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How To Get Rid of Gnats Inside The House

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Gnats, also called fungus gnats, are among those invasive house pests that breed, multiply, can damage your plants and contaminate your food. Therefore, when you see them, the first step to take is to identify where they have been coming from and then eliminate their breeding or food sources.

House gnats are usually known to accumulate around and reproduce in plants, where the larvae damage plants from the underlying roots. So if you have indoor plants, the best way to go is to eliminate gnats because the recovery process could take weeks.

Even though adult gnats survive only a week, they are well capable of breeding and multiplying quickly. A female gnat can lay up to 200 eggs in a single lifetime, that too in your own house. Even if you are trying to eliminate them, chances are that there are already generations of gnats in the house to get rid of.

When indoors, it would be easier trying to get rid of gnats since they are not strong fliers. You would usually find them in black or gray colors, noticeably with long legs and wings. Try the following measures to get rid of gnats. Take immediate, proactive measures to prevent them from multiplying and coming into your house in the future.

Soak them up with soap

Try the soap water remedy to bring down their population. Take large bowls or buckets and mix water with vinegar and washing detergents. The smell of vinegar invites gnats so whenever they are hovering above, they will land and drown. Place them in several areas around the house or wherever you find the gnats in large numbers. Discard the mixture everyday and replace with fresh water. This treatment should be continued until you manage to get rid of most of them.

Clean up

Clean the house every day from every nook and corner. Remove dust and food items that get left behind. When you habitually keep your house clean, it is not just the gnats that can effectively keep at bay. Lack of cleanliness and clutter provide shelter to insects and other pests, inviting more pests and turning your house into a hell hole.

Clean sweep and mop the house, checking especially around the cabinets, kitchen counters and inaccessible corners as those areas tend to get the dirtiest and invite insects to breed or settle. Use anti-bacterial or disinfectant surface cleaners to clean the floor, counters and dining table.

Keep your belongings organized and the furniture in order. The more disorder that there is in the house, the more pests would be likely to settle and breed in the hidden spaces. Clear the clutter.

Moreover, keep the trash bin the house covered. If there are gnats in the house, the unpleasant odor from the trash would attract insects or flies. Take out the trash every day and clean the bin every week to wash off the odor.

Don’t let them feed

Make sure that you always keep your food covered. Even after dining, clean the tables, chairs, counters and cooking range of all food items. The food odor invites pests, insects and others to feast and contaminate your food, which would impose health risks for you and your family.

Wipe off all the food from surfaces and clean with detergents, using a sponge to remove the odor. This goes a long way in keeping insects away from your house.

Ventilate your house properly

You may have noticed that most of the insects or pests thrive, breed and multiply in moisture-rich environments. This is why you would find many of these near excess water sources, drains or pipes. After cleaning up, check all the places that are likely to collect excess water and let them dry. Install ventilation systems, exhaust systems or keep the doors and windows open for a few hours to let the air and sunshine in.

For dark corners behind furniture or above cabinets, you could try placing silicone gel packets to absorb moisture. Either get them from a local pharmacy or spare the ones that you find in medicine bottles. Just like they prevent the medicines from sticking to each other, they would work just as well in reducing moisture in confined places around your house.

In case you have indoor plants, water accumulates around the pots when you water them. Clear the excess water or place the pots in areas where they are likely to receive air circulation. Also, you could try watering the plants from the cache pot and let the soil soak from underneath. It takes more time for water to dry from the top layer of the soil.

Vinegar jar traps

This remedy has been effective in reducing gnat population for several people so if you feel like using it, go ahead. Get jars and fill them with water and vinegar. Make holes in the lid with the help of a nail and place the jars wherever you find the gnats swarming in large numbers.

Since the smell of vinegar invites gnats, they would be able to get inside the jars but they would not be able to escape and would drown. Discard the mixture and repeat the process until you get rid of them.

Take proactive measures to drive the gnats out and prevent them from settling in your house in the future. Use the tips combined with other tips to see what works best in your house and repeat until you eliminate them. After that, maintain your house so that insects don’t find shelter.

Get Serious About Gnat Control With Professional Control Products

If the above DIY remedies are not something you’re up for, you can still get rid of gnats using professional grade insecticides which we carry at Solutions Pest & Lawn. Some of the top products we recommend for indoor gnat control are Musca-Stik traps, Pyrid Aerosol, Reclaim IT Insecticide, or CB PCO Insect Fogger for fogging the home.


If gnats are becoming an unwanted plague in your home, keep your house clean, dry and clutter free. By taking the necessary precautions and using the products we mentioned above, you are sure to get rid of the gnats and avoid having a major case of gnat infestations at home. For more helpful, DIY advice call us at 800-479-6583, email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or visit one of our stores and speak to us in person!

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