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How to Get Rid of Gypsy Moths


Gypsy moths are what nightmares are made of as these insects are without a doubt one of the creepiest living beings on this planet. One look at them will send shivers down the spine of even the bravest people out there, especially if you find them inside your home! These gypsy moths are not only extremely unpleasant to look at but are also very dangerous, if they manage to latch on you then you will have to burn them off and deal with excruciating pain. However, with the right mind set you can rid your homes and offices of gypsy moths as long as you keep a safe distance from these moths.  

In order to defeat your enemy, you must become your enemy! This is exactly why we have mentioned a little information about these little insects from hell.  

About Gypsy Moths

The gypsy moths are part of the Erebidae family and are classified as a pest.  These pests are notorious for their horrid stature and for destructing hardwood trees and wooden items. Gypsy moths are also considered to be one of the most destructive invasive species in the world. Defoliation of trees and scaring the life out of people is what gypsy moths are renowned for! They can eat through wood within no time and are very fast, so killing them is not easy but it is not impossible.   

Different methods to kill gypsy moths

Given below are different methods that every person should consider if they want to effectively rid their homes or offices from gypsy moths.

  1. Invest in commercial insecticides

The very first and arguably the most effective way to kill gypsy moths is investing in commercial insecticides. These insecticides are readily available in any pesticide store and are offered at various prices. Simply invest in the most powerful insecticide that you can get your hands on and prepare yourself for a war.  Please bear in mind that these insecticides use powerful chemicals to kill these pests so make sure you read the label to ensure that the insecticide does not induce any adverse reactions.

Once you have equipped yourself with the insecticide simply point and start spraying like your life depends on it. Please remember that gypsy moths are extremely fast and agile, the moment they realize that they are in danger they will flee.  The only way you can effectively make sure that they do not survive is by spraying the insecticide as much as you can.  The spray might immobilize them for awhile and this is the moment you can crush them, don’t be surprised when you see how strong these demons really are.

Solutions Pest & Lawn recommends. Cyonara Lawn & Garden RTU or Tengard SFR Permethrin Insecticide around your yard to kill off gypsy moths and create a barrier where the caterpillars will not want to stay in the area.

  1. Invest in commercial traps

Besides aerosol sprays there are many commercial traps that can be used to fight gypsy moths, these traps are also readily available in the market. Once you get hold of a few traps, strategically locate them all around your house especially in those areas where you have noticed more of gypsy moths roaming around. These traps use powerful chemicals to attract the gypsy moths and once they are close enough these chemicals kill them! Sounds sneaky right? Trust us using traps to kill them is very satisfying.

You should also consider placing these traps outside your home, especially in entry points. Gypsy moths are very creative when it comes to finding a way inside your home or office, so place traps around the perimeter to make sure that they can’t enter your home in the first place.  

  1. Invest in microbial insecticides

Another effective method of killing gypsy moths is investing in microbial insecticides; these are made exclusively for gypsy moths. The smell of this insecticide attracts the gypsy moths and once they consume the bait they will die immediately! We would recommend crushing them with your shoes just to make sure that there are no survivors. It is available in aerosol form as well but please make sure you wear protective gear to safe your skin and lungs from the insecticide as it has the tendency of inducing reactions.

Make sure you spray these insecticides all around your home especially in the basement and damp areas as this is where these moths thrive the most. Rest assured within no time your home or office will be completely free from gypsy moths.  We would also recommend inspecting your entire home to find their hives where they have laid eggs, spray those eggs and crush them for good measure.

How to prevent a gypsy moth infestation

Prevention is the best cure and this specially applies to gypsy moth infestations. No one wants to deal with the horror of killing these disgusting pests, so to prevent an infestation happening in the first place is actually the most viable choice. Although preventing an infestation might be difficult, it is not impossible. Given below are certain steps designed to safeguard your homes and offices from a gypsy moth infestation,  

  • Rid you garden of weeds and any piles of wood that might be laying around

  • Get rid of the garbage around your home and keep their lids closed at all times

  • Get rid of severely affected trees and shrubs

  • Contact a professional to help rid your home or offices form gypsy moths

At the end of the day killing them might be very difficult, but if you invest in the right products there is no doubt you will succeed!  If you would like more advice tailored to your pest situation give us a call at 800-479-6583 or email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com.


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