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How To Get Rid of Flies Outside

Flies are pesky creatures that hover around and make annoying buzzing sounds that only adds to the misery of daily life. They not just love to hang around indoors but are also found outdoors. As flies breed in contaminated areas such options are found outdoors.


  1. Botanical Garden

Many herbs and special kinds of carnivorous plants can be grown to drive away the flies. Venus fly trap and pitcher plants digest insects, like flies, when it lands on them. It contains certain kind of secretions which attract the flies towards such plants.

  1. Remove Still Water

Remove water puddles and still water on roads or anywhere else as soon as you spot one. Stagnant and contaminated water are favorite places for flies to breed. In addition, the water in birdbaths must be exchanged with fresh and clean water and the birdbath itself should be kept clean.

  1. Trap the fly in the sky

SUGAR CONE JAR: Create a mixture in the jar using half cup of sugar and water . Create a paper cone, and place it inside the jar, ensuring that the cone does not dip into the solution. The sugar attracts the flies and they swarm towards the cone and get trapped inside. Eventually, they drown.

STICKY PAPER STRIPS: Brown paper bags could be cut into strips and can be coated with combination of some insecticide and honey or any other such substance that flies will be attracted towards. Then either hang them on the strings outside or attach them inside the sealed garbage can. Once, the flies are attracted to the paper, they get stuck and get killed by the insecticide placed on the paper strip.

Alternatively you can use professional grade sticky traps which we carry here at Solutions Pest & Lawn. There are a number of great options which can be hung out outdoors and will effectively lure flies to their sticky fate. We recommend sticky products like Musca-Stik, QuikStrike Fly Abatement Strip or Catchmaster Gold Stick Fly . There are also fly light traps like the Mantis 2x2 Flylight Fly Trap which lure flies towards an attractive light where they will ultimately get trapped by glue boards.

ZAP TRAP: It’s an electrical device that emits white light and covered with electrical grids. The white light attracts the flies. However, once they sit on the grid, they get electrocuted.  Ultraviolet lights can also be hanged beneath a tree or other areas where flies are mostly found. Although the ultraviolet trap is most effective indoors, it can still be of some use outdoors to attract and eliminate few of the flies.

  1. Insecticides

Generally, aerosol sprays are not considered to be the most effective form of control for flies outdoors to eliminate the flies. However, close contact of the chemical with the fly can kill  them. This is most effective when carried out before picnics or barbeque.

Furthermore, fly baits insecticides are quite effective for eliminating flies outdoors. There are various forms of bait insecticides which are effective in removing flies from outdoor areas. These are as follows:

MAX FORCE FLY SPOT BAIT: These come in two forms: spray and paint. It can be sprayed outdoor in the patio, outdoor garden or painted on walls and window sills and other outdoor areas where flies might be found.

GOLDEN-MARLIN FLY BAIT: It’s a sugar based bait. On application, the flies get lured by the scent and gets killed.

MAXFORCE FLY BAIT: This insecticide containsImidacloprid which are used in bait stations or can be sprinkled and scattered on surfaces outdoor where flies are usually crowded.

  1. Sanitary environment

Flies breed and thrive in contaminated and filthy areas with stagnant water and foul odor. Make sure trashcans are tightly sealed with a lid. It should be taken out regularly and cleaned properly. All dried and decayed plants must be removed. If you own pets all fecal matter must be disposed off in sealed bags outdoor pet houses like kennels or bird cages must be kept clean. Manure and compost must be kept in a distant area and kept properly to minimize the flies for flying around the area. Birdbaths, pools must be exchanged and kept fresh and clean. Any stagnant still water must be removed to create a cleaner environment and keep the flies away.

  1. Smoke the flies

Citronella and Camphor scents repel the flies away. Flies dislike smoke and when citronella candles and camphor are burned the smoke coming out of it wards the flies instantly.

  1. Drops of vinegar

Pour one inch of fruit scented dish wash liquid into one inch of water in a bowl and add two to four drops of apple cider vinegar. The flies get attracted to the smell of apple. Once they get in the bowl, they drown in the solution.

Malt vinegar can also be used to restrain the flies. On boiling malt vinegar, it gives out a certain kind of scent that the flies dislike. Once the aroma disperses the flies begin to soar away. Both can be used outdoors to repel the insects away.

  1. Spritzing lemon grass oil

Add 20 to 25 drops of lemongrass essential oil to half a cup of hot water. Pour it in to a spray bottle. Spraying the solution outdoors will keep the flies at bay. The spray could be squirted in the areas where the flies are usually found outdoors. This again serves as a repellant for the flies.

  1. Fragrance of Oranges and lemon

The peels of orange can be tied in a cloth bag hanged in outdoors areas. It be hung near trees windows and patios, etc.

6 to12 cloves can be pierced into half cut lemon with the wider mouth facing outside. This lemon can be placed outdoors. All these natural remedies worked as deterrents for the flies as the insects their aroma.

Goodbye flies

Flies buzzing outside of your house are a nuisance and a health hazard. The above-mentioned remedies are simple DIY methods you can use to ward them off and eliminate when necessary.  If you want to make the fly control process for your outdoor area even easier, we recommend purchasing our convenient Guaranteed Fly Control Kit. This kit contains all that you need to fully eliminate your fly issue both outdoors and indoors. We promise it will not disappoint.

For more pest control advice, please contact us at 800-479-6583 or askapro@solutionsstores.com.


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