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How to Get Rid of Fleas?

Did you know? The fleas that you can actually see in your home make up only 5% of the flea population that is busy making your home their home? Scary, isn’t it? While you may be under the false impression that you are safe from an outburst of infestation, the fleas will be busy burrowing inside the cracks and crevices in your home. This is why experts recommend that if you see even a single flea in your home, it is time to take active measures to get rid of them. And how do you go about achieving that? This is exactly what we would be discussing in this comprehensive post.  

Let’s start from the very beginning.

I Saw a Flea in My House. Should I Panic?

Yes. But in moderation.

Well, what we mean is that while flea infestation is a serious business, you need to keep your cool when tackling them (Please don’t burn down your house when you see a flea). Fighting an infestation isn’t a small battle—it’s a war that you need to wage over a course of many weeks, patiently planning your next course of action after every attack. And knowing everything about how the fleas take root in your home is important when facing them.  

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The Source Point

Fleas usually live on their hosts, but can deposit their eggs anywhere. The eggs can fall off anywhere and get deposited inside carpets, furniture, cars, beds—basically anywhere that the host visits. Pets are the most common victims, and your four-paws can easily get them by playing in the yard or with an infested animal.

Once you see a flea in your home, inspect your pet to confirm if they are the host (there’s a good chance that they are), and clean everything that they have come into contact with. You never know where the eggs may have been deposited, and by the time you start thinking that you have rid your pet of the fleas, you spot some on your favorite carpet while serving drinks to a guest.

Not a good sight.

So, make sure that you clean off every place that your pet has been to in your home to get rid of the eggs and larvae. The following sections will guide you how.

How to Clean Your Pet

Emergency Measure

The first step is using flea combs. Because fleas have a knack of jumping across distances, you need to be careful where you do this step. Avoid places like carpets or your yard where you can’t see the fleas that have jumped off the comb and onto the ground.

Once you are in an uncluttered space with solid flooring, take the flea comb and run it backwards through the fur over your pet’s head, tail and under the limbs. Then immediately dip the comb in a bowl full of soapy water. The fleas will all die in the solution. Be quick about dipping the comb in the solution, otherwise they may jump back into the fur, on you or on the floor.

Repeat the process as long as your pet can stay still and let’s you do it. After cleaning, get rid of the solution, take a bath and wash your clothes as well.

Permanent Solution

While combing your pet will help you get rid of some/most of the fleas, you still need to make sure that your pet is completely free of the pests. For this, you need to use insecticidal products.

Buy an insecticidal shampoo for your pet and give them a thorough wash. Keep combing your pet daily with a flea comb to ensure that the fleas stay off your pet and don’t have a chance to breed. You should also contact your pet’s vet for the best measures to get rid of fleas—they can recommend products that are safe for your pet’s health.  

As an alternative you can apply a topical product to your pet which can kill off fleas called Martin’s Prefurred Plus. At Solutions Pest & Lawn we carry this product both for dogs and for cats. The product comes in a tube and can be applied by parting the hair of your pet and squeezing the tube firmly to apply to the dog or cat’s skin. The product gets right to work killing fleas within an hour after application.

Another product we also carry to treat pets for fleas is Petcor Flea Spray. This can be easily sprayed onto a pet dog or cat. Make sure to get a light even coating all over the pet’s body to ensure proper coverage.

Important note: Please be careful about the products that you use. Avoid shampoos which have DEET (diethyltoluamide) as an ingredient, as it can cause serious reactions. Also, please use the treatment that is SPECIFIC FOR THAT ANIMAL. Flea treatments that are specific for dogs can easily KILL cats.

How to Spot Fleas on Your Own

If you’re battling fleas in your house on your own, you need to find out which areas you need to target. For this, you can wear white leggings or long socks and walk or crawl around small spaces, in the yard, or anywhere that you suspect may be infested with fleas. The fleas will jump and stick to your white clothing, and you can then easily treat those areas.

Flea-proofing Your Yard

While the above treatment methods can help remove fleas from off of your pets, if your yard has a flea problem, the pets will catch fleas all over again the next time you decide to let them outside. The solution would be to treat your yard for fleas.

This is a more difficult task than getting rid of fleas in your home, because you have a lot of space to cover. For the yard, a good measure is to remove any low hanging branches or debris that blocks natural sunlight. This will decrease the population as fleas love to reside in dark spaces. You can use insecticides in your home and yard, but if the infestation is too much for you to handle, it is better to call a pest management professional to take care of it thoroughly.  

The best way to do this is by treating the yard with a granular or liquid insecticide. Fleas often get introduced to your yard by wildlife, rodents, stray animals, etc.We recommend using Bifen LP granules and/or Reclaim IT to knock out the infestation as well as prevent the restablishment of fleas if a stray flea-ridden animal comes back around. While it may suffice using one of these treatment products, for best results, it would be wise to use both products to increase your chances of successfully removing the flea problem. Typically, exterior applications need to be made every 90-120 days to prevent future problems.

If fleas have already made it into your house, you will need to also engage in some indoor treatments as well as sanitation.

How to Clean Your House

Treating the inside of your home will take a combination of thorough sanitation measures as well as high quality professional flea-killing insecticides. Start by vacuuming thoroughly around your house, the carpeting, the floors etc. Make sure that you remove the bag and dispose of it immediately after vacuuming or wash out the canister with soapy water. This will have to be done daily until there are no signs of fleas any longer.

After the initial vacuuming session, we suggest applying an aerosol product called Novacide. Novacide is the only 100% guaranteed flea spray for broadcast indoor use. A single can will treat 2,600 square feet. To use it, hold the can upside down and spray 24-36" above the flooring surface. You will want to treat 100 sq.ft. in 10 seconds and if you are spraying too wet you are overapplying. Make sure to coat all flooring surfaces, hardwood, carpet, and tile as fleas do not care where they live. Leave the house until the product is dry.

You can use foggers in your home, but make sure that you, and all of your pets, are outside for the recommended hours, as the fumes are highly toxic. There are powders also available in the market such a Drione Dust and Delta dust that you can sprinkle in the areas most likely to be infested by these pests, and they will do the job for you. If you do use powders, make sure to use a broom to spread the powder granules deep into the carpet. Once you vacuum again most will be vacuumed up but some will remain and will work on flea larvae for up to a year.

Might Be Helpful:

Flea Control Inside and Outiside

Arm Yourself With Our Flea Killing Products

By following the tips we have laid out above and using the products we have suggested, you can rid your home of fleas and make your home and yard safe for your kids and pets again. We have made the product shopping process easier for you by putting together an awesome Guaranteed Flea Control Kit. This contains all the products necessary to successfully eliminate a flea invasion in and around your home, 100% guaranteed!

Shop our flea control products today and get them shipped to you fast. Be sure to reach out to us via phone (800-479-6583) or email (askapro@solutionsstores.com) and we will be more than happy to answer any of your questions and concerns.


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