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How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies Fast

There is only one thing worse than an insect infestation and that is a fruit fly infestation! These flies are not only extremely repulsive to look at but they have a tendency of getting on everyone’s nerves just by existing. These fruit flies are massive and the mere sight of them can send shivers down everyone’s spine.

When they pop up because they reproduce so quickly you can go from zero to 1,000 in a few days, and easilyt start to loose your mind,


We have a 4 Step Process to eliminating fruit flies fast.


Getting rid of fruit flies can be very difficult as these flying insects will not go without putting up a fight! However, rest assured you can still get rid of these fruit flies, simply by considering the guide mentioned below. 

However, before you can take on fruit flies, it is imperative that you learn everything about them! Here’s a little information about your winged enemies.  

About fruit flies

Fruit flies are also known as vinegar flies and are widely used in biological research due to their evolution with time.  Fruit flies can reproduce at an expedited rate and once they enter into your home the first thing they do after getting something to eat is lay eggs. Within in no time these eggs hatch and little fruit flies start appearing everywhere!  

man killing fruit flies

These fruit flies can not only immediately set up their families in your home, but they can actually grow from an egg to a fully grown adult in about a week. This is exactly why it crucial that every homeowner tries to get rid of fruit flies the moment they find one in their homes. It’s a numbers game when it comes to fruit flies and getting rid of hundreds of fruit flies is horror that no one wants to witness.

Four different methods to get rid of fruit flies fast

Although we at Solutions Pest and Lawn ship the same day and most products arrive in only a couple of days, that may take to long.  So we offer up some easy fruit fly traps that you can create the same day with house hold items, until you receive your DIY fruit fly control products.



Since fruit flies can reproduce at such at an alarming rate, it is imperative that every homeowner wages their war against these flies as soon as possible. These is exactly why the methods mentioned below are designed to help get rid of fruit flies fast!  

  1. The cone and fruit method

The very first method of fruit flies extermination that everyone should consider is the cone and fruit method. This method is not only extremely effective but it can be set up using standard house hold products. In order to set up this trap you will require a container, bait, sheet of paper and vinegar, once you get hold of the required ingredients start by placing ripe fruit inside the container.  

Once you place the fruit inside the container the next step is to pour ample vinegar on top of the fruit, this vinegar will help ferment the fruit at a fast rate. Finally roll the sheet paper into a cone and place the cone inside the cone, making sure that the cone has no room on each side.  Place the trap next to the infested area and within no time the flies will target the fruit and will get caught inside the cone.  Leave the trap out for as long as possible and repeat the process if necessary!  


Wine GLass

  1. Death by vinegar

Your greatest weapon against fruit flies is vinegar and using vinegar to your advantage is the only way you can deceive these winged creatures from hell.  Get hold of some vinegar and pour it inside a bottle and cover it with plastic wrap, make sure you poke little holes to create an entry point for the fruit flies.  Fruit flies can resist the smell of vinegar and will immediately flock towards the source of smell, once they enter through the plastic wrap they cannot get back out. Simple yet effective!

  1. The bowl fly trap

Another profound method of getting rid of fruit flies is the notorious bowl fly trap. This is slightly less effective in comparison to the methods mentioned above, but can still help if you immediately want to get rid of fruit flies present in your home. Simply take a shallow bowl and fill it with bait (we would recommend fermented fruit such as a bruised banana) Once you have placed the fruit inside the bowl the next step is to cover the opening with a plastic wrap.

Again drill holes inside the wrap to provide the flies with an entry point; once they find their way inside there’s no way they can get back out!  Once you have trapped the flies inside the bowl you can get creative on how you take it from there, you can either set them free outside your home or drown them. Whatever floats your boat!  

  1. Purchase reliable products from the Solutions Pest & Lawn

This may come as a shock to most people but they can easily find reliable products at Solutions Pest & Lawn that are designed to kill fruit flies. Here at Solutions, you can purchase professional quality sprays, strips and fruit fly traps! Simply invest in multiple of these products and start killing those flies!

There are several fruit fly control options to choose from here and we recommend using more than one method of control especially if you have a significant fruit fly problem. We have traps that work really well such as Musca-Stik, Vector 960 Fruit Fly Traps, Invite Fruit Fly traps, Natural fruit fly traps and even light traps like the Mantis Fly Light. What you choose depends upon your preference. There are also fogging sprays that can be effective like CB-PCO fogger. For fruit flies that are frequenting your drains, Forid Drain Gel cleaner can wipe up the gunk and organic matter that fruit flies are attracted to.


So when you find yourself in a fruit fly infestation situation, step one read our fruit fly control guide, purchase the recommended products and if you cannot stand it for 2 or 3 days, then go ahead and try some of these home traps.

Preventing a fruit fly infestation

When it comes to fruit flies the best defense is preventing the infestation from happening in the first place.  The infestation usually occurs when you have food out in the open and most fruits already have eggs laid on them. Always make sure that the fruits you choose do not have any fruit flies flying around them as there is a very high chance that they have already laid eggs on these fruits. These eggs are not visible to the untrained eye and within a week times frame you will have an army of fruit flies on your hand! We would also recommend covering all of your fruit with a plastic wrap and setting up traps around your home the moment you even notice a single fruit fly.

 Man Killing Fruit Flies

Read More About Fruit Fly Prevention on our Fruit Fly Control Page.


Fruit flies can be a real pain in the neck, but they don’t have to be for long. By following the tips and recommendations we have laid out in this article, you can rid your home of the presence of fruit flies fast. For more information, you can talk to an expert over the phone at 800-479-6583 or email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com.


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