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How to Get Rid of Fire Ants



About Fire Ants

Fire ants are omnivorous insects which live in colonies in underground nest and are known to be fierce creatures that will sting any living being that comes their way. They are fond of eating plants, dead meat,  animal, sweet products like, honeydew, etc. The sting of these ants are painful and can be lethal for most individuals. They are most commonly found in North America, southern United States from Florida to California. It can even be found Oklahoma, Virginia and Alabama. Similar to many insects, fire ants are also have a queen.  


  1. Baiting the fire ants

ADVION FIRE ANT BAIT: This bait insecticide gives the fire ants a quick death and eliminates the entire colony.

EXTINGUISH PLUS FIRE ANT BAIT: This particular bait insecticide consist of 2 chemicals. The first is the IGR (insect Growth Regulator) which prevents new colonies of fire ants from nesting underground, and the second insecticide kills the fire ants and its eggs.


Best method of fire ant baiting is to apply over the entire property, cover the entire area and applying during periods of heavy foraging, such as dawn and dusk.  Most bait will be quickly picked up and taken back to the colony.

There are various kinds of insecticides and pesticides used to control fire ants, these are as follows:

  1. Residual Insecticide:  the bait insecticide is applied to the surface of the lawn and is usually effective if the infestation or nesting is not that widespread. When fire ants move from one area to another they get affected by the insecticides.

  2. Granular Products:  these are effective if you are using this as preventative fire ant control or after you have applied a bait.  This will be required to be watered in to activate the chemical. Pesticides like, GRANULAR FIPRONIL PRODUCTS are restricted and require a license to purchase but work quite effectively and have more long lasting results.


These and various other bait insecticides can be used.  Just ensure they are kept inside and that any unused ant bait insecticide is sealed up to prevent moisture and contaminates.  Follow all application recommendations from the label, and exact rates.

  1. Insecticides to exterminate the fire ants


DRENCH METHOD: This method uses liquid insecticide, which are poured into the mounds to kill the queen of the colony.  This objective in using insecticides to drench the mound to kill the queen and workers.  For this method, you will use large amounts of insecticides that you will  pour and drench it enough to kill the entire colony.

Bifen IT is a cost effective method of soil drenching to kill the mound, please follow all label and application recommendations that come with the product.


  1. Biological control of the fire ants


BOTANICAL INSECTICIDES: Usually it consists of PYRETHRIN acquired from plants that contain natural insecticidal properties.  It has a more effective way of eradicating the problem.

DIATOMACEOUS EARTH (DE): This food grade substance is a magic dust that almost works on each and every insect. The product can kill a small number of fire ants but not entire colonies, a result supported by University of Florida Extension.

The Ants Go Marching Out

Fire ants can cause a lot of damage, especially when the colonies are widespread therefore being aware of how to do it yourself and the different products available online and in store is beneficial if anyone does face the problem of fire ants.


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