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How to Get Rid of Fleas on Your Carpet

Having an army of fleas infesting your carpet can easily be described as a complete nuisance. The act of getting rid of them can be extremely daunting to those who may fear the fleas. Although it can be frightening, it is not impossible. If you follow the steps in this guide, you will surely get rid of all the fleas that have infested your personal space!

Keep in mind, fleas can produce eggs within 36-48 hours making you carpet a battlefield. Let’s enlighten you with simple ways, which will make sure there are no fleas in your surroundings.

What is a flea?

A flea is a flightless insect, which jumps around from animals to birds and feeds on their blood. Their bites can spread diseases to humans and animals which can be life-threatening. The female flea lays up to 50 eggs a day and the eggs spread easily over the entire carpet. Since they are dry, they can move around in the air quite easily.

Let The Games Begin!

  1. You must start with the carpet

What do all of you have on your carpets? All items that have a fabric (cushions, pet bedding, and sheets) should immediately be thrown into the washer and washed at high heat. The heat will make all the fleas that have been in hiding to come out so they can be killed. Vacuum the entire floor this will agitate the flea eggs  and will cause some to hatch, also loosen up some adults.

Things that cannot be thrown into the washer must be thoroughly vacuumed. Any furniture with soft padding’s, armchairs, and playhouses for your pets must be vacuumed. If you can remove all the padding’s/cushions from your furniture and throw them into the washer as well.

If you are determined in ENDING the flea infestation, you must go the extra mile. You need to steam everything that goes on your carpet because, as we’ve mentioned many times before, fleas cannot tolerate extreme heat.

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  1. Vacuum, Vacuum and More Vacuum

Vacuuming your carpet is probably the simplest yet most effective way of getting rid of fleas. The sucking power of the vacuum does not allow any fleas to remain on your carpet whether they are adults or the eggs. Getting rid of just the adult fleas is not the solution as there is always a generation of fleas that will follow.

Vacuuming will suck up all the wastage that comes out of the fleas. Their excess larva is the source of food for other fleas. The vibrations caused by the vacuum causes baby fleas to leave their cocoons making it easier for us.

Start from the corner of the room and make sure to keep it slow and steady. Really, pay attention to where you are vacuuming and make sure you are doing it at a consistent speed. Do not forget to vacuum under furniture and in the dark areas of your house. Make sure to vacuum all around your carpet and a under the sides. After you are done vacuuming, take the bags outside and get rid of them. For best and lasting results, try to vacuum every day for at least 2 weeks so there is no chance for the fleas to come back.

  1. Make Them Suffer

Fleas at all ages HATE the heat. When they are in their cocoons, they get stimulated by high levels of heat and come out earlier than expected. You can hire a professional steamer or buy a house steamer that can heat the water up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The higher the heat goes, the more quickly you will get rid of the fleas.

  1. Sprinkling the Poison

  • Baking Soda and Salt: This is for light to medium infestations. This is a natural way of getting rid of fleas so it is not harmful. Sprinkle a layer of baking soda and salt all over your carpet and let it stay for 24 hours. After 24 hours have passed, make sure you check the situation to see the effect it has made. If there are a few left, you can vacuum the carpet or if you think you need to give it more time then do so. You can keep the baking soda and salt on your carpet for a week as well.   

We cannot testify that these methods work for natural flea control, but thought we would share.

  • Diatomaceous Earth (DE): This method is good for all levels of infestation, but is not helpful for very severe ones. Although it is natural and safe, make sure you get the “food-grade” one. Put a layer of DE on your carpet and a thick layer around your pet’s area and in dark places. Leave it on your carpet for 4-5 days and then you can vacuum it.  Flea Stopper is an option that is sprinkled out in the carpet for flea control.


  • Insecticides: This method is best in my opinion for any infestations. It is a chemical way. T. If you want to get rid of all the fleas at once, you do not need to get a professional to help, we can assist you in which insecticide to put in order to get rid of all the fleas for good.  Novacide insecticide works great for getting rid of fleas in your carpet.

The Right to Keep Them Away - Prevention!

Fleas are an insect that can be recurring so make sure you are taking all the safety measures to keep them away. You can reapply at 10 to 14 days if you see more adults.  Keep your home with flea repellent, vacuuming at least once a week and keeping your pets clean. Getting rid of fleas for good will make your life much easier!


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