds. This will either kill the spider or repel them from your home if you personally haven’t been able to directly encounter the spider.

We also suggest laying out traps to capture a spider that is in hiding such as Catchmaster 72MB Glue Board. Lay some of these glueboards out in cabinets, closets, storage areas, basements attics and any other areas where you have seen spider activity. These will help capture spiders that are in hiding and can very easily be disposed of once they are caught. As an added bonus, these glue boards can also capture other bugs and critters that may be lurking on your premises.

When spiders are hard to find, you usually know that they are still present if you see a web built around your home. For such issues, we suggest immediately breaking down and disposing of their webs to send a message to spiders that they aren’t wanted here and to make their webs somewhere else. Web Out uses natural ingredients with a low toxicity formula to eliminate spiders and keep them from coming back. It breaks down webs to make cleaning easier while preventing spider webs on surfaces. Even works on ants, crickets, mosquitoes, cockroaches and perimeter pest insects.

With our special Guaranteed Spider Control Kit, you can get all the products we mentioned above to quickly get rid of spiders in a convenient package. The kit comes guaranteed because if by following the steps we laid out diligently and utilizing the products properly doesn’t eliminate your spider issue and you are dissatisfied we’ll give you your money back or present some other satisfying alternative for you.


As annoying as it may be to see these eight legged freaks crawling around your home, with the help of the tips and product recommendations we have provided, you can very easily rid your home of the presence of spiders. For more helpful expert advice and tips, call us at 800-479-6583, askapro@solutionsstores.com or live chat with us.


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