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How to Get Rid of Ghosts

Do you feel like you’re constantly being watched, but turn around to find nobody there? What about lying alone in bed at night and feeling someone brush up against you, just to notice no one’s actually there? Well, you might just have a ghost problem.

Ghosts are usually regarded as spirits of the dead that have come back to haunt you. They are also regarded as demons that have come straight out of hell. Hollywood movies have been made on the idea of ghosts being real and being able to possess people. Some of these movies claim to be dramatized accounts of real happenings such as the Conjuring and Poltergiest. But what exactly are ghosts?

About Ghosts

Well, a straightforward answer is that we don’t know exactly. Some religions say that ghosts are spirits of the dead that have come back to haunt the living. They may be here because their soul hasn’t found peace yet. They may have some unfinished business to take care of back on earth, before moving on to their heavenly abode. Some religions even say that ghosts or apparitions are actually demons or djinns made of fire that can take the form of translucent figures.

What we do know about ghosts is that they are made up of energy, since you can’t see them, while you can see everything else (that consists of matter). They absorb the surrounding heat, making the area noticeably colder than others in the same house. Cold spots are the very result of these beings or spirits or whatever you call them being there in the area. They may also cast unexplained shadows that make no sense to the man of science. People, who see these shadows, usually see them through the corner of their eyes. This explains how some clairvoyants see visions.

Misplaced possessions and belongings are another sign that the apartment or house you are in, is haunted by a ghost. Have you ever noticed that, no matter how careful and cautious you are, the keys to your apartment are lost? You use the spare ones and a few days pass and you find them just where you left them hanging. You may well have a ghost on your hands.

Hearing weird sound in and around the house is also another indication of the presence of ghosts. If kitchen utensils and crockery starts to get tossed about or no apparent reason, or you hear strange growling or snarling from certain corners of the house, it may have ghosts. If your lights are wired fine and yet you experience the flickering of lights, you may have a ghost.

So how does one get rid of ghosts exactly? The following is a step by step method you can follow.

Getting rid of ghosts

  1. Is it really a ghost?

The first things you have to do is to rule out all possible sources that have nothing to do with ghosts. Is the sound that you’re hearing from the attic actually the wind making its way into your house from cracked walls or floor boards or something else?

There have been cases where infestations of rodents have caused strange sounds leading the person to believe that they aren’t alone. The problem may or may not be as dangerous as being haunted by a ghost. Check for gas leaks and for other household problems before you conclude that you’re being haunted.

  1. Clear the atmosphere

Once you’ve established that the source of your disturbances is in fact paranormal, you should try and clear out the atmosphere. Literal cleaning up of your house may be involved at times before you can actually begin the cleansing process. Burning herbs such as sage allows you to create a spiritually open environment and do away with negative energies usually associated with ghosts.

Burning sage or smudging has the effect of altering the ionic composition of the air around you to naturally lower your stress response. It allows you to feel more relaxed. This is why many Yoga studios use burning sage in order to make their sessions more effective.

So smudge every room in your house along with the corners that face outwards. It acts as boundaries between your house and the negative energy emanating from the ghost. The Ghost will be sent a message through saging that will be powerful enough to make it notice but not offend it to cause harm

A more powerful alternative to saging is salting. Salt the corners of your home and the doors and windows of your house. It’s particularly useful in order to contain a stronger ghost that is resistant to smudging.

  1. Announce yourself

When you leave or enter the house, a mantra, spell or supplication will allow you to establish boundaries with the ghost. This is a more direct way to deal with your ghost and it might feel weird when you do it. But with the passage of time, whenever you feel the ghost’s presence, reading or speaking aloud that they’re not welcome in your house, you wish them no harm but you would like them to move on from your house. With similar messages and supplications or mantras you’ll be able to let the spirit know of your displeasure and they’ll leave.

If they don’t leave you might have to take a chance with banishment spells. It is not recommended for you to carry out these spells unless you’re sure what you’re dealing with. Do the research on your part about the ghost you are dealing with and have faith in yourself when you are performing these spells.

Not getting Possessed

It is through intense devotion to God that one can avoid the clutches of evil and of ghosts. Seek refuge by supplicating and going to church every Sunday.

If you have tried all that you can, there might not be any other choice than to seek help from a priest or an exorcist. This is especially true if you or any of your family members has been possessed by a demon. Demonic powers can only break control through intense devotion to God.

Oh Did You Mean Ghost Ants?

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