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How to Get Rid of Flies in your House

Do you know that there are more than 100,000 known species of flies and there’s no telling how many more species are still unknown?

With such a high number of flies in the world, it’s no surprise that you have to endure them in your house. The pesky critters not only have the tendency to be annoying but they also have a great impact on humanity. On the large scale though, this impact goes unnoticed.

The arrival of summer is supposed to be the start of great times; beaches, school break, and picnics. But as soon as the warm weather starts, there’s a fly outbreak. The flies invade houses and the summer fun goes out the window. Imagine lying down for a lazy afternoon in the backyard. The next thing you know, flies are buzzing all around you, driving you up the wall with their pesky presence.

From house flies to fruit flies, the pests can be annoying and it becomes necessary to get rid of them.

About Flies

Many of the common flies carry disease causing bacteria. The tiny hair on their bodies can carry about a million bacteria. And where do they get the bacteria from? Flies love to sit on garbage, fecal matter and rotten food. The bacteria present there sticks on their body, which eventually finds its way into your body.

Flies don’t necessarily have to bite you to transmit the bacteria. They can easily deposit it in your food just by sitting on it. Any food that is left unattended and uncovered in the house is in danger of being infected. Most of us don’t even pay attention to such things but these pests are more than just a nuisance.

The first thing that attracts these pests is a food source. That can be anything from open garbage cans to overgrown foliage. If you want to prevent any fly infestation in the future, you better take care now.

The 4 Methods to Get Rid of Flies in your House—For Good!

The best way to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from these pests is to make sure you take preventive measures. If your house is already infested by these pests, it’s better that you get rid of them.

Here are some of the ways you can easily get rid of the nuisance caused by these pests.

  1. Kill the Food Source

Most flies are attracted to organic material, which is not only a source of food but also provides the best place to lay eggs. The more you leave such things uncovered and out in the open, the more flies are going to be attracted. All you have to do is store food either in the fridge or in the pantry. Even then, use air tight or tightly sealed containers.

If you tend to leave dirty dishes, make sure you wash up as soon as the dishes pile up. Leaving them around for long is bound to attract flies. The same goes for any spilled food. Clean it up immediately and don’t leave any food source around for the pests. Keep all the garbage cans and disposal sites covered up. Flies can easily detect rotten food and garbage cans are the first place that can act as their food source.

  1. UV Light Traps

The traps work effectively and pretty soon your house will be fly-free. Just make sure the traps are not visible from outside the house. This way, other insects will be lured to the light from outside the house and instead of resolving your problems, the traps will just increase the magnitude of the problem.   Small flylights are available for you home, and then larger scale for commercial facilities.

  1. Electronic Paddle Swatter

There was a time when swatters were quite popular. They were one of the most effective ways of getting rid of flies. But they were not sanitary at all. People had to dispose off squished flies and that’s why electronic paddle swatters offer a sanitary option. They effectively kill flies instantly on contact. Just make sure you keep them away from kids and pets. The device can deliver a shock; hard enough to startle you.   

  1. Use Pesticides

The most commonly used pesticide is the pyrethrin spray. It is a naturally derived insecticide and is fairly safer than the other options in the market. The best way to use them is to spray them on the doorways. This preventive measure deters the flies and other insects from entering the house. If you want quick action and want to get rid of flies in the house, spray them directly with the spray. This will kill them quickly and all you’d have to do is sweep up the dead flies and dispose them, in covered garbage cans, of course. There are many other products in the market that can provide the same satisfactory results.

Spraying the resting areas of flies with a great insecticide that offers a long residual will help keep the high producing fly population in check.  We recommend our brand, Reclaim IT, bifenthrin product.

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Preventing a Fly Infestation

It’s important to take preventive measures and keep all flies out of the house. Once they manage to get inside, it’ll be hard to get rid of them. Some recommend using essential oils to keep flies out of the house. Clove, thyme, lavender and peppermint oils are effective at keeping flies out of your house and your life.   Need to make sure your door are tight and screens are functioning without tears and rips.  Keeping the populations from breeding on the outside will help.


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