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How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies in Drain

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It can be really annoying for you to come back from a vacation and find fruit flies swarming around kitchen or washroom sinks. Just seeing them there is enough to make you feel uneasy. They do not bite but they do spread infestations. They may also be found on ceilings, walls or near the sink.  Really most people tell you they driving you crazy, if insanity sets in then you might end up torching the whole kitchen and we would not want that to happen.

You want to get rid of them as soon as you spot them because they multiply within days. Their eggs hatch within 2 days and the larvae reaches adult stage within 2 weeks. They grow by feeding on drain matter. You may want to try a few remedies before they multiply in your house.  You can swat and spray the adults but they will just keep coming until you have eliminated the breeding source.

Clean the house daily

The flies start gathering and breeding in large numbers if the house is not cleaned properly every day. Sweep the house daily and mop with good-quality surface cleaners, especially the corners. Don’t leave food items, leftovers or crumbs lying around. Clean the counters and dining table after using them.  Things to avoid here is leaving rotting or decomposing fruit and vegetables left out in the area.

Furthermore, keep your house dry. Also, if you have open trash bins in the house, cover them with lids to prevent the foul odor from escaping, which invites more flies to feast on fruit and vegetable peels.

Do the drain test

If you want to identify whether there are flies in the drain, stick a tape over the drain for a few hours or days. If there are any flies in the drain and they attempt to fly out, they will get stuck to the tape. Avoid covering the entire drain as that would prevent the flies from flying out.

Identify the affected areas by observing where they are gathering, breeding or clogging the drains.

Suck them up

Start vacuuming on all those areas where the flies have gathered, with the hose. Use it on the drains and that should work effectively in reducing the number of flies.  You can also use a contact insecticide to spray resting areas and broadcast spray to kill adults,

Do some plunging

Plunge all the drains to pull out drain matter and prevent the flies from coming. Use a Drain Gel, something that will dissolve the organic matter in those drains, we recommend you treat all the drains in the house, or at least all on the same floor.

No matter how exhausting it gets, clean the drains every month to prevent infestations in the future. If there are already flies around the drain, consider cleaning it every week to kill the flies and larvae.

Drain with soap water

Mix washing detergents, soap and a few drops of vinegar in full pot lukewarm water and pour it down the drain. Handle the pot with care.  This will kill some of the adults, but will not really have any effect on the breeding ground and you will end up with more adults the next day.

Trap with soap water

In a big bowl, make a mixture of soap water, vinegar and a cleaning detergent to trap the flies. Make the mixture before going to bed and let it stay overnight. Any flies that are hovering around would land and die.  These type of traps are available in a commercial type of trap that is used by professional, this is an ongoing trapping and will hold thousands of fruit and drain flies in the trap.

Swat them

When you see them on walls, go for the kill. It would be better to not use a spray on them if they are in the kitchen.

Use spray

Attack the flies around the drain with spray and clear the clutter. Always clean the washroom after the spray treatment as using toiletries sprayed with chemical may cause an allergic reaction.  Pyrethrin spray If you have to use it in the kitchen, cover all surfaces with cloth and newspaper before spraying on the infected areas and wear a mask. Shut the door after the spray treatment for a few hours and clear the clutter. Repeat the treatment a few times a week.  

Kill the eggs

The flies could be breeding and laying eggs in drain matter. Use a plunger to remove all matter or use a pipe brush to clean the pipe. Use tissue paper to pull out the drain matter and pour lukewarm water mixed with detergents down the drain for effective cleaning.

Get a drain cleaner

If you have clogged drains, it would be hard to reach out all the drain matter and still leave the drains dirty. Your best bet is to get a good-quality, acidic drain cleaner. Pick a time when you would not have to use the drain for a few hours, overnight is best. Pour it down the drain and let it sit. The chemical would eliminate waste all the way and clear the clog. This may have to be repeated a few times a month until you get rid of the infestation.

Use aerosol

When the kitchen does not need to be used for a couple of hours, apply aerosol on the drains to regulate insect growth. Aerosol sprays can prevent the flies from growing into adult stage; therefore, reducing breeding and pest population.

Use a combination of these methods regularly, making sure that you select a time when the house is empty and the washrooms and kitchen need not be used for a few hours to let the treatment generate effective results. Drain cleaners will need to be applied to get rid of fruit flies over a 2 week period, so best to apply at night before going to bed for the night.



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