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How to Get Rid of Fishy Odor In The House


Having a strange and fishy odor in the house is the last thing you want in your home. It could be due to a number of reasons and it ends up making not only others avoid your home but you also don’t feel like coming home to a place with a strange smell. It is distracting and a huge turn off. You can’t invite guests over because it is too embarrassing and annoying. 

Why and how do you get a strange smell in the house?

Smells could be due to poor hygienic conditions or a pest infestation or both. Most of the time poor sanitary conditions are the main cause of pests such as rats and mice in the first place.  Rats and mice leave their droppings and once they pile up the place starts to reek of a disgusting stench rendering your house a stinky place that nobody wants to come to. Other times it could be your cat having some medical issues and doing its private business in areas unknown to you.

Your house could also have a fishy smell due to mold or musty conditions formed through leaking pipes.

Things that cause the smell

Let’s start with the basics of it all. You need to figure out the source of the smell first and then proceed to getting rid of it otherwise you will not be solving the problem. All you will be doing is masking the stench and not eliminating it.

  • Pets and pests

Start by first locating the main source of the smell. Put your dog to finding it and you can also ask your family members to start sniffing around different places and finding it. Check all nooks and crannies, behind the sofas and TV, pantry, attic or basement.

If you have found some droppings then it is most likely a rat or mouse infestation. If you have a cat and you find that it’s not using its litter lately then it could be most probably its feces or urine.

  • Rotten eggs smell

This is a smell that often comes when you have a drain leak in the house. It smells just like rotten eggs and needs to be eliminated immediately otherwise it is going to get worse. Investigate the drains and call in a plumber to get the situation fixed as soon as possible.

  • Kitchen smells

More than often, the kitchen is usually the place the smell spread throughout the house because it is an open space. It is advised to use an exhaust fan that would steer out the cooking smell out of the kitchen. It also depends on what kind of food you are cooking. Often homes that have certain spices and ingredients cooked ion a regular basis tend to have smell settled in their entire homes. Foods such as fish or garlic used in the cooking can cause your home to have that smell.

  • Molds

Check your house plumbing fixtures and see if there are leaks that are causing the dampness. This dampness and moist can result in molds and mildews to form and they also cause a strange smell around the house.

How to get rid of the strange fishy smell

There are many ways to get rid of this smell and you can try the following:

Good ol’ scrubbing DIY style

Sometimes you have to just get down and dirty and start scrubbing away all the surfaces and affected areas that are reeking of a rotten fishy stench. For this you need to make a home-made scrubbing cleaner. You will need the following ingredients:

  • Boric acid—you can get it from solutionstores.com (1 part)

  • Vinegar—preferably white (2 parts)

  • Hydrogen Peroxide (2 part)

  • Water— (2 parts)

Mix all of these ingredients together and then scrub all the areas where you think the smell is coming from. Just be sure to wear gloves to protect your hands.

  • Baking soda

This is a quite popular solution to remove all the musty odors in the house. Dust some baking soda to all the damp places in the house and it will absorb and eliminate the smell after a while.

  • Odor absorber

If you want something stronger that would get rid of the strange smell inside your house and the boric acid solution didn’t work then get an odor absorber such as this one. You can get it at solutionstores.com and you can find a whole range of odor fighti9ng products for your home. Just spray directly to the source of the stench and your home will be free from all those unearthly smells in no time.

  • Odor neutralizers and eliminators

Get an odor neutralizer such as as this one Nature’s Air Odor Eliminator, it contains activated charcoal and is gel based so when you open it and place near the area of the smell, the molecules releases in the air from it neutralizes the stench that is in the environment. It prevents the strange smells from settling into your living space.

For rodents

If you discover that there are pesky rodents in your house and their rotten stench is still there even if you got rid of them, get this rat odor absorber from solutionstores.com and you will notice that the smell is eliminated within days.

How to prevent a strange door in the house

The only way you can prevent strange smells in the house is through the following

  • Cleaning regularly and maintaining sanitary conditions

  • Eliminating pests

  • Maintaining hygienic conditions in pets

  • Fixing any leaking or dampness issue

  • Diffusing cooking smells through exhausts

  • Opening windows to let fresh air and sunlight in


Even if the source of the stink has been disposed of, the odor of fish or dead rodents can definitely linger if nothing is done about it. With the help of our tips and product recommendations, you should no longer have to deal with the bad odors. For more helpful information, please reach out to us at 800-479-6583, email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or live chat with us on our website.

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