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How to Get Rid of Fleas with Petcor Flea Spray 

Fleas in your house are like ticking time bombs, you ignore them long enough and everything in your life is going to implode. Not literally, but it will. These freeloading vermin won’t hesitate in taking over your life in every way possible. They’ll drive your pet lunatic by feeding on their blood, and will land on anything and everything. But that’s not even the worst of it.

The worst part of living under the same roof as the fleas is the fact that they’ll mark their territory on your bed. Let us repeat, on your bed! And that is when things get personal, really personal. If these fleas manage to reach your safe haven, your sanctuary—the bed—then don’t be surprised when you wake up every morning with red spots and halo on your body. Additionally, you will experience itching, rashes, hives, bumps, and swelling. Believe us, that is not how you want your day to start.

Luckily, for every human and pet animal on earth, there are ways to stop the flea bombs from detonating. There are many pesticides and insecticides, like Petcor Flea Spray that you can use to disarm these parasites. But before we move on to getting rid of the fleas, we need to learn some more about these pests.

What We Need To Know About Fleas

Don’t underestimate the small size of fleas. They can carry blood 15 times more than their own weight. And getting rid of them is not easy either. Fleas have lots of spikes on their legs, which allows them to stick firmly and tightly to their hosts and nothing can dissuade them and remove them until they are killed. As soon as they are able to land on an animal or a human’s skin they instantly inject their saliva. This saliva alone can cause various different infections in the host’s body.  

One of the biggest mistakes we make when it comes to the flea infestation in the house is think that they won’t hurt us. It’s about time we learn that fleas are as much of a danger to us as they are to our pets. And neither should suffer.

Here are some of the reasons why fleas are too dangerous to be living around us:

  • Skin issues

Flea bites in general ends up with itches and skin infections. But someone who already has a skin disease can suffer even more severely. Some animals also become brutally allergic to fleas and can contract flea allergy dermatitis from it.

  • Carry parasitic diseases

As if fleas alone are not a nuisance, they also often carry with them parasites such as tapeworms. Tapeworms are dangerous parasites that suck nutrients from the intestines of the pests and cause extreme irritation. Other parasites and infections can also be transmitted by fleas.  

  • Death

This might be hard to believe, but it’s true. Very rare but true. Fleas can cause death by sucking too much blood and resulting in anemia. The chances of death by flea infestation is even higher in smaller animals. The burden of fleas feasting on their blood can be lethal for the younger animals.  

How to Get rid of Fleas Using Petcor Flea Spray

With a busy schedule and so much to do, you cannot exactly spend all your day trying to get rid of fleas one way or another. For this reason, powerful Petcor Flea Spray is an easy to use, and go-to solution for flea infestation in the house.

One of the best features of Petcor Flea Spray is its ability to kill the problem from the roots. The active ingredients in Petcor Flea Spray effectively target the flea eggs and flea larvae stuck in the coat of your pet cats and dogs. The Precor IGR in this flea spray prevents the eggs to develop and grow into a grown adult flea. On the other hand, the Pyrethrins present in the Petcor Flea Spray targets the adult fleas.

So basically, the fleas have no chance to grow in numbers or survive with Petcor Flea Spray in the house.


People with busy schedule cannot spare their time to mix, combine and apply a solution in order to get rid of the flea problem in the house. Which is one of the reasons; the spray is the best choice for them. Moreover, it is completely safe to use in pets. All one needs to do is apply a light spray on the coat of their pets. Ruffle their hair for better reach. For taking care of the fleas around sensitive body parts such as eyes, ears and nose, spray the solution on a piece of cloth, and the apply around these parts.  

You won’t need to wait for the results soon, the solution works fast and for longer. Once you have applied the solution, you and your pets can rest easy for the next 63 days.  

Preventing Fleas from Invading Your Homes and Taking over Your Pets

As we have already established, fleas are non-friendly pests. They can turn you and your furry friends half-mad, not to mention the diseases they bring with them. Here are a few tips to prevent them:

  • Spray the Petcor Flea Spray year round. This way, the fleas will never dare to infest your house.

  • Take your poets for regular flea-checks. It can save you and them from lots of trouble.

  • And lastly, make sure you keep your yards, house, and pets clean.

As long as you have a Petcor Flea Spray in the house and above mentioned preventative tips, the fleas will never be able to make your life miserable.  

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