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How to Get Rid of Crazy Ants

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Crazy ants  are one of the most notorious species of ants, found all around the world. These little ants may appear to be harmless, but their bites are extremely painful and some people are even allergic to their bites. These ants operate in colonies, so if you see one of them it safe to assume that there are thousands of them roaming around! The reason they are called crazy ants is due to their rapid and unpredictable movements. Although these ants may seem very intimidating due to the size of their colony, rest assured with a few our tips and the push in the right direction you can successfully get rid of these ants!  

However, before you can effectively get rid of these ants you will have to understand the world of these ants. This is exactly why we have mentioned a little information about these ants below:  

About crazy ants

Crazy ants are also known as raspberry ants. They originated from South America, but can be found all around the world now.  There is some confusion regarding the taxonomy of this ant and it is considered to be one of the fastest insects out there. These ants are easily identifiable with their red body color and sporadic movements and their erratic behavior.  

The crazy ant has 12 segments, and don’t have the traditional curb found in other ants. Furthermore, they have extremely long legs and a elongated antenna which makes it easily distinguishable. These ants are omnivorous and are highly versatile in infiltrating buildings that have food sources. Just like other ants they have a sweet tooth and nest in wood and underground!  Now you know what you are dealing with you can start contemplating how to get rid of them for good.

Different methods to get rid of crazy ants -- for good!

Given below are tested methods which have been designed for every homeowner who wants to effectively get rid of crazy ants. But before you move on to the methods of extermination, you will have to locate the crazy ants nest! Simply lay out a few crumbs of anything sweet and watch the crumbs from a safe distance, within no time a couple of ants will show up and carry the food back to their nests. Follow the ants back to their nest and then please consider the different methods mentioned below,

Invest in an insecticide

The very first method to get rid of an ant infestation is investing in an insecticide; these products are readily available in the market and are very effective if you have located the nest. Simply point the spray at the nest and start spraying like your life depended on it, within no time all of the ants will start dying. Please make sure that there are no survivors as even a couple of ants can start another colony rendering all of your actions completely useless! So make sure there that none of the ants in the nest survive. However, this method is only effective in cases where the nest is visible as pointing randomly in the air will achieve nothing.  

Invest in pesticide bait

If you have trouble finding the nest then you might have no other option but investing in pesticide bait, this bait is readily available in any pesticide store. There are many products out there that have been exclusively designed for crazy ants, so please make sure you choose the appropriate product. Once you have equipped yourself with the bait please strategically place the bait in the proximity of the nest and just sit back and relax. The ants will carry the bait back to the nest and this is how you will effectively kill all of the ants present in the nest. However, sometimes the ants will test the bait before taking it back to the nest! So please choose slow reactive bait in order to make sure that the ants carry the bait back to their nest.  

Solutions Pest & Lawn Is Your Home For Crazy Ant Control

If your home has been overrun by the presence of crazy ants, Solutions Pest and Lawn can help equip you with the right ant control tools so you can successfully overcome crazy ants without any hassle.

Locate the crazy ant colonies by following the trail of a crazy ant after laying out a sweet. Once they lead you to the colony you can begin spraying a broad spectrum liquid spray such as Reclaim IT Insecticide or Taurus SC . Since crazy ants don’t build visible ant mounds you will have to be diligent and thorough in finding where they nest which can typically be in soil beneath trees, logs, mulch firewood, inside dead or rotting trees and other similar areas. Use Reclaim or Dominion 2L Insecticide as a broadcast treatment over the entire perimeter of your property to serve as a barrier.

If you have crazy ants indoors, we recommend a combination of the sprays above and dusting with a product like D-Fense Dust. You could also choose to bait crazy ants. Try a slow-acting granular bait like Ficam Insect Bait. Granular baits tend to work better for crazy ants, especially ones that have a sweet attractant which crazy ants love.

How to prevent a crazy ant infestation

In conclusion, given below are different methods that will help every homeowner out there from a crazy ant infestation:

  • Never leave food laying around

  • Never leave fruit uncovered

  • Attack the ants the moment you even notice one

  • Keep all of the food covered

  • Keep your garbage bins covered

Prevention is the best cure for anything, especially for in the case of a crazy ant infestation as no one wants to go through the turmoil of killing these crazy ants! This is exactly why every homeowner should take certain steps in order to prevent an infestation from happening in the first place. All the best!

If you have any questions or concerns call (800-479-6583) or email us (askapro@solutionsstores.com) or chat with us live online and we will be happy to help you.

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