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How to Get Rid of Ground Squirrels

About Ground Squirrels

Ground squirrels are mammals that are found all across the world. There are various kinds of species of squirrels, and all of them have omnivorous eating habits and have a long tooth with which they gnaw. The ground squirrels just about all kind of food ranging from nuts, fruits, plant, flowers seeds, insects like caterpillars etc. It warns each other of any potential danger through a whistle as a form of communication. Ground squirrels live in underground burrows and dig multiple underground tunnels. They are active during summer and hibernate during winter season


  1. Entrapment of the ground squirrel

Traps are the most commonly used method to catch these rodents. There are different traps available to catch hold of the annoying critters. Few of them are as follows:

LIVE TRAPS: While using live or cage traps it is important to consider the size of the squirrel as not all squirrel can easily fit into the trap.The Havahart Live Trap  can capture a squirrel weighing around 10 ounces. Around 13 squirrels can be trapped inside this live trap

BAIT TRAP: This trap uses some kind of bait to lure the ground squirrels into the live trap.  Pecan paste and Logan Berry Paste. Place the trap near the activity or next to the burrow. Once the squirrels smell food they get tempted to enter the cage. You can use the Havahart Live Trap with this method as well and place a bait in there that will lure the animal. Once they are trapped, it can be dealt with accordingly. Release the creature in the forest or eliminate the squirrel. Make sure to release them miles away from your home and use more than one trap to trap the rodents.

BODY GRIP TRAP:  The trap is placed over the entrance of the burrow. This device consists of clamps, the moment the squirrels pull out their head from the burrow they get trapped in between the clamps and get killed instantly.  It is important to place the clamps on the hole of the burrow and once it is adjusted you must keep an eye on the trap as other creatures may remove the trap. Bait is not required for this trap.

THE ZAP TRAP:  The rodent zapping devices are plastic chambers containing metal plates. A bait like, pecan paste or Logan berry paste must be applieds in the trap to lure the squirrel into the chamber. Place the trap near the burrow of the squirrel. Once the squirrel enters they get charged with electricity and get eliminated instantly. A plastic container is used as a cover over the chamber to protect it from rain and other weather that might hinder the functioning of the trap. The plastic container is called a trap tube.

  1. Fencing the ground for the squirrels

Fencing is considered an exclusion technique that is made of half- inch metal sheet or hardware cloth. It should be 18 inches high and 6 inches buried in the ground. The fencing is used to protect all areas that need to be prevented from being invaded by ground squirrels. This includes flower beds and other plantations, basically the whole garden area. Measures must be taken to avoid any further burrowing beneath the fence. A 3-foot wide mesh should be stapled beneath the fence.

  1. Infuse gas in the soil

Another approach used to eradicate the ground squirrels from the garden is inducing gas into the soil. The quantity of gas is introduced into the soil depends on the elasticity and composition of the soil. Once the gas is induced into the soil it suffocates the ground squirrels in the burrows.  The rodents immediately start coming out of their burrows and scape from the gas infused burrows.

Smoke bombs are also used terminate the ground squirrels. The gas that is released from the smoke bombs is thrown into the tunnels causing instant death of the furry creature.

Gas Cartridges is also another method to eradicate the gas. The cartridge is placed inside the soil. Make sure the nature of the soil has the capacity to hold the gas or it might cause fire incidents. The gas makes it difficult for the squirrel to breathe, making them scurry away from the property.

  1. The rodents face the flood crisis

The flush method involves using a hose and valve. Open the valve and aim the hose towards the exit points of the burrows. Soon the water will start flooding into the tunnels and force the ground squirrels to come out of its hiding spot. Connect the hose to the water tap and open it with pressure, all the squirrels will evacuate further away from the garden.

  1. Squirrels getting a taste of its own medicine

There are various measures taken to repel or terminate the squirrels. Few involve commercial products that serves as repellants while others are pesticides, some of which may be for the terminating the squirrels. Few of the many techniques are as follows:

FOX PEE: This product is easily available at stores. It consists of odors and pee smell of the animal that prey on the ground squirrels. For example the coyote or fox pee. This can be sprayed all over the garden to avoid the ground squirrels from digging up you garden and destroying your plantation.

GEL AND CREAMS: Many bitter tasting cream and gels have been manufactured for the purpose of repelling the squirrels. The gel or lotion is to be applied on all areas from where the rodents can enter or gnaw this way through. Applying it on grass and flower bed will also help. Once it starts gnawing and gets a taste of the bitter medicine, they avoid entering the premises.

PEST RID GRANULES: This product contains a chemical odor that repels the ground squirrels. Scatter the granules in all entry points and active areas. The smell will repulse the critters and make then stay away from the garden and cause destruction.

Here at Solutions Pest & Lawn we carry a number of great repellents that work on ground squirrels such as Kaput Ground Squirrel Bait, Nature's Defense: All-Purpose Animal Repellent, Critter Ridder and Rabbit Scram Professional.


Ground squirrels are furry little rodents which may look cute but can cause be extensive damage. It is important to use your choice of control method to get rid of the Ground squirrels. For more DIY pest control advice and to get your questions answered, please feel free to reach out to us at 800-479-6583, email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or live chat with us online!


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