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How To Get Rid of German Roaches

German roaches are notorious for their presence in unsanitary and unhygienic areas. If you want to determine the level of cleanliness in a home, restaurant or just about anywhere else, here comes the poster bug to represent poor cleaning conditions. The worst part about having bugs and insects is that these creepy crawlies tend to multiply like crazy within a short span of time, and German roaches are no different. Within a few months, you will probably see a whole community of theirs sprawling about and making themselves comfortable in your home and space.

This is why when you usually find abandoned places where there hasn’t been any cleaning, you will find German roaches, rats and cobwebs. But they aren’t just found in empty places, they love infesting a human living space because they get free access to their food source easily. Their favorite food is whatever bits and crumbs we leave from ours. So don’t be surprised if you find German roaches lurking about the kitchen or near the trash can area. They also love moist spaces so don’t leave out any almost empty juice cartons, spilled sauces or dips on the counter or floor.

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What are German roaches?

Almost everyone has encountered a German roach in their life. They are the most common types of cockroaches that infest people’s homes and other areas. They are not more than 1. 1.6 cms long. Although there are other kinds of cockroaches that really big or even have wings (what a nightmare, right?), fortunately you will just deal with the basic ones because they are the ones you will usually find in the US.

Why are they so creepy?

If you ever want to scare somebody, just yell “roach on you!” and you will see them freak out like crazy (especially the ladies). The truth of the matter is that all bugs are creepy in their own way, but roaches have built up their notorious reputation as the uninvited guest that is here to stay and creep you out by crawling in the most bizarre places available. Your food is not safe either because they tend to carry germs with them and their excrement is poisonous as well.

The worst part is that they leave a strange odor so if your house has a heavy infestation, you will probably smell something musty inside. Even if you cut off access to their food supply, they are persistent creatures and can survive as long as 2 more weeks without food or water. So if you think they will go somewhere else to look for food, then you are unfortunately mistaken. It is time to take action and get rid of these pesky creatures once and for all. Here are some ways that can help you get rid of German roaches in no time:

Starve them

Tightly seal all of your jars and containers that have any food. Make sure that you always close your fridge door properly. Cockroaches can’t survive in cold places but still, you wouldn’t want to find some dead or frozen German roaches in your fridge, right?  Their food supply can only be cut by one simple thing: cleanliness.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure or in this case, your trash is the food of a German roach. Always make sure that the trash bag/can is closed or sealed. An open trash can is directly inviting them to feed off the food remnants. You need to take out the trash everyday and never leave it open even for a while. Make sure to clean any spills immediately and clean your kitchen counters, stoves area and floor.

Keep it dry

German roaches thrive in moist and damp places, that is one of the reasons you find them in the kitchen. This is not just because of getting food, but also because there is a lot of moisture and wetness in the area.

However, they can also make their way into your rooms if you don’t keep your room dry and clean. They will follow moisture anywhere around the house. After the kitchen, their favorite spots to hide are the toilets. So fix any broken or leaking pipes or taps that you might have because even if they aren’t getting enough food, water is still keeping them alive.

If you have wet towels, put them out to dry rather than hanging them inside the washroom.

Time for action

  • Get a roach killing spray and use it areas where you always see them lurking about.

  • Fill in any gaps or crevices with a calking gun.

  • Set up a roach bait by putting some bits of food on the floor along with a roach killing gel. Sounds cruel but it will do the job just right.

  • If you see some German roaches crawling about, then waste no time by spraying directly on to them.

  • If you want a slightly humane way of getting rid of them then simply get a bowl and grease it up with a layer of petroleum jelly.

  • Keep some food in the bowl that will lure them in. Once they are in, it will be hard for them to get out and you will have a bowl full of or at least having some roaches to dispose off.

German roach prevention

Remember, prevention is key to everything. The only way to prevent them from infesting your place is to always maintain cleanliness and hygiene

Get Solid German roach control with DIY Professional Products

To really make a dent in the German roach population that has infested your home, you shouldn’t resort to inferior cheap roach control products you’d find in the pest control aisle of your local department store or big box store. It’d be wise to equip yourself with high quality professional grade roach killing insecticides which we carry plenty of here at Solutions Pest & Lawn. Our products have been tested and proven to get rid of even the most stubborn infestation of German roaches.

Our expert recommendation when conducting treatments for german roach control is to use multiple treatment methods. This means you shouldn’t just use liquid sprays or bait or dusts, but a combination of all to increase your chances of total control. If the roaches don’t take to one method, they will succumb to another.

Indoors we recommend using baits as the main method of control. After cleaning your home thoroughly and removing all potential food and water sources, apply a gel bait such as Apex Cockroach Gel Bait in little dots in areas where you've seen roaches, droppings or egg casings (usually the kitchen and bathroom).

For cracks and crevices that are hard to reach, apply a C&C spray such as Novacide as a void, crack and crevice spray to the baseboards, under sinks, fridges and plumbing areas. An insect growth regulator (or IGR) such as Gentrol is another great addition that will target roach eggs, preventing them from hatching out a new generation of German roaches.

Lastly, dusts (such a D-Fense Dust) are also a great product to involve in a cockroach killing program and has great killing power (also known as residual) long after it’s been applied. For preventative measures, spray an insecticide such as Reclaim IT around the exterior perimeter your home as a barrier treatment to keep roaches from coming into the home.

You can conveniently purchase all of these products as part of our Guaranteed Cockroach Control Kit.


German roaches are perhaps the toughest pest infestation to get rid of in the home. German roaches are persistent and ever adaptable to your attempts to kill them and take down their nest. That is why you have to have the right products on hand and the right DIY know-how to get rid of pesky German roaches. At Solutions Pest & Lawn, we can provide you with both. Shop our roach control products today and reach out to us for live expert help via phone at 800-479-6583 or via email at askapro@solutionsstores.com



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