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How to Get Rid of Cockroaches In House

After a hard day at work and a few hours of struggle at home while you cooked dinner, it’s finally time for you to sit down and relax. Just as you’re about to take the first bite, you see something scattering away on the table top.

Most people would freak out but there are few others who sit quietly and watch the bug crawling away. Unfortunately, they’d have to witness the horrifying moment when the bug rolls around in their pans, leisurely roams among your stored food and walks all over the spoon holder; the same spoon holder from where you took the spoon that’s currently in your hand.

Disgusted yet?

People all over the world suffer from the disgust of having cockroaches in their lives. No matter how much you try to avoid these creepy crawlies, you’d have to encounter them pretty soon. In a club, in a public toilet or even at a friend’s house. There’s just no escape from the reality that is the existence of cockroaches.

They’ve been around since the times of dinosaurs and are showing no signs of getting extinct soon. All you can do is learn to co-exist with them; you in your pest-free house and they in a drain somewhere far away from your house.     

About Cockroaches

There are about 4,000 living species of cockroaches all over the world. In the U.S.A. alone, there are about 70 species of cockroaches.

They like warm moist environments and can be commonly found in buildings and homes where they get warmth. After reading this, many people might not want to switch on their heaters this winter but don’t worry. The drains are the perfect hiding place for these cockroaches. The warm, dark and wet areas entice them. That’s why you can also find these creatures in restaurants, hospitals and grocery stores.

Cockroaches always look for places that are close to food and water supply. If they get plenty of sustenance, they are definitely going to stay there. If not taken care of soon, you’d have a full blown infestation at your hands.

There are a few species that have wings and that’s what makes them one of the most despised insects.  

But why do people despise them so much? It’s not just because of their appearance. These creatures can spread around 33 different types of bacteria. Their presence is enough to cause allergies and can even trigger asthma attacks in children. Any food that’s left uncovered in a cockroach-infested house can get contaminated. These creepy crawlies like to walk all around, shedding their skin, which can easily transmit diseases.

5 Methods to Get Rid of Cockroaches in House—For Good!

Given below are different methods that are designed to help you get rid of cockroaches in your home once and for all!

  1. Kill the Food Source

Any food residue that’s left in the house will attract cockroaches. Since they usually travel from one place to another through sewers and drains, there are always cockroaches present just within reach, looking for a food source. It’s imperative that you keep the house spick and span. No dirty dishes waiting in the sink, no open trash cans (they are like a buffet for these creatures) and definitely no rotting food in the house.   

Fixing any water leaks in the house will successfully cut off their water source. Although cockroaches can live a few weeks without water, they will eventually get tired and move to a place that’s more welcoming.   

  1. Empty the Trashcans

Rotting food in the house is the perfect bait to invite some cockroaches over. It’s true that you can’t kick out all the garbage cans in the house but you can surely keep them clean. Make sure you take out the trash regularly. Use a lid to keep the garbage can covered at all times. When disposing the bags off, make sure you tie them up securely. If possible, throw the trash at a fair distance from the house.   

  1. Use a Bait to kill them

Store bought baits are an ineffective way of repelling and killing cockroaches, but now you have access to the same roach baits that are used by the pest control companies.  The slow working poison comes in either a powder or gel form. Make sure you store them away from the reach of children. Strategically place the bait in areas that cockroaches frequent. Under the sink, close to drains, and near other dark places in the kitchen.  Think water, food and tight spaces and you will be putting the bait out in the correct areas.  Watch our video on apply roach gel bait.

Cockroaches eat the poison and then excrete it back at their nest (they are not hygienically inclined). The other cockroaches eventually come in contact with the contaminated excrement and die. The technique is fool-proof although it does take some time.   

  1. Try Homemade Insecticides

An easy way to get rid of the pests is to kill them with a solution of soap and water. Just spray it over them as they try to scurry past you. Make sure they get drenched all over. This solution will effectively kill them within a minute.   This remedy might give you a quick happy feeling but if you see one there are 100 more that you do not see, so bait and birth control are you best options.

  1. Use Insecticide Spray

Get some products from the store and start a full operation against the critters in your house. The most effective sprays are the ones which have Cyfluthrin as the active ingredient.  

Preventing a Cockroaches Infestation

Cleanliness would keep you safe from the epidemic of cockroaches. Clear dirty dishes away, wipe surfaces and mop the floors regularly. The trashcan is one place that must be taken care of at all times. Don’t leave out uncovered food, especially at night.


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