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How To Get Rid of Geckos


About Geckos

Geckos are species of lizard family and therefore are coldblooded reptiles that lay eggs. It breathes through spike like scales on its body that allows the water clean off dirt but not let the body get wet in water. It feeds on flower nectar, fruits and insects and lives in all parts of the world except for Antarctica. It can survive in all kind of habitats ranging from rainforest, mountains to deserts. In addition the geckos are nocturnal animals with special sticky toes that allow them to escape when a predator tries to catch hold of it. Geckos have long tails and come in various forms and colors. 


  1. Closing the doorways

The geckos get more tempted to enter your premises when they see and open exit way to move in. these geckos will put up a fight if they wish to enter your home. Thus, it is better to keep your doors closed at all times and make sure the doors and windows screened at all times making it difficult for the geckos to enter your abode.

  1. Keeping geckos on a complete diet

Geckos are fond of eating insects and flower nectar, perhaps using insecticides and switching off the lights will ward off the insects and therefore the geckos will relocate.  If outdoor is over populated with geckos you might want to eradicate the flower beds or use row covers to keep the geckos away. Cutting off their food supply will no longer appeal the lizard to live in your yard.

  1. Freezing the geckos

Geckos crave for warm sunny climate and like to stay mostly dry. It does not like cold temperatures. Using freezing cold water in you hose or sprinklers and switching it on will   drive all the geckos right out of the town.  In fact, if the geckos are found indoors the temperature of the thermostat could change to make it chillier for the geckos to stay in for a long time.

  1. Organizing your home

It’s time to go through all your belongings and put up a garage sale or dispose off or give away some to charity. Keep your house as clean as possible. It should remain clutter free. It will give less space for the geckos to hide and cause nuisance in your home. Its noise alone will drive you crazy. Keeping the home more space free and less furnished makes it easy to maintain cleanliness and keep it free from geckos. Vacuum your house properly no food crumbs should be lying around after any of the meals.

  1. Involving the children

Make the children help you out. They can be told it’s an expedition or exploration to hunt for geckos and make it sound like an adventure. These way children will be involved and interested in catching the geckos and then releasing it in some forest or far away mountainous area further away from your home.

  1. Sealing all entrances

Caulk all the gaps near the electrical wires, plumbing pipes, sealing holes, gaps and vents to shut of any areas from where the geckos can enter. Wood putty could be applied on gaps in wood, weather stripping on exterior walls etc.

  1. Switching off the lights

Dim the lights or switch them off so that insects, moths and other such bug and pests  don’t stay around, if the geckos will find no food  to eat they will automatically leave and relocate, low sodium vapor lights and dim lights and yellow light bulbs  are disliked by insects and flies. Another option is to keep the lights further away from the house. This way the hose has an outdoor light and the geckos are not trying to step inside the house.

  1. Deterring the Geckos

There are various forms of insecticides and chemicals available to repel the geckos away from your home. These are as follows:

PEST RID: This product comes in 2 forms liquid and granular both have a taste and smell that is repulsive for the geckos and using it makes then run to the opposite direction of your home. If you wish to remove geckos from inside the house spray the liquid insecticide vertically on the surface of the walls and for outdoor part scatter the granule across the perimeters of your garden or home. The geckos will quickly leave the premises. Read the directions and warning written on the package carefully before use.

LIZARDS CONTROL KIT: This product is used to be placed near the light and bulb fixtures, walls and ceilings. It serves as a repellant for the geckos. It lasts for around 3 months.

  1. Trapping the Geckos

There are different king of traps to capture geckos. The important thing is to place more than 2. At least 11 traps must be placed in different locations.  The names of few of these traps are as follows:

GECKO GLUE TRAPS:  The traps consist of smell and taste of geckos’ favorite food item. The baits are placed at different location. On sniffing the food, the geckos fall right in to the glue trap. Once it is captured it can be disposed of far away from home.  

GECKO TRAP ENCLOSED:  The trap contains chemicals that create odor resembling a gecko’s pheromones that is used as a bait to lure the lizard into the trap. Each trap can captivate 2 geckos and the dispose them immediately.

GECKO FLAT TRAP:  These are glue board sheets that contain chemical which can kill the geckos. Place the traps in locations where you have spotted them the most. The baits attract the geckos and crawl over the flat sheet and get killed with the chemical on the sheet. Around 6 geckos can be taken down in one trap.

Solutions Pest & Lawn Can Help You With Your Gecko Problem

If there is a gecko in your home, Solutions Pest & Lawn has products which can assist you in ridding geckos.  For example, you can use a Catchmaster 72MB Glue Board. You can also use Reclaim IT to serve as a barrier to keep geckos out of your home. They won’t want to come near your home if they get in contact with Reclaim.


The geckos although are not dangerous can cause major nuisance at home and outdoors bit it is a troublesome creature and can get unsanitary and uncomfortable while you are entertaining your guest. So, use traps insecticides and other methods to get rid of the geckos.

For more helpful DIY pest control advice, contact us at 800-479-6583, email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or live chat with one of our reps online!


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