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How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches Forever 


About cockroaches

The cockroaches come in various form and species. It is a winged insect but is not that adept for flying. These pests like moist and humid place and areas where it can hide and lay its eggs and move about in filth and have plenty of food sources. This is one of the reasons you will find plenty of cockroaches in your home and apartments.

Damage caused by cockroaches

The cockroaches are pest that look for places it can hide and stay comfortably to feed and reproduce. These pests can wreak havoc if they enter your homes. It will start laying eggs, lurk around the trash pass the filth all over the place. Crawl over you food and also excrete fecal matter in any place it likes. The cockroaches are carrier for diseases as it loves to spend times in filthy places like the drain and trash.

Strategies for removing the cockroaches for good

  1. Baiting and trapping the cockroaches

The cockroach can be eradicated by using traps and baits for it. Two of them are as follows:

BAIT STATIONS: Place these equipments in every possible place the cockroaches might be hiding and are commonly found crawling around. It attracts the roach to enter the station and feed on the bait that is coated with insecticide. The roach feeds on the poison food and goes back to its home and causes the pest to get killed. FICAM INSECT BAIT can also be used.  

GLUE TRAPS: Get plenty of adhesive traps or sticky traps and place the glue traps at different location around your home. These pests get trapped on these sticky tarps and get stuck while crawling over the trap. You can then exterminate them using a fogger or just dispose them out in the trash in a sealed bag after killing it.

  1. Treating the pest problem with Insecticides

There are various chemicals that come in different form that help in terminating the cockroaches. These are as follows:

DUST INSECTICIDE: Products like, D-FENSE Dust are useful in extinguishing the roaches. Sprinkle and dust the insecticide in small spaces like the voids in the wall, cracks, crevices, holes around electrical wiring.  The dust will exterminate the eggs and the larva found in such enclosed spaces. It can also be scattered around the perimeter of your home to prevent the roach from entering the premises. Scatter it in attics and basements as well.

INSECT GROWTH REGULATOR:  Using GENTROL POINT SOURCE over ever space, nook and corner you can find egg casings, eggs and larva. It helps to exterminate the initial stages of the pest and helps in curbing the cockroach population. IGR works well with Gel baits.

SPRAYS: Aerosols, foggers and other sprays like NOVACIDE can be used to eliminate the roaches. Use it in baseboards, cracks, crevices, under the fridge, base boards and many other places. If you have applied any baits. Make sure you avoid using them at those spots. FIPRO FOAMING AEROSOL and PYRID AEROSOL

GEL BAITS:  Apply gel baits like APEX COCKROACH GEL BAIT that comes in tubes. Apply them in small bead over the spots where you can find eggs, droppings, eggs cases etc. It helps in exterminating the cockroaches and the eggs of the pests.

LIQUID INSECTICIDE:  Use Reclaim IT as a liquid Insecticide. Pour it in a pump or gallon sprayer or even a mister. Spray the chemical in all areas to get rid of the cockroaches. SPECTRE 2 SC and Demon Max pour such liquid concentrates in a hose end sprayer or a handheld sprayer. Spray it around your home. It will create a barrier for cockroaches and help you get rid of them from your home.

GRANULAR INSECTICIDE: FICAM INSECT BAIT is weather resistant granular bait. Scatter this granular bait around the perimeter of your home, attics, basements and other such places. A bait station can also be used inside the house to lure the bugs from entering the baits stations and feeding on the poisonous granules. This will eliminate the cockroaches for good.

BIFEN LP GRANULES and NIBAN GRANULAR BAIT can also be used in baits stations or can be sprinkled in all the places mentioned above to eradicate the roach problem.

  1. Tidying up your home

To get rid of cockroaches forever your house should be kept clean. Clear up the table after every meal. Wash and dry the dishes and sink after cleaning. Sweeping and mop the floor to remove food crumbs and disinfect the floor. De clutter your home to make your home more organized. This way the cockroaches have less space for hiding in your home. Make sure to keep food in sealed container and throw the trash promptly on time and dispose in sealed trash bags. Clean the washrooms and the drains and keep it dry. If your home will remain squeaky clean at all times it will help in keeping the cockroaches away forever.  

Keep the yard clean, pick up all the mulches, foliage, leaf debris, compost, wood piles and other su8ch material like water sources to keep the roach away.

  1. Sealing the entry points

Screen the doors and windows to prevent the roaches from entering your home. Make sure to seal all the cracks, crevices, void in the wall and even the opening near the plumbing pipes and electrical wires.  You can caulk or use STUF-FIT COPPER MESH and silicone foam to seal the entry points and prevent the roach from entering or laying eggs in such places.

Fix all the leaks in the plumbing pipes, drains, sinks and faucets. Control all the water sources. Controlling water source will also help in preventing the bugs from infesting in your home. You will keep the roaches away for good.

Eradicating the cockroach forever

Make sure to use baits traps and plenty of insecticides to get rid of the cockroach forever. Moreover using preventive measure like, keeping your home and yard sanitary and getting rid of water, food and entry sources will also keep the roach away for good.


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