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How To Get Rid of Fleas In The Home

About fleas

Fleas are reddish brown or black color parasites that host on the blood and other creatures, usually furry mammals. It uses it piercing mouth to suck on blood from your skin and jumps off easily from one body to another preventing you from catching and removing it. It is classifies as an Anthropoid and order of Siphonaptera. The fleas have a flexible lifecycle and go a long time without eating or hosting on blood. The female fleas lay a number of eggs. Just like other lifecycles, the flea growth stage includes eggs,larvae, pupa and fleas. 

Damage caused by fleas

The fleas suck blood from your and other creature’s skin. It cannot be easily eradicated from home or your pets. It transmits diseases like, Plague, typhus, Tularemia. It can transfer bacteria or pathogen like, Bartonella Henselae, Yersina Pestis and infection such as; Xenopsilla Cheopis and in addition causes anemia due to the blood loss. The damage caused by fleas can be catastrophic and lethal to human and are furry creatures. Thus the fleas must be instantly eradicated.

Five Solutions For Discarding The Fleas

  1. Combing your pet’s hair and controlling the fleas

If you detect signs of fleas at your home the first step is to check your pets if you have any.  Take a special flea comb and part the hair of the pet from the back, usually the fleas jump to the other direction. That makes it tricky to catch hold of fleas. Comb the fur of the pet backwards and start from the back of the neck, under the tail and behind ears. If you get hold of any dispose them in bowl of insecticidal soap liquid. It will kill the fleas immediately. Apply insecticidal shampoos and use tweezers as well to dislodge the flea from the skin of the pet. Clean it’s bedding areas and places it likes to sit and roam around.

The solutions can be applied behind ears at back of the neck under the tail. FRONTLINE and ADVANTAGE are a few of the recommended product for flea removal. Other suggestions for medicating your pets for fleas are as follows; CAPSTAR FLEA TREATMENT TABLETS, NEX GARD CHEWABLES, REVOLUTION, TRIFEXIS, BRAVECTO and SENTINEL, etc.

  1. Controlling the fleas at home

If your pets have fleas your house is bound to be infested with fleas as well. Sooner or later it will take you as a host as well. Wear white clothes and boots. The fleas dislike the white color as it can be easily spotted on it.

Remove all birds, fishes and any other pets that you may own. Avoid discarding your carpets and rugs. Then use vacuum cleaner to suck out all the eggs, larva, pupa and fleas from the fabric. Use a brush and insecticidal soap to scrub off each and every inch of the carpet and then steam clean it.

Vacuum the rest of the house as well. Suck the infestation from narrow voids, holes near electrical wiring, cracks and crevices, curtains the upholstery of furniture. Steams clean them as well. Vacuum thrice a week and regularly brush and scrape with insecticidal soap to keep the house fleas’ free zone.

Apply carpet spray it helps in removing the fleas from upholstery, curtains and carpets.

  1. Laundry and beds

All clothes, shoes, bags and any other such related items must all be washed and dry-cleaned at high temperature to eliminate the fleas and its larva and eggs.

The mattress and bed spreads should be cleaned separately using high temperature water and insecticides. Seal them in a tight zip lock air tight bag to avoid any further infestation or avoid any remains of fleas to come out of the mattress. Carpet sprays can also be used to keep the fleas away.

  1. Fogging and sprinkling for the fleas

Vacate the house and other sensitive or valuable items from home. Leave a flea fogger on at home and leave. Before coming back open doors and windows to let the fumes out as it will be toxic for you and other family members, including the pet. Use 2 to 3 or more foggers at home, it will exterminate all the whole lifecycle of the fleas and the effect lasts for about 7 months at least. The process of shampooing, scrubbing vacuuming, and steam cleaning, may have to be repeated again to make sure fleas will not bother your home ,family and pets. This way the infestation will be decreased and chances of lethal or painful diseases being transmitted into our body are reduced. A viral outspread can be contained if good and extensive housekeeping takes place.  

Flea buster powder is an insecticide that can be sprinkled and scattered around the perimeter of your house, over your pet. Scatter it on the mattress and bed sheets, cushions. Scatter the powder inside all holes, cracks and crevices, openings from pipelines and electrical wires, floors, wall voids and other such enclosed spaces. It will prevent fleas from hiding or laying eggs and causing a full breakout of fleas and transmission of diseases. Th9is will help in removing the fleas from your home.

  1. Spraying insecticides on the yard

Read label and instruction carefully before use. Wear glove and mask and then use a pump sprayer or a hose pipe to cover your yard with chemicals that will kill them and some will repel them away from your home. Use spray yard to terminate the nasty parasites and p[protect yourself and your home.

Make sure the yard is moisture free, organized and de cluttered from extra objects. Rake the leaves and remove the compost, debris, mulch and other such items to make your yard less attractive for the fleas and reduce the number of hiding spots by trimming the grass as well. All these measures will help in containing the fleas and havoc it can wreak havoc on us and other creatures.

Build up high fences or barriers to prevent any furry creatures or rodents from trespass your property as it can also bring fleas into your home.

Kill Fleas With Professional Products From Solutions

Solutions Pest & Lawn has all the products you need to successfully get rid of fleas from your home. Use Bifen LP Granules and scatter them outdoors to kill outdoor fleas while indoors you can use Novacide Flea and Tick Killer to do away with fleas. You can then use Reclaim IT and apply it as a barrier treatment around the perimeter of your home to keep fleas away. You can find all these products conveniently in our Guaranteed Flea Control Kit

Flee from sight

When all appropriate measures are taken and the house and pets are regularly cleaned and disinfected your home will be free of fleas and you will minimize chances of any transmission of diseases.

For more information regarding flea control reach out to us with your questions at 800-479-6583 or email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com.


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