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How to Get Rid of Fleas in the House

Fleas are small vermin that feed on warm blooded animals. If they are present in your house, then there are strong chances that your pet animals are serving as their hosts. Usually fleas prefer non-human preys, but if there is no other animal available, then they start to feed on humans. If there is a flea infestation discovered in your home, it would be wise to put a flea control program in place before the flea problem gets out of hand.

How does your House Get Infested by Fleas?

Usually fleas enter your house through furred pet animals, but that is not the only way they can enter your home. If your neighbors are affected by fleas, then you become more vulnerable to a flea infestation. You can also get a flea infestation through rodents and other vermin. Raccoons, squirrels and other rodents carrying fleas on their skin can transport them to your yard. From there, it is very easy for fleas to make their way into your home.

The Best Way to Get Rid of Fleas

You may be wondering, "What is the best flea treatment?" or "how can I get rid of fleas naturally?" Well here at Solutions Pest & Lawn, we have a variety of different options for flea killers and flea treatments that are both safe and effective. The products we carry are the best flea treatments for your yard and for your home, creating an overarching full blown flea control and prevention program that will kill the fleas for good and keep them from coming back.

Start With Your Pets

The most probable way that fleas have made their way into your home is through hitching a ride on your pet so the first step in treating a flea infestation is to first inspect and treat your pet. One way to approach flea treatment is by applying a topical flea control product to your pet which can kill off fleas called Martin’s Prefurred Plus. At Solutions Pest & Lawn we carry this product both for dogs and for cats. The product comes in a tube and can be applied by parting the hair of your pet and squeezing the tube firmly to apply to the dog or cat’s skin. The product gets right to work killing fleas within an hour after application.

Another product we also carry to treat pets for fleas is Petcor Flea Spray. This is one of the best flea sprays on the market can be easily sprayed onto a pet dog or cat. Make sure to get a light even coating all over the pet’s body to ensure proper coverage.

Diatomaceous Earth to your Rescue

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is an amorphous substance made of fossilized algae. The cell wall of this fossilized algae has sharp edges because it is made of silica. These spiky diatoms pierce through the hard exoskeleton of fleas, resulting in their death. Another benefit of using DE is that it is harmless to humans and other animals.  Here at Solutions Pest & Lawn we carry a great product which contains Diatomaceous Earth called Alpine Dust.

Vacuum all the carpets and wash all the other clothing items including pet bedding with hot water. Then sprinkle it with a thin layer of DE, and leave it for 12-24 hours. Even though fleas start dying in 4-6 hours, but leave if for longer to get better results. Collect all the DE powder through vacuum and dispose it off in a closed bag.

Using a Combination of Liquid Residual Insecticide (LRI) and Insect Growth Regulators (IGR)

To make the job of getting rid of fleas more effective, use the combination of the two commercially available insecticides. LRI (or in other words a flea control spray for your house and yard) will eliminate adult fleas and if you combine it with IGR, it will help in stopping the life cycle of fleas by preventing the growth of larvae into cocoons. Using IGR before spring season will make the elimination of fleas easy since their cycle begins in spring and lasts through fall.

Spray this combination of insecticides on your carpets and rugs that are infested with fleas. Flea control aerosols are also available in the market which can effectively help you in getting rid of these blood-sucking vermin.


Best Flea Spray for Your House

After thoroughly vacuuming your home, we suggest applying an insecticide aerosol product called Novacide, one of the best flea killers for your yard and home. Novacide is the only 100% guaranteed flea spray for broadcast indoor use. This flea spray can be used for your house and yard and a single can will treat 2,600 square feet. To use it, hold the can upside down and spray 24-36" above the flooring surface. You will want to treat 100 sq.ft. in 10 seconds and if you are spraying too wet you are overapplying. Make sure to coat all flooring surfaces, hardwood, carpet, and tile as fleas do not care where they live. Leave the house until the product is dry. What’s convenient about Novacide is that it also contains an Insect Growth Regulator in its formula.

4 Easy Steps to Flea Control


Natural Homemade Flea Control Spray

There are lots of flea sprays available in the market but you can also make a homemade spray on your own.  For instance, take 5 to 6 sliced lemons, few rosemary leaves and 3-5 drops of geranium essential oil and add them in boiling water. Cover this mixture and leave it overnight and filter the mixture in the morning. You are ready with your natural flea control spray. Since it is non-toxic to humans and animals, you can freely spray it on your furniture, pet beddings and other areas infested by fleas. Here are the following best flea killer sprays you can make at home to kill fleas in your home and yard.

  • Boric Acid

Boric acid acts as a dehydrating agent and can be effective in getting rid of fleas. When it comes into contact with boric acid, fleas get severely dehydrated and die. You can easily get boric acid from any utility store. Sprinkle boric acid and spread it in places where you have doubt that fleas, larvae or eggs are present using a brush. Since boric acid contains some toxicity for humans and animals, use it cautiously. At Solutions Pest & Lawn we carry Boric acid powder which works excellent to treat troublesome fleas.

  • Flea Combs

Usually pets become the first victim of flea infestation in your house and then they also become the carries and transport fleas to other parts of the house. Using flea comb on the furry skin of your pets can be a good idea to get them and your house free of fleas. But make sure that you are disposing trapped fleas. Run the comb backward through the fur of your pet and immediately dip the comb in a dish soap solution. Trapped fleas in the comb can’t survive in soapy water.

  • Horse Apples

A fruit that belongs to mulberry family can also be used to repel and deter fleas. Slice horse apples and put them all around your house, in rooms, hallways, the attic and windows. Their strong smell even when they get dried is an effective repellent for fleas and other types of insects and vermin.

  • Salt

For carpets and floor rugs, salt can also be a good, natural remedy to get rid of fleas. You just need to sprinkle table or sea salt on the affected areas and leave it for a few hours. Salt sucks the moisture out of fleas’ bodies which proves to be fatal. The process takes 8-12 hours so leave the place as it is and then vacuum it later.

Prevention of Flea Infestation in Future

Once you get rid of fleas, some flea prevention measures should be taken to avoid any future infestations.

Vacuum Regularly

Make sure that you have scheduled a regular vacuuming of your floors and upholstery of furniture. Especially if your house floor is covered with carpets, vacuuming becomes a very important preventive measure. Fleas in their early life cycle can easily be removed by the vacuum pressure.

Regular Laundry

If you have pets, then your house is more vulnerable to flea infestation. Wash pet beddings, blankets and other clothing items regularly with hot water.

Upkeep of Yard/Lawn

An untidy yard and lawn can become an incubation site for fleas. Therefore, clear all the clutter such as fallen off leaves, weeds and clippings from your yard or lawn. Also, keep the grass short with regular mowing and trimming.

Let Solutions Pest & Lawn Be Your Destination for Flea Control!

By following the tips we have laid out above and using the products we have suggested, you can rid your home of fleas and make your home and yard safe for your kids and pets again. We have made the product shopping process easier for you by putting together an awesome Guaranteed Flea Control Kit. This contains all the products necessary to successfully eliminate a flea invasion in and around your home, 100% guaranteed!

Shop our flea control products today and benefit from our fast free shipping. Be sure to reach out to us via phone (800-479-6583) or email (askapro@solutionsstores.com) and we will be more than happy to answer any of your questions and concerns.

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