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How To Get Rid Of Crickets In The House


About crickets

Crickets are insects with wings and antennae and hops with the help of its muscular hind legs. It belongs from the Gryllidae family and order of Orthoptera and chirps with the help of a special organ called the stridulatory organ on the forewings. The crickets can mostly be found in moderate climates in the green fields, house, and trees and some species are found in the dark moist caves, deserts and sands of Jerusalem. You will be amazed to know that the chirps of the cricket modifies according to the temperature of the environment. These insects are omnivorous and will ingest any food items in the house. Moreover, crickets are nocturnal insects.

Types of crickets

There are different types of crickets, such as: field cricket, house cricket, camel cricket, mole cricket and ground cricket, and many more! The point being, they come in different forms, but each is capable of wreaking a lot of havoc.

Damage caused by crickets

The male crickets constantly chirp at night time that can cause nuisance while you are trying to sleep. But what’s more is that it drops its fecal matter all over the house. Additionally, it has the habit of pulling and picking on surfaces that can spoil a number of fabrics, such as (yes, time to get appalled), curtains, furniture upholstery, rugs and carpets, among others. If left on their own, your clothes and favorite fabrics can get infested and even damaged by crickets. The sweat stains might and other such kind of features are what crickets look for to breed and lay their eggs. Soon there will even be nymphs found in your clothes.

Furthermore, the decay of the fecal matter makes it all the more unpleasant for you to live when the crickets start to infest. Not to mention the breeding and eggs inside the house and the insects hopping all around the place only makes them a health hazard.


  1. Safeguarding your home against the Crickets

Screen the windows and doors. Fill in the holes, gaps and cracks. De-clutter and organize your home. Don’t leave any places for them to hide. Rake the leaves, trim the bushes, cut the long hanging branches and keep the yard as sunny as possible. Remove foliage and clean gutters.  Avoid placing lights near the house or use dim yellow lights as crickets are attracted to lights.

  1. Placing food for the cricket

Use corn meal or any other food item on a glue trap. Put them on several locations in the house. The moment the cricket hops onto the trap it will get stuck. The cricket can then be eradicated and disposed off.

  1. Vacuuming the crickets

Use a vacuum cleaner to suck in all the crickets that you can find in every edge, nook and crannies. Take out the disposal bag and discard all the crickets using insecticides. Place it inside the empty spaces inside walls.

  1. De-humidify the crickets

The crickets are attracted to moisture and warm areas particularly the camel crickets. Install additional vents with screens or place De-humidifier in every room of the house to reduce the moisture. Once the moist is reduced the crickets will not find your home appealing place to stay or breed.

  1. Sprinkling Diatomaceous Earth

Scatter it everywhere in the yard inside the house. This is a very slow control method, but it is an option.  

  1. Kill the crickets

Use an insecticide spray called Pyrid Spraying the chemical on the crickets exterminates them immediately and you are rid of your problem. The chemical attacks the nervous system of the cricket and is quite powerful. Use a mask to cover your face while spraying and leave the house for hours. Open the windows and doors for a while and let the fume dissipate.   This might control the ones you see, but you can wake up with ton more inside and outside.

  1. Treating the crickets

There are various chemicals that can eliminate the crickets few of these are as follows:

IMIDACLOPRID.5 GRANULESIt is a systemic insecticide that kills the nymphs of mole crickets in the soil. The effects last for around 6 months. The alternative to this chemical is Bifen XTS but the results only last for a month.

Reclaim IT: It is a residual insecticide effective in killing the crickets in the house. Spray them in all the entry points like; baseboards, under the sinks, near plumbing pipes, electrical wiring, garage, washer and dryers etc. the effect last for 3 months. It is odorless so the fumes will not cause you any harm but will definitely eliminate the crickets. Spray the exterior area of the home, any where they are gathering in large numbers, 3 feet up and 3 feet out.

INTICE 10 PERIMETER BAIT: place them in garage, surroundings of the house and other small spaces. It is a granular form of bait. Once the crickets will ingest the granule it will be extinguished.

Liquid and granular insecticides, including bait insecticides are quite effective means to control the population of crickets. Sprinkle and scatter them all over the yard use them inside the vents, garage room, attic, near heater and other such dark and moist places. Apply in each and every inch will help in terminating the nymphs and crickets but to try to vacuum out all the eggs as well.

Putting your conscience aside

Unlike the Gemini Cricket, these nasty critters are no friends or guide and they will certainly not go away by wishing upon a star. It wreaks havoc in homes and on crop fields for farmers and must be eradicated with all kinds of measures. It is better to get rid of nymphs and eggs using insecticides as it impedes the life cycle of the cricket and controls the adult population of the critters.


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