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How to Get Rid of Springtails 

Springtails are tiny insects but can be quite surprising if you house is infested with them. Do you know that springtail first got their name in relevance to one of their body part which allows them to jump almost up to 10 cm high?

Springtails are also known as snow flea and are very fast moving insects. Naturally this makes it very hard for people to catch these insects or to get rid of them. Springtails commonly favor organic debris or damp conditions. Hence, they are more likely to be found around puddles, pools, garages, patios, basement, bathtubs or sinks etc.

However, there is a little to fear from these insects as they don’t really bite. This will help you in fighting off the springtail infestation without fearing the irritation or bite allergies, which is common with other critters such as spiders.  

But why do springtails infest a house?

Springtails Identification

This is because, during the hot and dry season, springtail infests a house to seek moisture and the same thing happens if there is excessive moisture.  Since springtails also breath through their cuticle or skin, that makes it permeable to water. It is hard for them to survive without moisture condition, hence they are commonly found in older homes. Chances are you might encounter a lot of them under basements, kitchen and all other areas where there is high relative humidity and moisture around.

Keeping your house sealed up, and keep the leaf litter and mulch away from the entry points and not allow to accumulate above any of the weep holes.

How do get rid of springtails?

Springtails might be nuisance critter by their presence; but there are still many reasons to keep your space free from these insects. One of the major reasons is their prolific nature. In just no time, you may have thousands of springtails in just one area and that is a big problem if they are accumulated - jumping around the space you commonly use.

One way to get rid of them is by taking the task as ‘Do it yourself’ project. However, you cannot hope to apply commonly found methods to get rid of them completely as these creatures have some surprising tendencies.  It is recommended to apply a residual insecticide around the house and make sure to apply enough water to get it below the top level of ground cover, this is where the springtails will be located.

To your astonishment, a springtail can live without any type of food for up to 3 years! While some of them may choose to go into dormancy, other prefers to recycle their own waste to fulfill their food requirements.

Even so; you must not give up on your project of getting rid of them completely and must go ahead with one of the these methods as we share below;Springtails Vs Fleas

Add some more light

Springtails population is commonly found in poorly lit areas. Hence one way to avoid the accumulation of these creatures is to make them go away by adding more light to your space. Equip the space with bright light in terms of more bulbs, fixtures or lamps in your home. To avoid struggling with them for long, you may prefer keeping the light fixtures with easy plug in and out facility rather than going for a hard wiring fixture.

Avoid standing water

As we know springtails are fond of moisture and take it as a perfect habitat, deprive them of this luxury as much as you can. Fix any areas that are causing excessive moisture to build up in an area, gutter leak,  etc.  Allow proper ventilation in home, basements, and areas that have an issue with dampness.


Springtails around plumbing

Poor ventilation in your house means more moisture. If you keep your house properly ventilated or a bit cooler, you are likely to prevent the springtail problem more effectively. In the case of central heating and cooling system installed in house, try changing the filters regularly and keeping them clean.

Remove any sort of moldy and wet wood or any other wet moldy stuff inside and outside the house. Run dehumidifiers or fans at least 12 hours per day to dry out the interior. Also, keep at least 18 inch distance between house walls and plants. However, for a temporary treatment, you may use vacuum to reduce the population of springtail up to a tolerable levels.

Control springtails

Treat the migration and nesting areas

Getting rid of springtails is not enough if you leave out the places for migration and nesting as it is. You need to identify the potential nesting site coupled with moisture reduction in above mentioned ways. For a long term treatment of nesting areas, help yourself with Delta Dust. This can be applied using a hand duster to blow the dust for about 6 ft. deep under areas such as cabinets or walls.  Follow product label directions and use the dust in only areas that are out of way and no dust should be exposed.

Another way to treat the migration and nesting areas is to use the variety of effective insecticides available in the market. Some people find these insecticides ineffective; however, the effectiveness of these pesticides depends on assessing the right place of nesting and the way of its application. The best way to use these insecticide sprays is to directly use them in the cracks or holes, spraying on foundation surface, walkway and some other areas in which springtails are usually active around.

If the springtails problem in your house has remained unabated for a long time, the above listed natural ways will assist you in alleviating the problem completely. After all, removing springtails is all about targeting them specifically otherwise you will continue have them jumping around in the same areas over and over again!

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