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How To Get Rid of Geese


Many people witnessing a flock of geese flying in the shape of a V. Majestic it is –only until they don’t start seeing them nesting in theirs garden and lawns. Having to deal with them on lands is a completely different matter to be honest.

Geese may be beautiful creatures but they can become a nuisance in no time. They have an annoying noise, can leave droppings for you to step on and often become very aggressive and attack toddlers. Therefore, they must be dealt with, especially during the nesting season before they take over your place.

8 Ways to Stop Geese from Taking Refuge in Your Garden -For Good

If you are looking for ways to get rid of geese because they have taken up residence in your yard, you are not alone. Geese migrate in large flocks so you typically don’t end up with just one visitor, but many. With so many geese at once, there can be health issues as well as inconveniences. However, the way to resolve the issue must be humane.

Cut Their Food Source

The easiest way to prevent a geese takeover is by cutting their food source. As soon as the breeding season begins, geese will be on the lookout for nesting spaces. Leaving out food in the open will attract them instantly as the abundance of food will only make the place more desirable. Therefore, to prevent that from happening, be sure to keep the lids onto your trash can tightly closed.

Use Audio repellents

Sonic repellents are another excellent way to scare geese away. Install some in your lawn to scare them from the land.  Most audio repellents come with timers that can be set for the day. Every time the alarm will sound, the geese will think of it as a threat and therefore flee away at the earliest.  Here at Solutions Pest & Lawn we have a number of ultrasonic pest deterrents which can also work for scaring off geese such as Yard Gard Ultrasonic Pest Repeller or Transonic PRO - Ultrasonic Pest Repeller.

Swan Decoys

Swan decoys are another great way to keep the geese away.  Swan decoys are nothing but cut out in the shape of a swan that can be placed in lakes and ponds to deter any geese planning to nest. Swans are territorial animals and geese rarely like to confront them in a fight. Assuming that the pond has already been claimed by a swan, no geese will try to land nearby and create its nest.

Simply tie the cut out with some heavy weight that stays underwater. The cut out will continue to float, mimicking an actual swan.

But this isn’t going to be a permanent solution as at some point the geese will finally realize it isn’t real and eventually nest. If that happens, incorporate some other DIYs to shush them away.

Bird Fences

If you have a pond, fountain or small lake in or near your house, many geese will think of it as the perfect nesting spot. To prevent them from landing, install cheap bird fences to tackle the problem. Since geese know how to swim, they use nearby water access as means to escape their enemies. When they see that the accessibility is not easily availed or open for a swim, they won’t bother stopping.

Get a Dog

If you have wanted a dog for long, now is the perfect time to have one. Dogs can keep geese from nesting in your lawn. Most herding dogs such as the Border collie can be trained to bark and scare away any geese planning to nest. When trained properly, they will continue to harass the geese over and over again which will prohibit them from making it a nesting ground.

Chemical Repellents

Spraying mild chemical repellents in your lawn will also deter geese nesting. Most chemical repellents come with a pungent smell which geese can’t tolerate for long and before you know it, they will be gone for good.  Solutions Pest & Lawn has a repellent specifically for geese called Goose Scram. This repellent is all-natural and won’t harm the geese, merely repulse them to the point where they won’t stick around.

Grow your Grass Taller

Another way to discourage any unwanted geese stopovers is proper landscaping. Stop cutting your grass prior to the breeding season and let it grow as tall as it can. When geese hunt for a home, they prefer plantations with short grass as it allows them to stay aware of their surroundings. If they find that the grass is too tall, they won’t nest in it.

Scare Them with Balloons

This may seem an odd solution to suggest but it works. The general idea is to scare the geese from making your garden a permanent residence. All you need are some brightly-colored balloons, yard sticks and some strong thread to tie the balloons with.

To begin, start by blowing the balloons and the bigger the balloon, the better. Next, secure their ends with a woolen thread and then tie them onto some yard sticks or garden twine. Don’t tie them too tightly.  Leave some space between the stick and the balloon so that it can fly freely.

Repeat the same with at least 5-8 balloons. The flowing of the balloons will scare the geese away even if they have landed onto your garden. Every time the balloon sways with the wind, the geese will feel threatened and fly away. After some time, it won’t come again and find a place someplace else.

Another good product we recommend at Solutions Pest & Lawn is Terror Eyes Bird Repellent. While it’s not a balloon, it can certainly scare the feathers off of them and keep them away from your property.


Since geese nesting are seasonal rather than an everlasting problem, not much can be done to prevent their arrival. One can however limit their food source and install wired fences to prevent geese nesting in their backyard or gardens.


While geese usually appear harmless, when they come onto your property they can be more destructive than they look around your ponds. We hope these tips can help you eliminate your goose problem. If you would like more information or DIY advice, reach out to us at 800-479-6583, shoot us an email at askapro@solutionsstores.com or live chat with a representative on our website!

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