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How To Get Rid of Fruit Flies and Gnats


Fruit Flies and gnats are these pesky flying insects that are notorious for troubling households especially the food spaces with their presence. Many people refer to gnats as fruit flies because of similarity of some of its species. Therefore, Fruit flies and household gnats usually have the same pest treatment. In this article, we will cover the methods of getting rid of both of these similar types of insects.  

Why it is important to get rid of gnats and fruit flies?

Pest infestations are nasty, unhealthy and unwanted. If we discuss the plague of fruit flies and gnats then there are significant reasons to get rid of these pesky insects right away.

Infuriating presence

Infestation of fruit flies can make your kitchen and eating space a source of annoyance. Unending buzzing of small pesky insects around you on the dinner table will make it laborious to sit through. People hate the sensation elicited when fruit flies or gnats sit on their skin.

Exponential reproduction

If you have seen few fruit flies and gnats around your house then within a day or two you will have to suffer from a whole lot of the same species because of their rapid production. Rotten fruits and decaying food infested by few of gnats and fruit flies quickly transform into a large flying insect sanctuary.

Bites and skin irritation

As mentioned earlier, there are various species of gnats and not all are similar in their characteristic to fruit files. Some gnats have the stink and can bite animals and humans. These bites can result into skin irritation and inflammation.

Bacteria and germ carriers

Even though fruit flies and gnats themselves are not known to directly cause any disease but they are able to carry harmful bacteria from one place to another. Bacteria attached to their legs can contaminate the edible items. Millions of dangerous microorganisms can be transferred to human body through the affected food where fruit flies and gnats act as bacteria carriers.

Different ways to get rid of fruit flies

Importance of getting rid of these two flying insects can easily be gauged by the above section. With the help of some quality insecticides products available from pest control store, you can get rid of fruit files and gnats without the assistance of any paid and professional help.

  • Aerosols and foggers

Aerosols and insecticide foggers are a good option to treat the whole parameter of the house to get rid of fruit flies and gnats. A good aerosol for killing these flying insects is made of pyrethrins, dicarboximide and lead oxide such as CB-PCO fogger. Before applying the aerosols in the affected space, cover and remove all the food items and wear a mask because aerosol’s ingredients are detrimental to human and animal health. Also keep children and pets away from the treated space for a while.

Keep in mind that aerosol or foggers are inflammable and only ideal to treat large areas. So don’t use them in enclosed spaces such as closets and cabinets. Shutting off gas valves of the home at the time of the treatment is also one of the prerequisite for using insecticide aerosol to get rid of gnats and fruit flies.

  • Insect growth regulators

Insect Growth Regulators (IGR) can also be used in combination with insecticide aerosols in getting rid of fruit flies and gnats quickly. Insect growth regulators disrupt the reproduction cycle of insects and helps in reducing the population of insects.


If you want to target the breeding sites of fruit flies and gnats in your house then traps are an effective option. Traps used to lure fruit flies and gnats contain liquid attractants which in the form of vapors attract the flying insects from the multi-hole venting lid of the trap. To make your pest treatment through traps effective, put them near sinks and dishwashers and food preparation platforms. All these places are the usual breeding sites for fruit flies and gnats in your house.

  • Sticky traps

Sticky traps are an insecticide free option to get rid of moderate fruit flies or gnat infestation in your house is to use sticky traps. A sticky trap adheres to the insect body and doesn’t let it go. A two-way luring mechanism is used in sticky traps: the trap sticks visually attract fruit flies with their vibrant color (usually orange shades) and pheromones are used in their making so that the insects can be lured through their sense of olfaction.

Solutions has traps that work really well such as Musca-Stik, Vector 960 Fruit Fly Traps, Invite Fruit Fly traps, Natural fruit fly traps and more.

Glue Boards for early identification and treatment

Glue boards are also a non-insecticide pest treatment that can work effectively in the earlier phases of fruit flies and gnat infestation. Homes with small age children and pets can use glue boards without getting worried because no toxic chemical is used in their manufacturing. Glue boards can also be used to assess the extent of infestation or the progress of pest treatment.

Light Traps  

Installing a light trap in your kitchen can also help you with making your dinner table and food counter free of fruit flies and gnats. Light traps are equipped with ultraviolet light source (which attract fruit flies) and electrocution set up. The Mantis Fly Light is a great choice among others that we have at Solutions Pest & Lawn.

You can get all you need to eliminate fruit flies by purchasing our convenient Guaranteed Fly Control Kit. Order it today and get those dreaded fruit flies out of your home for good!

All the above discussed products can easily be purchased from a good pest control products, get the ones seem suitable for infest conditions of your house and get rid of fruit flies and gnats on your own.

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