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How to Get Rid of Fleas on a Dog 

Is your dog constantly scratching itself?  Do you ever wonder how much your dog may be suffering from the bloodsuckers that have infested its body? Did you know that your dog is the major gateway fleas get into your house? Their contact with other animals can cause the fleas to come onto them. Fleas like to jump from one host to another host where they start to expand their population. Moreover, once your pet has been exposed to fleas then they are welcomed inside your home.  

Your must rememberthat your pet’s health is your first priority. Do not choose methods that can potentially risk your pet’s life.

Why did it have to be my dog?

If you took your dog to a grooming salon, park, or any other interactive place where there was exposure, it is possible that these pests jumped onto your dog through the interactions. Simply visiting a different yard can expose your pet to fleas.  You can also have none invited guest show up in  your yard that may have contaminated the backyard and your pets.

Keep in mind…

If your dog has been infested with fleas, there is a chance that the fleas will spread around in your house.

Before Beginning, Understand Your Enemy

A flea goes through a 4-stage life cycle. The first stage is the egg, then the larva, followed by the pupa and lastly the adult. The adult flea infests our dog and lays its eggs there. Because they are not sticky, the eggs spread everywhere in our homes and when your dog starts scratching itself, shakes a little or lies down. Once they are ready, the eggs emerge into larvae. Their area of comfort is our carpet or any other furniture. The larva turns into a cocoon during the pupa stage. They then hatch and when they become adults, they begin to infest most animals and the animal hosts.

4 Methods That Will Get Rid of Fleas

  1. Pest Control

This method is good for widespread infestations. Hiring a pest control company can be costly and many sessions can be required over the course of time to get fully rid of these pests.   This is something that can easily be taken care of with DIY professional Pest Control Products.  The plus point is that this procedure will get rid of fleas in your house as well. Once the session is over, make sure to spray your dog with flea spray or flea tablets before they are welcomed back into your house. Along with pest control services, make sure you have flea sprays and flea tablets around the house as dogs often attract fleas. We recommend these products to control fleas in your home and yard.

Novacide Flea and Tick Spray

Permethrin SFR

  1. Flea Sprays:

Flea sprays are flexible. They can be used on your pets or on your furniture. You can use it on yours and your pet’s bed, cushions, blankets and the rugs around the house. As soon as the flea comes face to face with the spray, it kills it right away.

Bath the Pets, this works great to control flea, leave the soap on the animal a couple of minute and use a flea comb after the bath.  You will see a huge amount of fleas wash right off the dog.

Flea Tablets:

Flea tablets are tablets that you can feed to your dog and cat. The results of these tablets are extremely quick and effective as they start doing their magic in 30 minutes. If a flea tries to bite your dog, they will die immediately because of the pill. What you need to keep in mind is that these tablets kills adult fleas and is not extremely effective in the end. Luckily, once you have a flea free zone, the flea tablets are the only thing you will need. As stated above, a combination of flea sprays and tablets can kill off the eggs as well.

  1. Fog Them!

This is not the most effective methods of getting rid of fleas. The fog will not  reach into very tiny places and clear the fleas from there. It basically goes up and then down.  If your flea infestation is extremely bad, fogging would be recommended to do every other day so you can get rid of the fleas for good.

What you must keep in mind is that when you are using this method, make sure you have covered all the food, utensils, and dishes, shut all the windows. Make sure you get out of your house WITH your pet for a couple of hours. When the fogging is done, you will need to go home, open the windows so the house can be refreshed. You will be able to see many dead insects and bugs around the house as all bugs try to escape the fogging. Before letting your dog back into the house, spray it with flea spray and give it a flea tablet.

  1. Vacuum

Vacuuming is a good option before and after Flea Control Methods. If your vacuum is strong, it can catch the eggs when it passes over them. Make sure you thoroughly cover all parts of your house with a vacuum. Make sure to do it in a slow and steady motion on your curtains, carpets, under and behind furniture and any crevices that you are able to see. Keep your dog outside when you are doing this, before letting it in the house, spray it with flea spray, and give it a tablet.

Good Bye Fleas

With the methods provided to you, you will certainly see a change in your dog’s behavior. When the rate of itching will diminish and your dog will get relaxed.  However, make sure you always take safety measures so you can prevent any infestations.


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