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How to Get Rid of Flies In The House

Flies are a common insect that has been a bane for homeowners for as long as human civilization. Seemingly harmless, they can quickly become a menace and a health hazard when they start vacationing and making trips from the garbage to your home. Even more so when the female flies start to lay eggs. or


Here are six methods of getting rid of the flies from the house:

  1. I spy with my eye something that flies

Flies usually prefer moist filthy areas to lay their eggs, as well as to feed. The source through which the flies are entering home must be identified and blocked. Their common breeding sources inside the house are trash cans, dirty diapers, rotten food or any other kind of filth they can find to breed on. These flies prefer staying on ceilings walls and floors in daytime. Flies always prefer staying indoors; especially at nighttime they hang on electric wires cords and ceilings. Once the locations of breeding ground and areas where flies usually like to stay are detected, the breeding sites can be eliminated. For example, emptying trash cans and the places where the flies are usually found can be contained using various strategies such as traps. Make sure all rotten food and dirty diapers are thrown away.

  1. Housekeeping for the flies

It is important that the house should be kept as clean as possible it contains the infestation and even possibly prevent the flies from entering the home. The trash cans should be promptly emptied and kept clean and dry; it must have air tight fitting lids. Always clean the used dishes and have them dried and food should not be kept exposed. All rotten food should be thrown away and places like sink drain plumbing pipes should be clean and fixed.

All these measures will prevent flies from laying eggs and a clean house will make it less inviting for the flies to stay around. Windows and doors must be clean and should have proper netting and clean screens.  

  1. Catch a fly

Various traps available for catching the flies include the following:

LIGHT TRAP: these are electronic devices with lights that attract the flies. Once they sit on it, they get zapped with current. One of the products recommended is the MATRIX II. These traps cab be place in locations where usually the flies are spotted. At night they prefer sitting on electrical cords and wires.

GLUE TRAP:  there are various kinds of glue trap available, Musca-Stik and the CatchMaster Gold Sticks. These devices have long tube shaped glue sticks with Pheromones on them to attract the flies. Once they get lured by pheromones the flies get stuck on the trap. It eventually gets killed by the device. One of the suggested glue trap is THE CATCHMASTER GLUESTICK M962.

WINDOW TRAP:  the window fly traps can stick on the window. This allows the flies to get trapped without the use of insecticides. Windows are one of the common places where flies are found sitting and can be useful in trapping them before they start to buzz around the whole house.

  1. Fly away from the insecticides

There are various forms of insecticides available here at Solutions Pest & Lawn which can be effectively used indoors to eradicate flies from soaring around the house. Few of these are as follows:

RESIDUAL AND CONTACT INSECTICIDES: The areas where the flies usually like to sit inside the household can be sprayed in an appropriate quantity. By appropriate, we mean to make it damp enough for the fly to catch the effect of insecticide but not wet enough to form a puddle. By coming in close contact with the chemical, they catch a whiff of it and are eliminated. Few examples of such insecticides are: Maxforce Flyspot Bait and Reclaim IT.

INSECTICIDE DUST:  Some insecticides are made in powdered form, like dust. For example, D-Fense Dust. This dust-insecticide can be sprinkled into cracks and holes on the walls. It fills in all the empty spaces, eventually killing the flies. More focus should be given to the west and south walls and all opening should be sealed.

PYRETHRIN INSECTICIDE: The aerosols and sprays for flies contain pyrethrin. Such insecticides have immediate effect on the flies. It does not leave any residue. Few examples of such insecticides are Pyrid Aerosol, PT-565, CB 80 Pyrethrin Aerosol, and the Automatic Dispenser, etc.

FOGGING INSECTICIDES:  Foggers are also one of the means through which flies are eradicated from homes.  For example, B&G Fogger Flex A Lite 2600. Fogger creates fog containing insecticides which kills the flies.

To make the insecticide buying process easier for you we highly recommend purchasing our convenient Guaranteed Fly Control Kit. This contains a selection of all the necessary items needed to perform a successful fly control program in your home.  It also comes with our special guarantee where if you are not satisfied with the results of this kit, we will give you your money back or give you an alternative product to eliminate your fly problem, free of charge.

  1. The spider web illusion

Water tends to distort the flies’ vision and makes them disoriented. The structure of their eyes makes plastic bag filled with water appear like a spider’s web which the flies will definitely avoid. Use gallon sized plastic bags and the bag should be half filled with water. The tops should be sealed or zipped and can be hanged in nearby windows and doors.

  1. A hint of lavender

Lavender oil has properties which protects clothes from moths. It is known to repel many insects, one of which is flies. Pour half to one cup of lavender oil in a bowl. Dip a cloth or sponge into the oil and allow it to soak for 24 hours leaving it covered with plastic sheet or a lid. Place the bowl in areas where flies can be spotted the most. The oil must be kept diluted as it may cause allergic reaction. The scent of oil will keep the house aromatic and free of flies.


Flies are the most commonly found insect across the world and the source of its breeding is known by most individuals: unhygienic conditions inside or outside the house. These must be prevented to get rid of these insects. The more sanitary the house is kept, the lesser the flies will soar around the indoor property.

For more fly control advice, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at 800-479-6583 or email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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