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How to Get Rid of Drain Flies

What are drain flies?

Drain flies are insects that live in plumbing pipes and the sewerage systems and thrive in a humid environment. They have furry, moth-like appearances and are known by several names, two of which are sink flies and moth flies. They don’t cause much damage but are a source of nuisance as they multiply rapidly. They can also cause Bronchial asthma for a few individuals and infect food if they come in close contact with it. 


  1. Tape the drain

Drain flies are not for being good at flying in spite of having wings. If you spot them, it probably indicates that the source of those flies is you nearby drain. ¾ inch of tape should be cut and pasted inside the drain. This should be carried out for weeks. If there are drain flies inhabiting in the suspected drain, you will find them stick on the tape.

  1. Remove all the icky dirt from the drain

In order to get rid of breeding grounds, it is important to remove all the hair and the rest of the mess from the drain. For this purpose a pipe brush and a snake plumbing pipe will be required. Make sure you wear all sort protective clothing as you will end up getting dirty from pulling out all the filth. If you want to prevent flies from laying eggs, you will just have to put up with it. The pipe will help in cleaning out the sides of the drain and the plumbing snake will be useful in pulling out clump of hair from the drain. Make sure the drains are kept as clean as possible.

  1. Cleaning out the rest of the residual dirt from the Drain

The brush pipe and snake plumbing pipe can only help in cleaning out the drain to a certain extent. The rest of the filth should be washed with the help of store bought eco-friendly drain cleaner. Use almost 2 jugs of drain cleaner to get the drain filth free. This will prevent the flies from laying eggs and your home will be free of drain flies.

  1. Plunging and pouring boiling water

The next step after using the drain cleaner is to flow down a lot of water into the drain making sure all the chemical has been washed out. Once this task has been accomplished a plunger must be used to pump the drain and finally a large pot of boiling water must be poured down the drain. All the above mentioned steps must be carried out on a monthly basis.

  1. Keeping the house clean

Make sure the garbage disposable is used regularly and the trash can is taken out on time and cleaned up properly. The kitchen sinks should be clean and plates should not left un-washed on the table or sinks. In addition the plant trays should be clean and the water must be disposed off from it. Cracks on kitchen tiles and the spouts of tub and sink pipes should remain clean as drain flies like to lay their eggs in such areas.

  1. Chemicals to curb the breeding grounds

There are many products available to get rid of drain flies. Few of which are as follows:

We recommend using a concentrated drain gel such as Invade Bio Drain Fly Killer or Drain Gel Fly Killer which is specifically designed to breakdown organic matter built-up in sinks, drains and garbage disposals and other areas where drain flies harbor and reproduce.

For Drain flies that come up from out the drain we recommend an aerosol like PT 565, a pyrethrum-based spray like Microcare Insecticide Aerosol or apply Maxforce Flyspot Fly Bait to surfaces for a quick kill.

  1. Using ingredients at home to eliminate the sewer gnats

In order to prevent the drain flies from returning another caution can be taken. Simple material kept in the cabinet can be used as a control against the drain flies. Half cup of salt followed by half cup of baking soda and one cup of vinegar should be poured down the drain. Let all these ingredients settle in overnight after which boiling water must be poured down the drain to eliminate the problem. This should take place on a weekly basis.

  1. Bio- cleaners and Bio-mops

More environmentally friendly organic products have been created to get rid of drain fly problem. As a preventive measure these products are very effective in cleaning out drains. The Bio-Clean product contains bacteria that, eats out any organic substance that might be clogging the drains.

The Bio-mop Cleaner consists of natural enzymes which helps in cutting out grease and clogs. This product is not just good for the drains but also the floors.

  1. Apple cider vinegar

Place 1/4th cup of apple cider vinegar in a bowl and wrap it with plastic and poke holes on them using a fork. Place the bowl in the sink; the odor will attract the drain flies to enter the bowl. Once they get in they will not be able to leave and eventually drown.

  1. Essential oils

A combination of herbs like; clove rosemary, lemon, cinnamon and eucalyptus create special oil called the thieves oil. This oil acts as a repellant against the drain flies. In addition it has natural insecticidal properties. Each one of the ingredients has their own natural qualities; few drops of oil being dropped down the drain will kill the adult flies. Right after pouring the oil it should be covered with a cup to stop the oil vapors from coming out of the drain. This process should be repeated until all the drain flies have been eliminated.

Another thieves oil consists of lavender, lemongrass, tea tree and peppermint oil. Few drops of oil mixed with dish wash liquid can be poured into a spray bottle. This spray tends to kill the adult drain flies.


More organic and natural methods are better than opting for chemicals. Nevertheless, if the house is infested widely with the drain flies the Eco-friendly products could be a more viable choice to curtail the situation.

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