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How to Get Rid of HoneyBees


The thought of honey brings a feeling of joy to those with a sweet tooth, but when you think of honeybees, you get the opposite reaction. Although, the existence of bees is crucial to our environment, their presence can be rather annoying. Honeybees, in particular, have the ability of producing and storing honey and making large nests using the wax that is buried from their workers. Their interesting appearance gives us the advantage of identifying what kind of bee we are dealing with.  Fine when they are pollinating your garden or trees, not so good when the hive is stuck inside a wall void of your house.

Honey Bee Behavior

Just like humans, honeybees like to live in organized gatherings and they do not require hibernation. They are social creatures. They have a system of who gets nectar and pollen and how the plan is executed. Honeybees are very adaptable. They can go several years by living on the food that they have been reserving. Fun Fact: Honeybees are only able to sting once.

Signs of Infestation

  • Just because you start to see numerous bees in your garden or around your house does not mean that your property has been infested by bees. 

  • When bees make nests in the walls or hidden places, you can begin to see an increasing amount of dead bees in your house.  You might see them flying in and out of a crack on the side of your house or awning.

  • If bees are making a nest in the wall, it is possible to listen to their buzzing sound through the wall.

  • Finding active or inactive nests around the house is another sign.

  • You can smell it! If honeycombs are not removed completely, an unpleasant scent begins to linger. The honey in the honeycombs releases a smell when it begins to decompose. This decomposing honey leaves dark marks if the nest is indoors.

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Do not try to get rid of bees if you are allergic!

Six Ways Those Will Keep Honeybees Away:

  1. Call An Exterminator:

It is hard to remove a nest from your house therefore finding an exterminator, which will be willing to do this job, will be a task in itself. Calling an exterminator is a big move, as they will use measures that will ensure that all of the honeybees are getting rid of.  The pesticides that are used to remove the bees do not remove the nest. Therefore, you will have to make sure that your exterminator will remove the nest after. You also need to get rid of the honeycomb as soon as the nest is removed. Seal it in a plastic bag and discard it. IF there is any trace of the honeycomb left, there will be a repulsive odor and secondary issues as the honeycomb begins to mold and attract other insects.

  1. Make a Trap

This is not the ideal way of getting rid of the honeybees if you are in a hurry of getting rid of the bees. Although it is time consuming, it is a safer route to go than the pesticides. What you will need to do to make a trap is follow these simple steps:

  • You will need screen wire which will be the exit cone and it will have an exit hole about 3/8”.

  • The wide end of the cone will be over the entrance of the hive.

  • You will need to place a smaller hive at the exit so the bees can survive. Any remaining holes that are open should be sealed properly.

  • Depending on the size of the hive, this method may be long, as the bees will take time to go from one hive to another.

  • The queen does not abandon its nest so you will have to inject pesticide to kill it.

  1. The Vinegar Spray

A vinegar spray is a good way of getting rid of bees, as it will not harm any surrounding plants. Make sure you are wearing your protective gear. Mix equal parts of water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on the nest at night, as at that time the bees will be inactive. You can spray the mixture on the bees as repeatedly as you need to or until all the bees are removed.

  1. The Soda Bottle Trap

Soda will not only attract the bees but it will cause them to drown. You will need to cut the soda bottle in half and fill it halfway. Place this near the hive so the bees get attracted towards it. When the bees go near the soda, they will drown.

  1. Bee Zapper

Bee zappers are a great way of getting rid of flies. Keep or hang the bee zapper where the bees are the most active. The bees are going to be attracted to it and will be zapped to death.

  1. The Soap Water

Soap water has a property of making water wetter than it already is. Add equal parts of soap and water and mix the solution really well. Spray the solution really well on the hive. Soap water has the ability to block the pores on the bee causing it to die immediately. Remember to keep yourself protected!

You Must Remember

Honeybees, like other bees, use defense mechanisms- such as stinging- when they sense danger, therefore they attack. Try to wear repellant as much as you can, as this is good for your health. Prevention is better than cure.   Bees are something that might need to be left to a professional, but if that is not possible, then we recommend using a bee suit and dust to kill the colony.   

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