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How to Get Rid of Flies Outdoors


Every time you step into your garden or outside, you hear the constant buzzing of these pesky insects. It’s enough to drive anyone nuts. Many of the species don’t bite per se, but they do carry different diseases on their legs. Yes, we’re talking about houseflies outside your house. Here are some things that you should know about these flying pests.

About The Flies that Roam Outside Your House

There’s no escaping flies as they are found almost everywhere that humans are. Flies are synanthropic insects. This means that they reap the benefits of being in the same place as animals and humans. They’ve travelled everywhere with people in the past; ships, trains, horse carriages, airplanes. You won’t find domesticated house flies in the jungles of the Amazon where humans are absent.

Another fact is that the common housefly has a very short lifecycle: a week, tops, given the right conditions. A female is able to lay 120 eggs at a time. They don’t travel far if there is manure, garbage and other filth to be found. Their wings beat about 1000 times per minute, yet they’re slow fliers, with an average speed of 4.5 miles per hour.

It’s a liquid diet only for these pesky insects. Their mouths act like sponges and drink up any liquid food that they spot. But how do they eat solid food? The answer may disgust you. They vomit on the food and the enzymes in the regurgitated liquid help digest it. How do flies decide on what is tasty and what is not? With the taste receptors on their feet, of course! The chemosensilla, as they’re called, can be found on their lower legs and feet. Flies use these sensors by walking around on the surface of the food and figuring out if it’s worth consuming.

Flies are disgusting because they transmit a lot of diseases. The way they do this is that they walk around tasting filthy surfaces such as the inside of a garbage can, dog poop or even cat litter, and then land on your bowl of popcorns and sandwiches.

Since they drink up liquid food, it doesn’t take long to pass out of their system. They almost always poop where they eat. If you thought the vomiting of digestive fluids was the most disgusting thing that these pesky flies can do, think again.

So, how do you get rid of these menaces outside your home?



DIY ways to get rid of houseflies Naturally

  1. The Old Lemon and Clove Trick

The smell of cloves is one that flies absolutely hate. Mix this spice with lemon and you get an all-natural fly repellent. You can place this repellent on your picnic table when you are having a barbecue outside with your family. The flies will stay away from the food and your will stay away from the harmful diseases transmitted by these filthy insects.

Making this repellant is fairly simple. Cut the lemons into halves and stick the pin needle shaped cloves into the pulp of the lemons. Put them near the food and the flies won’t fly around it. It’s not too bad to look at either, so you can use it as a decorative item on the picnic table.

  1. Rotten Fruit Traps

Rotten fruits have some amount of melted substances that flies can lap up. Why not use them to trap the flies? The Rotten Fruit trap is an ingenious way to trap fruit flies. You’ll need scissors, a glass bowl, toothpicks, plastic wrap and rotting bananas. Bananas make effective attractants for flies in this trap.

Chop up the bananas into small cylindrical circles and place them in the bowl. Take plastic wrap and secure it tightly over the bowl. Poke a few holes in the plastic wrap and that’s it, you’re done with the trap! The next thing you have to do is to take the bowl to the place where with the maximum concentration of flies. The particularly horrid stench of the overripe or rotting bananas will attract the flies. Once inside the bowl, the flies have nowhere to go.

Fill the bowl with dishwater to drown and kill the flies. Redo until there are no more flies left.

Remember, if the banana is overripe and can’t be chopped, mash it into pieces.

  1. Carnivorous plants

Have plants such as the Venus flytraps planted in your garden outside the house. They’ll help you get rid of flies without having to make any effort. Well, you will have to care for these magnificent plants after you purchase them from a flower store or online.

  1. Camphor Smoke

Flies generally don’t like any kind of smoke, but they especially don’t like camphor or citronella. Get a citronella candle or a camphor one to keep flies away from making their way into your home. A piece of camphor in your garden will also do the trick against flies.

  1. Fans Everywhere

If you’re planning to have a picnic outside in your garden, it’s best to have some pedestal fans outside. Not only will they provide extra wind to keep you dry on a warm summers’ day, but they will deter any flies to come directly in front of them. Flies cannot fly well in high winds.

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Using Glue Traps like the Professionals

Using Musca Sticks, that have glue and a strong attractant will really help to take large populations down, use in areas away from where you will be, do not want to lure them to your party.

Apply a Residual

Spraying a residual insecticide in areas where you see flies resting, side of buildings, fences, etc will really make a difference, this is not a contact kill.  So remember just because they do not fall over does not mean it is not working.  We recommend Reclaim IT which is a bifenthrin product, that can safely applied to just about any area.   Also, available from Solutions Pest and Lawn is a spray that is labeled to be applied to surfaces, in food areas.  Window, picnic tables, counter surfaces  can all becoming fly killing machines. Maxforce Flyspot is an amazing product for this type of application, attracts and kills them.  

Preventing Infestations

Flies cannot be stopped, however, there will be less of them around you when you and your surroundings are clean. In case you did not know, flies are attracted to trash bins and rotten food. So the best way is to make sure that there is no loose trash lying outside the house or it might just prove to be the perfect breeding ground for them. Clean the outside of your house to make flies go away naturally.


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