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How to Get Rid Of Cockroaches

What is the first thing we do when see a cockroach? We try to have a closer look at it but when that thing flies, it’s a stomp or die kind of situation. Of course, you won’t die if a cockroach flies at you but if you have watched the 1975’s movie “Bug”, then you probably feel that this little creepy thing can kill you. 

Though cockroaches in that movie were kind of aliens and a situation like that can never happen, but in a fight or flight position, we always choose the latter when it comes to these pesky insects. Isn’t it funny that we are discussing something that we can easily kill but are scared to death of actually coming near? Ok, maybe that’s going a little too far but honestly, don’t you gasp or scream and step back in horror when you spot a cockroach?

Before I we begin with some of the best DIY tricks to get rid of cockroaches, let’s get a little up close and personal with them:

About Cockroaches

A good ‘ol American roach, also known as a “water-bug” is 1.5 inches long and seldom flies. There are around 4,600 species of cockroaches and out of those, only 30 come into contact with human habitats. The thing with cockroaches is that they multiply rapidly and can infect every surface with their droppings. A cockroach can survive for two weeks with no water and months with no food.

Home-Made Cockroach Bait Solutions

Following are several DIY methods on how to get rid of cockroaches:

Boric Acid Powder and Sugar

Boric acid is a powerful cockroach killer and is used by many pest control companies. The reason behind combining the powder with sugar is that the former acts as poison and the latter attracts cockroaches. When ingested by cockroaches, Borax attacks the digestive system and dries the exoskeleton, which will kill them in just a few hours.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Mix equal parts borax and sugar in a wooden bowl

  • Sprinkle between floorboards, cupboard corners and under sinks and cabinets. (Make sure that it is out of reach of children and dogs)

Fabric Softener Spray

Fabric softener acts as a great bug repellant spray when you are fresh out of the latter. However, you cannot spray this around and hope that the cockroach will die after coming into contact with it. It only works when sprayed directly on the cockroach.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Mix 2 parts water with 3 parts fabric softener in a spray bottle

  • Spray the solution on the lower part of the cockroach and make sure it hits the abdomen and head

Baking Soda and Sugar

If you are worried about using boric acid because you have children in your house, then a safe substitute is baking soda. Baking soda creates gas in cockroaches, which kills them immediately. The application process is the same as when using boric acid.

Water-Coffee Jar Trap

A bit unconventional, but this method not only kills cockroaches, it also keeps the surfaces clean of their dead bodies. Most people believe that it’s the smell of coffee beans that kills cockroaches, while some believe that it’s the method that is effective.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • For this method, you will need 3 glass jars, 3 cups of water and wet coffee powder

  • Fill ¼th of the jar with water

  • Add the wet coffee in the cup and place it in the water jar (Make sure that the water does not enter the cup)

  • Place the jar in the corners where you see the most cockroaches

The cockroaches will try to enter the coffee cup but will fall into the water and will be unable to get out. Whether they are dead or alive, you can pick up the jar and throw out the cockroaches or kill them with the fabric softener spray.

Ammonia-Water Solution

The strong smell of ammonia keeps the cockroaches at bay and prevents them from inhabiting your house. Add two cups of ammonia in a water bucket and use a mop to clean all the surfaces. Open all the doors and windows to provide the cockroaches with an escape route. This is a temporary solution and works as a repellent; therefore, use it at least once a week.

Bay Leaf Repellent

Just like ammonia, bay leaves also help get rid of the cockroaches temporarily. Dry some bay leaves and crush them into powder. Sprinkle this powder in all the places where you usually see the cockroaches. Make sure to leave the windows open, so that they can get out.

Petroleum Jelly

This is perhaps the easiest method to kill cockroaches. Here’s how to setup the kill:

  • Cut a plastic bottle in half and cover the inside lining with petroleum jelly

  • Place a fruit peel in the bottle and keep the bottle where you usually see cockroaches

The cockroaches will be attracted to the sweet smell of the fruit peel and will get stuck in the petroleum, as soon as they enter the bottle.

The Best Solution? DIY Cockroach Control Products from Solutions Pest & Lawn

If you’re not the crafty type, you can still conduct DIY pest control with products that the pros use. At Solutions Pest & Lawn, we carry high quality professional insecticides that are guaranteed to kill cockroaches and are what exterminators would use if you hired them to treat your home. And if you’re intimidated or confused on where to start, we can help with that also with our helpful how to advice.

Cockroaches, especially a sizable infestation indoors, should always be treated using multiple methods of control. This means you shouldn’t just use liquid sprays or bait or dusts, but a combination of all of them will work the best in eliminating an entire invasion of cockroaches that are nestled inside of your home.

Indoors we recommend using baits as the main method of control. After cleaning your home thoroughly and removing all potential food and water sources, apply a gel bait such as Apex Cockroach Gel Bait in little dots in areas where you've seen roaches, droppings or egg casings (usually the kitchen and bathroom).

For cracks and crevices that are hard to reach, apply a C&C spray such as Novacide as a void, crack and crevice spray to the baseboards, under sinks, fridges and plumbing areas. An insect growth regulator (or IGR) such as Gentrol is another great addition that will target roach eggs, preventing them from hatching out a new generation of roaches.

Lastly, dusts (such a D-Fense Dust) are also a great product to involve in a cockroach killing program and has great killing power (also known as residual) long after it’s been applied. For preventative measures, spray an insecticide such as Reclaim IT around the exterior perimeter your home as a barrier treatment to keep roaches from coming into the home.

You can conveniently purchase all of these products as part of our Guaranteed Cockroach Control Kit.

Preventing a Cockroach Infestation

Cockroaches are mostly attracted to dirt and anything sweet. Your first step to prevent cockroaches from infiltrating your home is to get rid of all open food sources. After eating, always vacuum or sweep the area to make sure there are no crumbs left behind.

Use lemon based cleaners to clean all surfaces and appliances. Lemon is a powerful cockroach repellent and brings them out from their hiding places.

While it’s not hard to get rid of cockroaches, the infestation can reach a high level, if food is left lying around. These DIY tricks and product recommendations will not only help you kill the cockroaches but will also clean your house.


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