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How to Get Rid of Fleas Outside


About fleas

Fleas are insects that have 4 stages of growth; egg, larva, pupa and the adult fleas. These parasites tend to choose mammals like cats, dogs and even humans as host to feed on. Fleas have a chemical it releases onto the host of the skin that softens the skin of the host. The fleas can then easily suck on the blood of its host. It may even lay eggs on its host. There are many types of fleas. The most commonly found include human flea, water flea, beach flea, chigoe, rat fleas, etc. The larva feeds on organic material and feces of the adult fleas and the eggs are laid in nest of the host. You might find fleas outside in your yard, park or a beach. It likes shady, warm and most places. Fleas mostly get infest in your homes to pets, climate and other rodents that might be have entered your yard. 

Damage caused by fleas

Flea outside cannot be easily detected. It can easily latch itself onto the host and cause a lot of infestation. It can easily bite the host like a human and cause allergic reaction, inflammation and soreness. It can be the cause of typhus, bubonic plague, tularemia, etc. It is mostly found in areas where there is greenery and it is easy for the fleas to hide.

Ways for getting rid of fleas

  1. Searching for the fleas

Most commonly flea infestation is caused due to fleas being present in your yards or gardens. Search for fleas in all hidden warm shady and moist places in your yard. Look for it behind the furniture in your garden, trees, fences and if you have a dog you check in the kennel as well. Of course the pets also have to be checked. Fleas have long legs that allow it jump and reach the area it wants to reach and it is easy for them to stay hidden. It might even latch onto to you while searching. So, it is best to wear light color clothing and wear full length trousers and full sleeve shirt with cap and socks while looking for the fleas in your yard.

  1. Cleaning your yard

The most common place outside from where you may face an infestation of fleas is your own yard. You must make sure to clean up your yard and make it more clutter free. Make sure to trim the grass as fleas do not like open grass and trees and keep it more exposed. Fleas don’t like to be on open grass. Rake the leaves, clean up the debris and mulch and remove all the compost, foilage and fertilizer. Your yard should be well kept and clutter free. The more clean and airy your yard is the less chance there is of fleas hiding around as it does not like sunlight or open spaces.  

  1. Applying chemicals for flea control

There are various chemicals or insecticides that can be used to solve your flea problem outside. Few of these chemicals are as follows:

Petcor Flea Spray: you can spray your pet with this chemical as it helps in controlling the flea population. If there will be fewer fleas on your pet there is less chance of it entering your homes or staying in your yard as it will not get to feed on blood.

Reclaim IT Insecticide & BIFEN LP:  these are liquid and granular insecticide. Apply the insecticide in your yard and after few days reapply the chemicals outside. Within a period of 120 days your yard will be free of fleas. Elimination of fleas outside will mean prevent you or your pets from becoming host for these parasites.

Products like Ultracide Flea Killer, Precor 2000, Talstar and Tengard helps in eradicating the fleas and the larva. Apply such chemicals outside during widespread infestation of fleas. It helps in not only removing the fleas but also prevents re-infestation. Getting the fleas kits is helpful in applying the chemicals for flea control.

Sprinkling Diatomaceous earth dust insecticide outside also helps in eradicating the fleas outside your home. Make sure to scatter the whole area to eliminate each and every flea on your lawn.

Permethrin chemical can also be sprayed on the yard especially in all the dirt or sandy areas of the yard.

Other methods are using flea foggers, bug bombs, aerosols, flea traps and flea baits, etc.

  1. Combing the fleas out

While making sure your yard is flea free you must make sure to eradicate the fleas from your pet. Use shampoos, dips and other solutions and preventive topical treatments to make sure you get rid of the fleas from your pet. If the fleas are still thriving in your pet it will cause re-infestation in your yard and enter your home as well.  Start combing the pet’s head, start from the ear, neck the back of the tail. Comb the fur of your pet in a backward direction. Wear gloves before use and shampoo the pet with chemical treatment for fleas. After each stroke dip the comb in a bowl filled with disinfectant solution or soapy solution. Keep repeating the process until the fleas are gone. Make sure sure to apply dust insecticides in the area where you pet sleeps or usually stay in your yard. Apply topical treatments other than shampoo to eradicate the flea infestation, eggs, larva and the adult flea itself.

Free the outdoors from fleas

Use all chemical insecticides to eliminate the flea from your yard especially in warm temperatures when you will find the insects the most. Apply granular and liquid insecticides all over the yard and use repellants and preventive clothing for yourself while sitting outside.

Eliminate Fleas From Your Yard With Solutions Pest & Lawn Products

At Solutions Pest & Lawn, we carry a variety of excellent flea control products which can control flea infestations around your yard. After conducting a good inspection and seeing where the flea hot spots are, you can then proceed with arming yourself with high quality flea control products like insecticide granules (such as Bifen LP Granules) and perimeter sprays (like Reclaim I/T).

These products can all be found in our special Guaranteed Flea Control Kit. If you want to control fleas in your yard, indoors as well as your pets, we have all that you need to get the job done and be flea-free.

For more pest control advice, you can call us 800-479-6583, email us (askapro@solutionsstores.com) or chat with us on our website. We look forward to hearing from you.



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