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How to Get Rid of Crickets

Is that constant chirping keeping you awake at night? Are you losing precious hours of sleep? You may have a cricket problem. Although some people believe that killing a cricket in the house brings bad luck, it’s far from ideal to have them chirping throughout the night either. Your sleep is more important after all, isn’t it?

There’s a Chinese tradition -- people kept crickets as pets in their homes. The Chinese as well as the Native Americans believed that crickets brought good luck. A popular Disney movie also disseminated this belief.

Myths and movies aside, these creatures can cause much discomfort. They can multiply fast, too. Before you know it, there may be crickets hopping around everywhere. But first, a little information on crickets…

About Crickets

These pests look like small grasshoppers and are best recognized by their incessant chirping. This irritating chirping which comes about through a process called stridulation. When the jagged part of the underside of one of their forewing rubs the flat surface on the top of the other, it makes that irritating chirping noise.

Only the male ones can chirp. They have large antennae attached to their round heads and come in several different sizes, depending on their species. House, field, mole and camel are the most common categories of crickets. Most grow to an inch or two, but can look different. There are hundreds of individual species of crickets. The ideal areas for them to thrive are dark and cool ones so you’ll find them in corners. But they’re attracted to the light as well. They can also be in your garden.

These awful critters believe in eating everything in sight, especially the plush linens and your favorite décor. They’ll eat fabrics, woolens and even gnaw at your wall surface. People can spend a pretty penny on getting rid of these pests. So before you start to lose your mind and your money, here’s what you can do to rid yourself of these pests once and for all.

Getting rid of Crickets for Good

  1. Unleash your Pets

Pets like your trusty feline or pooch may be a great way of getting rid of some crickets. In addition to being great stress relievers, it is important to know that they have killer instincts as well. Yes, even domesticated ones.

Let them loose from time to time to attack and kill crickets without getting your hands dirty. You’ve probably seen those videos where curious cats and dogs play around with insects and kill them by accident. Do just let it be an accident. Let your pets deal with the pest problem, the others from the infestation will receive the message and leave your property.

If you’re thinking of buying a cat or dog, don’t hesitate! Now’s as good a time as ever.

  1. Leave out sugar and Everything nice but use the Spice

The spices that you have in your kitchen can help add flavor to the mouthwatering dishes that your kids and wife/husband loves. While you’re at it, you can cook up a hot concoction that’s sure to rid you of crickets. Use the hot chili items, including hot chili powder and sauces that you have in your kitchen.

Mix the ground red chili, red chili powder and red chili sauce together in a cup of water and let it rest overnight. Filter out the liquid from that cup of hotness. Dilute it with a whole glass of water. To take it from a hot liquid to a hot and sticky solution, use some dishwasher liquid. Spray this solution onto plants and other problem areas where you saw the crickets.

The advantage of this method is that it is completely organic and will not damage your plants. If you’re still unsure, test it on one of your plants’ leaves before adding the dishwasher liquid. If the leaf gets burnt, add a little more water and repeat. Get the mix just right, add the dishwasher liquid and you’re ready for the attack.

  1. Use Pepper or Bug Spray

The good old bug spray is available at many convenience stores for you to buy. Use a trusted brand that is known to kill bugs, especially crickets. An alternative to bug spray, for crickets only, is pepper spray. Not only can you use it against perverts or thieves who approach you with bad intentions, you can use it to kill crickets too. It’s particularly lethal to them. Both bug and pepper spray are effective ways of killing these unwanted pests. Although you have to be careful – do not spray yourself with the former as it can be toxic.

  1. Kill ‘em with Fragrance

No, don’t go using your expensive Dior, Chanel, Eternity, CK perfumes or regular deodorant sprays for this! They’re far too valuable and should be only used at parties, clubs, work and the gym after a workout! What we’re talking about is the molasses-water trick. This is the concoction that makes your garden smell a little earthier after rain.

Take some molasses and put it in a large bowl, add water to the bowl. The ideal ratio if molasses to water is 1:10. The molasses will start to produce a sweet “after-rain” smell. Keep the bowl near corners of your house and watch the crickets floating on the water, upside down! Bet they will think twice, next time.

Prevent a Cricket infestation today

A cricket can reproduce rapidly if you let it. Clear out the eggs with a vacuum cleaner or use a dehumidifier to get rid of the dampness and humidity in your home. Trim your grass so that you know if crickets are hiding in there. Maintain your garden properly at all times.

The last tip we can give you is to keep your house neat and clean. Crickets are attracted to the smell of household trash so try and run a clean establishment. Dispose of your trash safely and properly.

When All Else Fails, Turn To Solutions for DIY Cricket Control

If the above home remedies don’t bring you the desired results, not to worry, Solutions Pest & Lawn can deliver you professional grade pesticides that are guaranteed to do away with your cricket problem. Depending on the particular cricket problem you have, you have multiple options to choose from to get rid of crickets and it may be best to try more than one way to increase your chances of success.

For instance, if you’re sick of all that chirping outdoors, you can lay out an insecticide granule such as Bifen LP Granules.  The great thing about Bifen LP is that it can target a multitude of different insect pests, not just crickets. Sprinkle small amounts around the home where you suspect the most cricket activity to be.  Create a wide band of ranging about 5 to 10 feet long. The granules are small and only a little is applied with each sprinkle.

What can also help is to create an insecticide barrier that will keep crickets out of your home. Use a product like Reclaim IT and after mixing it into a hand-pump sprayer, spray the outer perimeter of your home, making sure not to forget any openings or vents where crickets may be able to sneak through.


We hope that is article has been informative for you. If crickets are making it hard to sleep at night, these tips and product recommendations should come in handy. If you would like more advice, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via phone at 800-479-6583 or email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com. We would be happy to hear from you.

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