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How To get Rid of Fleas Fast

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Fleas are smart and dangerous. Not only can these little parasites suck blood not just of our four legged friends but us humans too. Come to think of it, while they prefer animals as far as their meal tickets are concerned, but really don’t mind if the dinner happens to be you, rather than your pet. Once a flea infestation has occurred, it is not that easy to remove because apart from the smarts, they are also pretty agile as well and can easily hop, skip, and jump from one person to the other. Thereby effectively thwarting the myriad efforts that you may well make to eliminate them. 

Unfortunately, they are also very common these days, in fact even more common then head lice and your pet dog or kitty can easily pick them up from their playmates every time they take a short stroll around the block. And from animals to humans, it is just one single jump as it is.  

However, the worst part is the really painful bite that a flea can inflict on a human, because unlike their lice counterparts, the flea has evolved as the prime parasite to take advantage of even animals with really tough and hairy coats of fur. This is why ripping through human skin to feast on the blood within, comes far more easily to the flea. And in the process not only do they give really nasty and painful bites but inadvertently transfer a whole of lot really harmful germs as well, right into the blood stream.

Taken together, living in a house full of fleas is indeed a very painful experience to say the least. This is why should you end up playing unwilling host to these parasites you really have to get rid of them post haste. Lest they not only infect you but also your favourite loved ones as well, with all manners of grisly diseases that they tend to carry with them, wherever they go.

If your cuddly little poodle is a tail wagging and walking carrier of adult fleas, then the odds are that your home can and indeed probably will become the nursery for baby fleas. In this case the eggs, the larvae, and the cocoons (in which they incubate wherever their flea parents drop them). And speaking of unplanned parenthood, the mature fleas seem to have a bad habit of breeding at a furious rate, whenever they are not sucking blood that is. This is why it is all the more imperative that you get rid of them as soon as possible.

This effectively means that you have to tackle the flea problem at a war footing and look at it from all angles in order to ensure that they have well and truly been eradicated and the infestation will not return.

This is why you will have to treat yourself, your pets, and the environment in which the two of you live all together.  And if your pet lives in his own kennel then it has to be part of the treatment efforts if you want to stop the infestation in its tracks.

Here a few common methods that can help you get rid of the flea problem really fast:

  • Vacuum away the bugs

Use a really powerful vacuum cleaner on ‘all’ of your floors, your upholstery, and even your mattresses. Remember fleas are smart and have every intention of living their lives and being a though nuisance for as long as they can, so rest assured that they will try their level best to stymie all your efforts by effectively seeking recourse to hiding in cracks and other small and tight spaces that they will figure out will give am a better chance of escaping the vacuum hose. And since they tend to be a tad concerned about their future generations, so you can be sure that their accompanying cohort of eggs, cocoons, and larvae et el, will also be found in these hard to reach places.

Meanwhile, you have to make sure that the bag in which you store the contents of the vacuum cleaner, is completely sealed, and preferably buried far away from your property. The reason is that they can jump and jump very far indeed, and since they are extremely tiny, the minute you try to dispose of the garbage from the vacuum, they will hop on and nestle in your clothes where they will then happily proceed to do what they love doing best. I.e. sucking blood and copulating.

  • Use effective chemical treatments

An aerosol spray full of a potent pesticide solution is powerful flea medicine indeed. And it is a whole more effective than the ubiquitous foggers, since it is possible to direct the spray wherever you want such as under beds or any other hard to reach place that the typical fogging machine may not be able to reach, as such.  

Here it is important to make sure that any pesticide you use contains a mixture of both an adulticide, such as the commonly available permethrin, that kills off adult fleas, along with an ‘insect growth regulator’, that may include methoprene or pyriproxyfen, that also simultaneously kills the nits, the larvae, and the cocoons or pupae too.

A word of caution here: While using either an aerosol spray or even a fogger you should make sure that your children and your pets are not in the immediate vicinity since these chemicals tend to be toxic and can potentially have negative effects on their health.  The best time to spray is when you have shooed away everyone from your house.

Once you are done spraying you should also bathe your pets with a special anti-flea shampoo to make sure that the infestation does not recur.

Solutions Pest & Lawn Has All You Need For Flea Control

If you’re fed up with fleas, look no further than the helpful professional grade products and expert DIY tips we have here at Solutions Pest & Lawn. For flea control, there are a number of different tools you can use to address a flea infestation. For instance, Reclaim IT can do a fantastic job in killing and repelling fleas in your yard.

Indoors, spraying Novacide Flea & Tick Killer on infested areas like carpets, couches, bedding and furniture can eliminate indoor fleas.  You should also address your pets flea problems with products such as Martin’s Prefurred Plusand spraying your pet with Petcor.

We have made the product shopping process easier for you by putting together an awesome Guaranteed Flea Control Kit. This contains all the products necessary to successfully eliminate a flea invasion in and around your home 100% guaranteed!


As irritating and frustrating as fleas are, flea control can be easy with the help of the products Solutions Pest & Lawn has to offer.Shop our flea control products today and benefit from our fast free shipping. Be sure to reach out to us via phone (800-479-6583) or email (askapro@solutionsstores.com) and we will be more than happy to answer any of your questions and concerns.

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