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How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies In Your Kitchen


Fruits are delicious and nutritious, and you will realize that you are not the only one who loves them. That’s right, your love for fruits is also shared by these pesky fruit flies who invade your house especially your kitchen and feed on the fruits. In fact, they also help themselves to other food as well. 

Fruit flies are the last thing you want in your home as they are super annoying and contaminate the hygiene levels in the kitchen. The reflect poor sanitary conditions in a person’s home and people think twice about even touching the food that you offer them. Just like you don’t feel like eating fly infested foods anywhere else in public, you should do the same for your home and keep them out.

What are fruit flies?

Fruit flies belong to the family of Drosophila melanogaster and are commonly found all over the world including various islands. There are over 1500 different species of fruit flies spread all over the world and they vary in size, color, shape, breeding and habitat according to every region.

Fruit flies might be annoying, but they are very useful for scientists and have been used for decades in the lab to study and observe insect behavior and neurology as they are considered a model insect.

But since you are not a scientist or an insect enthusiast, so your point of action should be to kick them out of the house as soon as possible and prevent them from returning to your kitchen. You must be careful with getting rid of them because they tend to breed fast so if you just see one fruit fly lurking around your kitchen it is best to get rid of it as soon as possible otherwise in a matter of days there will be a swarm of them ready to take over your entire kitchen.

How to get rid of fruit flies

Before you proceed to killing off the pesky flies, you should first get to the bottom of why they come to your kitchen in the first place:

  • Get rid of rotting fruit

First things first. The fruit fly is madly in love with the scent and taste of overripe and rotting fruit. So, if you have a fruit bowl that has been ignored for the past few days to the point of it starting to lose its perfect ripeness then just throw it out in the trash. The super soft skin of the fruit and mushy inside is heaven for the fruit flies and they come flocking towards that fruit like bees to honey. Merely throwing it in the trash is not enough because then they will hover around your bin. You need to seal the trash bag tightly and keep it in the trashcans outside with the lid completely closed. Clean up the fruit bowl and wipe it with an anti-bacterial wipe.

  • Keep your fruits in the fridge

If you have bought fresh produce, then make sure to buy the ones that are already ripe or about to be ripe so that you don’t have to leave them out of the fridge to accelerate the ripening process and have fruit flies lurking about them.

  • Clean your plates, dishes and glasses immediately

Just because the main source has been disposed off does not mean the fruit flies are going to go away this easily. Wash your unclean cutlery, crockery and glasses immediately after use or keep them in the dishwasher.

  • Get rid of old sponges or dishrags

As you know insects like the fruit fly love to breed and lay their eggs on damp and wet surfaces so old sponges are the perfect breeding ground for them. Throw all your dirty and old sponges and dishrags to steer clear of these fruit flies.

  • Get a fruit fly trap

A fruit fly trap is the perfect to catch and eliminate all those fruit flies from your kitchen. You can easily get a fruit fly trap such as and have them gone within a day.  This special fruit fly trap when opened, releases a scent that works like an attractant to lure in all the fruit flies towards it and when they come into contact with its liquid.

Keep the trap near the kitchen or the food but make sure that it is out of reach from children and pets.

  • Good ol’ apple cider vinegar

Is there anything that apple cider vinegar can’t do? Fruit flies absolutely love its scent and despite its alluring smell, which makes them automatically gravitate towards it, it is lethal for them. As soon as their bodies touch the vinegar it burns them, and they die off instantly. All you need to do is to place a bowl and fill it up halfway with apple cider vinegar. Wrap the bowl with cling film and poke holes in it so that it can only make them enter but not escape. If you don’t want to make a mess with all this vinegar-bowl method, then get this from solutionstores.com because it contains vinegar and is non-toxic.

How to prevent fruit flies

Fruit flies can be prevented from your homes if you always maintain a sanitary environment especially in the kitchen.

Mop your floors and ensure no food particles are left to attract pests or insects.

Tightly seal all the trash and dispose it in a garbage can.

Don’t let fruits and vegetables rot being left out.

Close the windows in the kitchen and use a good exhaust to vent out the cooking smell.


We hope with the help of the tips we provided you can successfully tackle the infestation of fruit flies around your home. For more help or DIY advice, contact us at 800-479-6583 or shoot us an email at askapro@solutionsstores.com and we will be happy assist you.

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