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How to Get Rid of Gophers

If you start seeing your garden and beautifully landscaped outdoors being destroyed by tunnels and burrows everywhere, then you probably have become unceremoniously become host to a family of gophers. These are brown furry creatures that reside in your garden, feeding on your grass leaves, insects and berries and nuts.

The Gopher damage

They usually destroy gardens, flowers, and the structure of well-designed landscaped areas by creating underground tunnels. They should be taken seriously because they are capable of even causing damage to dams, irrigation systems and farm equipment! Their tendency to create piles of hills and dirt while creating their tunnels damages the fields. One step on the gopher hole is likely to get you injured. Additionally, they are not afraid to retaliate, if they feel their colonies are under attack.


  1. Castor oil pellets

These pellets consist of corn con castor oil and soap. It can be spread across the whole ground and then wait for the ground to get wet or for it to rain. The damp ground allows the pellets to seep in and the smell drives these pests away from the land.

¼ cup of unrefined castor and 2 cups of dishwashing liquid diluted with water and poured into a spray bottle can serve as a repellant for gophers. One puff of the oil keeps them away. Growing them in the organic mentioned above will also be useful to drive them away.

  1. Hunt and trap

Use actual Gopher traps. Place them near their tunnels and lure them inside. Once caught, set them free in far distant place. The gophers could be forced to fall into the trap with the help of castor oil pellets or even the use of toxic fumes and toxic pellets.

Solutions Pest & Lawn has a host of different traps that can be used for gophers such as the Havahart Live Trap or the Answer Mechanical Mole Trap which also works for gophers.

  1. The owl scare

These rodents are afraid of owls as they prey on the gophers. Placing live owl or even fake ones will scare the gopher right out of their tunnels and move out from the fields as quickly as possible. Once they relocate, their holes and tunnels can quickly be removed to make sure the gophers don’t return. Add dirt and shut the holes down and make them even and tightly packed with soil and dirt.

  1. Turn on the radio

Switch on a radio put it inside a Ziploc bag and place it near the tunnel where these vermin are residing. The noise disturbs and leads them to relocate. It is advisable to fill up all the whole and tunnels with dirt and evenly ground the field to prevent them from coming back.

As an alternative, you can use an ultrasonic noise repeller to keep gophers off your property. These products products ultrasonic noise which animals can hear but are silent to humans. Animals became very disturbed by the noise and will get as far away as possible from it. We recommend the Transonic PRO - Ultrasonic Pest Repeller.

  1. Pesticides for the pestering Gophers

Strychnine and Zinc Phosphide are poison, which should be used when the gophers are overpopulated and are wreaking havoc on the fields. In gopher infested areas the Strychnine are mixed with grains and applied into the tunnels wearing gloves. The other technique is to create a decoy, an artificial manmade tunnel is made and the bait of Strychnine grains is placed in those burrows. The territorial nature of the gophers forces them to act on their impulse and feed on the grains. This eventually kills the rodents. Another pesticide is Diphacinone made of a block of grain wax, placing it in the tunnel instantly kills the gophers.

At Solutions Pest & Lawn, we carry a variety of pesticides which specifically target gophers as well as traps and other repellent materials.  Baits are a great method of getting rid of gophers. For these we have several good options like Answer for the Control of GophersGopher Bait 50 Strychnine and Kaput-D Gopher Bait . You can also purchase an Kaput-D Big Boy Gopher Bait Applicator to make it easier to place bait in the soil.

Repellants which we carry that work well to may your land less appealing to gophers are Gopher Scram and Nature's Defense: All-Purpose Animal Repellent.

  1. Propane gas

A combination of oxygen and propane inside the tunnels causes a blast which kills the pests instantly. Few are designed only to create loud noises scaring the gophers away.

  1. Serving coffee

Grounded coffee can be sprinkled all around the garden and inside the tunnels. The aromatic smell of coffee drives the gophers away.

  1. Starving the Gophers

Any source of food supply must be eradicated from the lawns. Once the gophers will not have any food to survive on they will relocate.

  1. Gophers and Odors

The laundry detergents and softeners used have a scent that repulses the furry creatures, especially once the sheets have been freshly cleaned and come right out of the dryer. These sheets can be put inside the holes, driving the moles away from the gardens.

Mothballs can be put inside a cloth and placed inside the tunnels once they sniff the naphthalene inside the mothballs they instantly leave.

Fish manure can be put inside the holes and filled up with scraps. The stench of the fish will get the rodents running miles away from the stink.

  1. Tremors for the gophers

Battery operated devices, similar to windmills, are placed underground. The vibration and the noise of the device causes the ground to shake and make the pests move. However, gophers have become so immune to such noises and movements that it hardly has a permanent impact on them.

  1. Flood the tunnels

Using a hosepipe with high pressured water fill up their tunnels and burrows with water so much water that it forces them to leave the premises.

  1. Pressurized exhaust rodent control

The carbon monoxide inside the exhaust of any vehicle can be lethal for the gophers. A pipe is connected from the exhaust to the tunnels and the carbon monoxide is allowed to spread underground. Make the tunnel is packed with soil around the tunnels. The procedure is carried out for 3-minutes. These instantly eliminate the gophers.

Final words

The Gophers can cause a lot of nuisance and must be eliminated from areas where it may cause trouble for us. Having said that, the most humane and organic methods must be tried out at first, and on being unsuccessful with eliminating the problem, other more extreme measures become necessary to be used.

For more DIY pest and rodent advice call our toll-free number at 800-479-6583 or email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com

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