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How To Get Rid of House Centipedes

Ever open the house tank to check the water level and felt from the corner of your eye that something had was moving around in the water?. And when you gave it a closer look, it turned out to be an orange and blue centipede with a long, slim body and fast-moving legs, having the time of its life in your water tank?. 

That is when your troubles begin. You will have to call pest-control personnel to drain all the water from the tank, get the tank cleaned and refill it with fresh water. Even then, there will be instances where you’ll spot centipedes lurking behind house plants and in your garden, some of which will make their way into your house.

Centipedes are among the most common house pests in the US. If no steps are taken to keep them away, it can be a daunting task to get rid of them all at once. So if you are one who has to deal with this pest problem, you can try keeping the creepy creatures away by trying one or more of the following methods:

  1. Insecticides

When you spot a centipede in the house, you could try using insecticide sprays. Spraying usually does the trick in the short term but it does present a few health risks, especially if there are young ones around. If the centipede problem is a small one, an isolated case so to speak, you can always use a piece of paper or tissue to pick up the little critter and drop it outside your house.

Solutions Pest & Lawn has a wide selection of effective control products which can eliminate centipedes from your yard and garden. For centipedes that have made their way into your home, we recommend PT 565 Plus XLO Aerosol InsecticideEcoPCO ACU Contact Aerosol or Pyrid Aerosol among others. These are broad spectrum sprays so they can kill a variety of household pests. To start, you’ll want to spray your home’s foundation and ground immediately adjacent to the foundation. This will both kill any present and create a barrier to keep them away

Dusting is also a great option to get rid of centipedes as it can get to hard to reach areas which liquid insecticide sprays cannot.  Apply professional insecticidal dust products we recommend D-Fense Dust or Delta Dust. Apply the dust, preferably using a duster, in cracks and crevices around your home and perimeter.

  1. Cleanliness

Keeping the house clean, fresh and tidy all the time is important if you want to guard against any kind of pest let alone a centipede. Centipedes need places to hide, to dwell, things to eat, etc. If you don’t give them these, they won’t come into your house in the first place. Keep things in order and make sure that the dark corners of your house are well cleaned on a regular basis.

Use good-quality surface cleaners and disposable sponges to clean the kitchen areas behind your microwave oven, cooking range, above the cabinets, behind bookshelves and hard-to-reach areas in the washroom, behind sinks and bowls.

Furthermore, make sure that there are no leftovers or morsel of food on the floor. When there is food on the floor, some sort of pest is sure to come after it. Always clean the kitchen counters, stoves and dining tables after using them. Do not just leave them unclean before going to sleep.

  1. Seal open spaces

There are almost always several open spaces around a house – holes in the walls, gaps beneath the doors and between windows. You should get rubber glued at the bottom of your doors so that the passage is sealed. Get the cracks in the walls plastered. At first it is hard to determine where the pests could be coming from, but the time taken to search around the house for open passageways could be a life saver (not literally) and save you tons of trouble in the future.

  1. Keep the house dry

Centipedes thrive in a moist, humid environment, hence, they are mostly found in bathrooms or laundries. Make sure that your bathrooms have functional ventilators or small windows. Your house should also be kept dry and properly ventilated. If you live in a place that is humid, it becomes important to dehumidify your home daily and make it livable for everyone (not the centipedes though).

  1. Naphthalene tablets

These come in handy for dark corners of the cupboards, cabinets, book shelves and chests of drawers. Moreover, save your silicone gel packets – you know those gel bags that come in your medicine bottles, without which the medicines stick to each other. Do not throw them away as they serve several other purposes. Keep a few packets in every space that sustains moisture – cupboards, drawers and shelves.

  1. Paint the walls

Get your walls painted every year or whenever the paint starts to peel off. Those cracks make it easy for parasites to build homes and lay eggs. Pay special attention to the corners of the walls.

  1. Pipes

Regularly check the external drainage system for stagnant water. Invest in a good plumbing system. If there are holes in the pipes, get them fixed. Get the house checked for seepage as well. Ensure that there are there are no leaks anywhere.

  1. Keep outdoors clean

Make sure that the surrounding areas of the house are secure and clean.  Do not dump garbage around your house, because trash is a natural habitat for all kinds of pests including centipedes, flies, mosquitoes, etc. Mow the lawn every few weeks, clean the garden and water the plants. Keep the areas behind the plants clean as parasites are likely to build homes there too.

  1. Moving into a new house

When buying or renting a new house, select one that is west-facing. It is common belief (not backed by science) that houses that are not west-open tend to have more humidity, and therefore, more pests. To save yourself the trouble of having to deal with screaming family members as they spot a centipede and run around the house with their hands up in the air, do yourself and your family a favor and make the right choices. Good luck!     


As icky as it may be to have centipedes crawling around in your yard or even indoors, they can be rather easy to get rid of by equipping yourself with the correct centipede control products as we mentioned above. By applying these products and helpful tips, you can free your house from the presence of centipedes. For more helpful DIY pest control, you can speak live to one of your DIY experts over the phone at 800-479-6583, chat with us online or email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com.


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