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How to Kill Fruit Flies

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Do you have a sweet tooth? Yes? Sadly, so do fruit flies. And when you are just about to dive into a bowl of freshly diced fruit, there may be a few pesky ones who would decide to lay a claim on your yummy dish and buzz over. Banishing them from your kitchen and house can be tough, but it isn’t impossible! Here is a detailed guide on the tried and tested methods to get rid of them.

But first, a little detail into your annoying nemesis.

fruit flies on banana

About Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are a type of quick-reproducing flies that can immediately set up families inside your house once they get in. They can grow from an egg to an adult in the span of a single week, which makes it harder to get rid of them the longer you let them buzz around your house. Fruit flies feed off on any fermenting fruit in your house that they can find.

Summer arrives and you are forced to deal with insect infestations all around the house and have to go through the hassle of driving them out, as if winter infestations were not tiring already. Several species of insects become active during summer and seek shelter indoors to breed and multiply. Therefore, if you happen to find fruit flies, there is probably something around the house that has invited them. 

Fruit flies would gather near your food, on the walls or ceiling and around drain pipes. You can identify them by their red eyes, black and gray abdomens. They are active mostly throughout the year and begin multiplying during summer.  They gather usually around ripe fruits, vegetable, sugary foods or beverages and places rich in moisture to breed. Female fruit flies store their eggs beneath fruit peels. The larvae then feed on food particles where they are laid. Since they thrive and multiply in moisture-rich environments, they may also feed and reproduce on organic matter in drains.

If you have a fruit fly infestation, you would find them flying near excess, standing water, food or garbage bins. They are capable of multiplying quickly and can spread to the entire house within days if not dealt with. Even though they live to about a month, the multiply within days and in large numbers.

When you are trying to get rid of them, you want to make sure that there are no food items lying open, that the house is properly ventilated and there is no excess water in places inside and outside the house.

So What Remedies Work for Fruit Fly Control?

Let them soak in vinegar

Take a bowl and mix water with vinegar, washing detergent, soap and sugar. Place it where the infestation is severe. The smell of vinegar invites insects; thus, as soon as the insects touch the surface of the water, they drown.

Place several dishes around the house when the infestation is severe. Replace water daily, wash the dishes and repeat the process until you manage to exterminate the flies.

Take care of the sinkdrain gel to kill fruit flies

When you have fruit flies, chances are that that have already gathered in drain matter and started breeding or multiplying. First of all, to check whether flies have settled in drain matter, place tape over the drain openings and leave them overnight. If any flies try to fly out, they will get stuck to the tape.

If you discover flies this way, pour bleach down the drains and not just one drain. To cure the infestation, you must use the solution in all areas that have been affected.

Moreover, plunge all drains to pull out drain matter as this helps get rid of the eggs as well. Depending on the infestation, plunge the drains every few weeks until you get rid of flies. For fruit flies that are frequenting your drains, Forid Drain Gel cleaner can wipe up the gunk and organic matter that fruit flies are attracted to. 

Overripe fruit bait

Since flies need overripe fruit to reproduce and multiply, mix fruits with water, vinegar, beverage, honey, corn syrup or maple syrup. Ultimately, the sugar content would invite flies to their death.

You could place the mixture in a bowl or jars. If you are using jars, make holes in lids with the help of nails or screwdrivers. The strong smell will attract the flies but they would not be able to escape.

If you are using containers without lids, you could place funnels at the top to lure the flies in the right direction. If not that, you could also roll used paper or newspapers in the shape of funnel and place them at the top of the containers.

When the mixtures are ready, place them close to the infected areas and leave overnight. The flies would be hovering above the mixture so the next step involves killing them. Pour a mixture of warm water mixed with vinegar and soap into the jars and drain the flies. Wash the content thoroughly to repeat the process until you get rid of them completely. Since fruit flies multiply quickly, the step would have to be repeated for several days.

Vacuum the house

Cleaning the house is also an effective way of killing the fruit flies and preventing them for settling in your house in the future. Use the hose pipe to suck them up and let the air pressure kill them. Place the hose pipe near the affected areas and on the drain pipes, then discard the flies. Vacuum the entire house, including the inaccessible or dark corners as that is where insects usually settle easily and reproduce.

Mop the floors and kitchen counters with anti-bacterial detergents to remove the smell and tiny particles of food. Do not leave food crumbs or leftovers lying around. Always clean up after eating and wipe the surfaces with using sponge soaked in water and washing detergent mixtures.

Furthermore, keep the house properly ventilated as flies gather swarm over areas with standing water. Keep the doors or windows open for a few hours to allow air circulation or use cloth to soak excess water. Also, always dry the dishes after washing them.

Aerosol spray

To carry out this solution, clean the house properly and cover all the surfaces with newspapers and cloth, especially items in the kitchen. For the remaining flies, spray them with aerosol on the walls and in drains.

Aerosol helps in exterminating insects as well as inhibiting insect growth, so the larvae does not reach adult stage; thereby, reducing the insect population.

It is better to use the methods in conjunction with each other and rotate them every few weeks to get rid of flies and prevent them from settling in the house afterward. Keep your indoors and outdoors clean so that your house does not turn into a breeding ground for insects or pests. We highly recommend using Pyrid Aerosol if you're looking for an aerosol insecticide which produces a quick contact kill of fruit flies. Pyrid does not disappoint!

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While there are a number of DIY home remedies out there that claim to be the ultimate killer of fruit flies, you shouldn't believe everything you read on the internet, especially when it's how-to guides that don't involve professional products.  If you’re not the type to use these remedies, you can easily buy DIY pest control products that help you get rid of fruit flies in your home.

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Solutions Pest & Lawn has all you need to effectively get rid of fruit flies. You can buy strips to hang in your kitchen, or jars that include pre-prepared concoctions to trap and kill flies.  There are several fruit fly control options to choose from here and we recommend using more than one method of control especially if you have a significant fruit fly problem.

There are several fruit fly control options to choose from here and we recommend using more than one method of control especially if you have a significant fruit fly problem. We have traps that work really well such as Musca-Stik, Vector 960 Fruit Fly Traps, Invite Fruit Fly traps, Natural fruit fly traps and even light traps like the Mantis Fly Light. What you choose depends upon your preference. There are also fogging sprays that can be effective like CB-PCO fogger and also a concentrate known as Reclaim IT Insecticide which can work wonders

Preventing a Fruit Fly Infestation

Prevention is better than cure. It is truer in the case of getting rid of fruit flies.

The infestation usually sprouts up when you bring home grocery that is already infected. Avoid the products that have a lot of flies buzzing around—it is a sure sign of infected produce. You really don’t want to bring home groceries with eggs that can hatch, grow and cause you endless trouble.

When you get fruits or vegetables in your home, eat them before they get overripe, and take out your trash regularly. Fruit flies are attracted to fermented products, so it is best not to have any in the house. A single fruit fly can lay 500 eggs, and unless you want your house to be infested with them, you better take care of your trash and fruits ripening in the fridge.

If you’re tired of fruit flies making life miserable on your property, following the tips we mentioned above and equipping yourself with the traps and preventative measures is your best bet in getting rid of fruit flies once and for all.


We hope this article has helped you decide how you want to tackle the infestation of fruit flies around your home. For more help or DIY advice, contact us at 800-479-6583 or shoot us an email at askapro@solutionsstores.com and we will be happy assist you.


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