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Gnats are among the most persistent and pestering pests that can infest your home. If you are looking for a solution to get rid of them, then read on! This detailed guide will tell you how to get rid of them in no time! 

The pestering Gnats — The Habitat

Gnats are usually found in humid, damp and moistened environment. They are small legged winged insects that usually feed on plants and, other insects or blood. There are many kinds and species of Gnats, including Fungus Gnats, Black Gnats and Fruit Flies. The black Gnats also known as Phorid flies are Dark winged gnats and are considered to be the most dangerous ones as they usually are the gnats’ who consume the blood of living beings as their meal.

Caution and prevention

Their tiny size might make them look harmless, but these tiny little insects can wreak havoc in a split second. They tend to carry parasites and spread diseases to living beings, like human beings cattle, etc., which makes a gnat infestation a big hazard.

Gnat infestations are usually difficult to detect, the easy way is to spot them while they are flying.

If such pests are not controlled in time it can be a cause an epidemic of widespread diseases in your house. In order to avoid such insects’ is to avoid watering the plants unnecessarily, since the Fungus gnats get attracted to moist soil and wet plants.  Secondly, the fruits should be placed in the fridge, as the fruit flies and Fungus Gnats tend to stay and spoil the crops and fruits. Pesticides could be applied to the plants and an old-fashioned fly swatter could come in handy.

How to Safeguard against the Gnats

Here are some simple ways you can safeguard yourself against gnats:

  • Electric fly exploders electrocute individual gnats but this has been known to be a fire hazard indoors.

  • Electrical insect traps such as the Mantis Flylight 1x2 or the Vector Classic Flylight emit ultraviolet light which attracts the gnats towards them and eventually getting the bugs stuck on the sticky surface of a glue board found inside.

  • Another caution that could be taken is to observe and inspect plants.

  • Make sure the whole house and nearby areas are investigated to find any signs of infestation and locate the origin of the breeding source to eradicate the problem from its roots.

  • Using pesticides such as an aerosol space spray like CB-PCO Insect Fogger can work excellently to control indoor gnats and leave a great residual that will keep on killing gnats long after the initial application. 

The Swarming Gnats

There are other species of Gnats which move in swarms and can be harmful. The truth of the matter is that the rapid spread that turns into an infestation is often something we are responsible for. Such pests usually looks for damp and humid places. Many areas are ignored and usually are flooded with stagnant water. Moreover, many home owners lack awareness of how these insects need to be contained and what would be the right approach in exterminating them.

In addition, the professional pest control exterminators can be expensive and many may have difficulty affording them. That is why we here at Solutions Pest & Lawn promote DIY pest control and provide the knowledge of common household pests as well as provide the best professional pest control products to get rid of gnats and other pesky insects.

The reported sightings

Many reports are being claimed on news channels where swarms of gnats have appeared, including places like Delaware, Connecticut, and Philadelphia. Usually, they harbor not just in humid damp places but also in places with stagnant water and decaying garbage.  Here are some home remedies you can use to get rid of the gnats.

Home remedies

There are home remedies as well that have been tried out by many to get rid of these tiny creatures.


  • One of them involves mixing cider vinegar, sugar, water and few drops of dish wash soaps. The gnats get attracted to the odor of vinegar and instantly fall prey to the death trap.

Red wine

  • Pour red wine into the jar and mash up some bananas to attract the fruit flies and gnats. Again, the gnats fall for the trick scent of red wine with hint of dish water and yet again get trapped.


  • Pour bleach in the sink to remove the infestation. Usually, when gnats are infesting the drainage area the bleach should be mixed with some water before being poured into the sink drain. Make sure not mix ammonia with bleach as it can produce toxic fumes.

  • Pour some fruit fly lure solution into a bowl and as soon as the gnats get attracted to its scent, they end up getting caught.

If these home remedies are not your style or don’t work, you can rely on the products we sell here at Solutions Pest & Lawn to give you the relief you seek from the presence of gnats.

Catch a Gnat and put it in a trap!

  • Unfortunately, all remedies may not be effective. In such cases a LED light device attracts fruit flies and gnats and kills them. One of such products is called the Gloue insect killer.

  • Foggers might help too as we mention before, CB PCO Insect Fogger is one of our biggest recommendations for gnat control.

  • Gnat traps, the most recommended one is a Musca-stik. They trap the unsuspecting gnats the moment they emerge from the soil.


  • Of course avoiding using poor quality soil and keep changing the soil.

  • Keeping dirty dishes in the sink.

  • Keeping trash cans closed.

  • Keeping areas clean and dry.


If gnats are becoming an unwanted plague in your home, keep your house clean, dry and clutter free. By taking the necessary precautions and using the products we mentioned above, you are sure to get rid of the gnats and avoid having a major case of gnat infestations at home.




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