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How to Get Rid of Fleas in The Yard 


Do you have a big front or back yard that’s perfect entertainment for your furry friend and kids? As amazing as yards are for children and families to kick back, relax in – any and all garden areas are actually quite susceptible to insect infestations and as such require proper care, pest control and treatment. When deprived of proper treatment, the yard can quickly become a breeding ground for ticks and fleas – both of which are a threat to humans and animals alike.

What are Fleas?

Fleas are by far the most persistent of tiny insects. With over 2,500 well defined species which are known and discovered, fleas are quite adept at surviving. Small and wingless, the fleas are actually parasites which live in and survive on the skin and blood of its host – most commonly which is of cats, dogs and humans.

Fleas are not just an annoying problem that causes inconvenience to home and pet owners. Rather, they are a serious concern and health hazard owing to their ability of becoming a vector or carrier of grave diseases.

Fleas have four different stages:

  • Eggs

  • Larva

  • Pupa

  • Adult

Fleas multiply at an alarming rate. An adult flea can lay up to 20 eggs or more at any given time. The eggs can hatch as quickly as within two days, or they can take as many as seven days to turn into the larva. Pupa is the stage where the fleas protect themselves by sheltering underneath a silken cocoon.

The pupae leave the cocoon only if they sense a warm blooded host nearby. If not, they can survive within the cocoon for months at a time. The stage of adulthood is reached once the pupa leaves the silken cocoon. The adult flea does not need to feed continually to survive. Once fed, they can last for as long as a few months without a meal.

How to Get Rid of Fleas from the Yard – Once and For All

Fleas are a cause of concern at every stage they are at – especially because the eggs, larvae and pupae can roll off from the host and easily spread every which where. Here are a few tried and tested tricks which can help get rid of fleas from the yard – once and for all.

Mow, Prune, Clean and Shape the Yard

Since fleas tend to grow and fester in warm, moist areas in the lawn, one of the best ways to ensure that they don’t get any place to survive is to clean up the yard. Mow down the lawn keeping the grass blades short and tidy. Rake the pile of leaves and remove the debris of clumped grass and dirt regularly.

Remove the weeds and carefully prune the shrubbery to eliminate any shade spots that have the potential to become flea breeding grounds.

Nematode Cleaning

Microscopic worms, which are completely harmless to humans, animals, plants, and trees, are actually quite injurious for termites and fleas alike. That’s because they feed on the eggs and larvae of the fleas.

An easy way to rid your yard of a flea infestation is to spray the nematodes directly where the fleas fester such as the shrubbery shades, etc.

Diatomaceous Earth Spread

Diatomaceous Earth or DE is actually millions of simple cell organisms which have been fossilized and turned to mist. These organisms, which are collected from the dried water sources are actually quite effective at killing the adult fleas because they dry out their body shells. Easily available at pet and garden stores, you can buy the Diatomaceous earth dust and spread it around your yard, covering it well.

While people usually prefer spreading the dry dust on the yard, it’s actually better to mix ¼ of a pound of the dust with water and spray it using the water sprayer or hose. Water solubility allows for a more consistent spread of the dust.

Cedar chips

Cedar wood has a very strong smell naturally. While it’s somewhat a pleasant smell for humans, it’s absolutely loathsome for flea, insects and termites. A great way to rid yourself of a flea infestation, especially one that is only limited to the yard, is to buy a bag of cedar wood chips and spread them evenly all over the yard, front and back.

Be sure to cover the areas beneath the shrubbery and the tree shades and even in and around the dog house. Cover the shade areas that animals like to rest under to ascertain that the fleas don’t get to your pets.

Spread cedar wood chips along the fences – create a boundary of sorts. This will effectively keep out the new fleas from making an entrance into your yard.

Flood the Lawn

If you’re unsure of how bad the flea infestation is in your home’s yard, the best way to kill any and all fleas is to flood the entire area with water. Flea adults, larvae, pupae and the flea eggs can survive for very long on a flooded yard. The water effectively eliminates the fleas from all stages of their life cycle. What’s more is that the water also washes away the flea fecal matter which the larvae use to survive on.

Be sure to submerge the grass entirely, and the doghouse, fences, and garden furniture at least partially to remove the fleas that are stuck to them.  

Insecticide/Pesticide Sprays

Lastly, the best way to ascertain the complete removal of the flea infestation from a yard is to make use of the highly effective insecticide or pesticide sprays available in the market. While you may feel this is best done by a professional pest control service, it may be smart money to just do it yourself by using the same pest control products the pros use.

At Solutions Pest & Lawn, we carry a variety of excellent flea control products which can control flea infestations around your yard. After conducting a good inspection and seeing where the flea hot spots are, you can then proceed with arming yourself with high quality flea control products like insecticide granules (such as Bifen LP Granules) and perimeter sprays (like Reclaim I/T).

These products can all be found in our special Guaranteed Flea Control Kit. If you want to control fleas in your yard, indoors as well as your pets, we have all that you need to get the job done and be flea-free.

However, just be careful of the chemical sprays and use a protective mask and face covering to avoid its ingestion.


Flea problems can be an irritating and itchy issue to deal with, but ridding your pets and your indoor living space of fleas is not enough to free yourself from fleas. By following these tips and product recommendations, you can get fleas off your property completely. For more information or DIY advice, reach out to us at askapro@solutionsstores.com, call us at 800-479-6583 or live chat with us on our website.



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