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Cluster flies infest in the winter

How to Get Rid of Cluster Flies

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As if household flies weren’t enough, we now have to deal with cluster flies too! These pesky little insects can make your life truly miserable. You might be eating something and there it sits in front of you, you might be serving your guests and there they are again, swarming above their heads… There are too many situations where you have made a fool of yourself trying to get rid of them. 

Before you whip out your natural remedy handbook, remember, these tips will work on a temporary basis. You need to go all the way hardcore. Don’t feel bad for killing them because it is necessary.

About Cluster Flies

Worrying about two irritating flies? Here’s a fun and gross fact – There are a total of 1,000,000 species of flies. However, only 125,000 have been discovered so far. There are places where people are subject to at least a few hundred types of flies and here we are, irritated by the two most common ones – The house fly and cluster fly.

Cluster flies are common household pests, they are also called attic flies. They are around 8 to 10 millimeters long and have dark and light-grey checkered abdomens. Its wings overlap when resting and the thorax is covered in golden, short hair. You can easily distinguish a cluster fly from a common household fly as it is slightly darker and larger, and moves sluggishly. Cluster flies are attracted to warmth and usually appear in early winter and late fall. They hunt warm places in cold months and that is why they are usually found hiding in the attic or small holes in the walls.


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When the weather becomes warm, they come out of their hiding place and move toward the light. You can spot them buzzing around the windows and curtains. When crushed, they give off a strange smell and leave stains behind on the walls.


Steps To Get Rid of Cluster Flies

The good news is, cluster flies are exceptionally slow, so you can kill them easily. The bad news is, while trying to kill them, avoid trapping them in the wall because as they die, they will attract other insects.

Following are a few steps that will help you get rid of flies:

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Step #1: Bringing Them Out Into the Open

The first order of business is to bring out the cluster flies from their hiding spot. For this, you can use any insect killing spray that has pyrethrum in it. Pyrethrum is a mixture of 6 chemicals that is quite effective in killing ants, fleas, moths, flies, mosquitoes, and other pests. Use this spray generously and leave no nook or corner unsprayed. A few flies will come out and die in the open, while the others will die in the hiding spot. Since they reside in warm places; you need to be thorough with the spray.

Step #2: Hand Vacuum Them

The ones that escape the spray will gather around the window trying to find their way outside. Instead of using your regular household vacuum cleaner, use a handheld vacuum. This will allow you to empty the trash bag easily with no mess. Shop our vacuums here!

Step #3: Nets and Weather Stripping

Once you have gotten rid of the flies, it’s time to block off their entrance. This means making sure your windows are sealed properly and the door has a full-length net over it with proper weather stripping. If you have a chimney or any other such openings, make sure to cover them with mesh, to block off the cluster flies entrance.

Step #4: Caulking

Any small hole in the wall can be a nest for the cluster flies. After spraying on them and vacuuming, you need to fill these holes. Make sure that no flies are left behind inside the hole, or your house might develop a pest infestation inside the walls. You could also use a similar product made for pest control exclusion known as Black Out Pest Control Foam.

Step #5: Clean It Up

A good thing in this annoying situation is that cluster flies do not leave their eggs on food nor do they bite, which means you do not have to worry about any disease. However, they do like decomposing food, especially sweets. So dine at the table instead of in your bed or on the couch. Do not leave any perishables out and make sure that a full trash can does not sit in your kitchen for days.

Step #6: Get Your Drainage System Fixed

Cluster flies need fresh surface water in order to survive. If you have a faulty drainage system, then you can expect these flies swarming in that particular area. Get this problem fixed immediately and make sure that the kitchen sink does not have water standing in it.

Step #7: Use UV Light Trap

A UV light trap is a device that is used to trap cluster flies. The trap has a UV lamp with high intensity, along with adhesive glue boards. The light attracts the flies and when they land on the board, they get stuck on it due to the glue. The UV light works for a long time and the glue boards are replaceable. A great UV light we’d like to suggest is Mantis 2x2 Flylight Fly Trap.

Step #8: Use a Cluster Buster

If you can’t find a UV light trap, then the next best thing is the cluster buster. The device is attached to a window, where the flies mostly gather. The trap contains a fine powder of egg shells that has a quicksand effect on the flies.

When the light from outside hits the trap, a light is emitted from the trap that attracts the flies. When the flies start sinking into the powder, their airways gets blocked, suffocating them and they die. The cluster buster can be used for 2 to 4 years and kills up to thousand flies.

There you go, eight steps for you to kill cluster flies and prevent them from entering your house. The UV light trap and the cluster buster is a great pest killing device if you live near a farm. The dirt from the animals attracts more flies and this will come quite in handy when other ideas fail.

Turn To Solutions For Cluster Fly ControlSolutions Guaranteed Fly Control Kit

If you have a cluster fly invasion in your home, Solutions Pest and Lawn can help you by offering professional-grade DIY fly control products such as insecticides, dusts and traps which can get rid of cluster flies in no time flat.

There are a number of products we have that can help you with cluster flies. One great recommendation is the use of a strong insecticide such as Reclaim IT. Mix the product in a gallon sprayer and apply outdoors to all window frames, door frames, soffits, eaves and the sunny side of the home as well as any other areas that are vulnerable to entry.  

Another option is to use an aerosol spray such as Pyrid Aerosol as a space spray wherever you have found them. Spray the product inside the room and allow at least a half an hour for the room to ventilate before re-entering. 

You can conveniently find all the products you need to get rid of cluster flies using our Solutions Guaranteed Fly Control Kit. From traps to sprays, you will be equipped with the best control products to eliminate cluster flies.


Your cluster fly problem with be a thing of the past if you implement the above steps and equip yourself with our professionally recommended products. For more helpful DIY pest control advice log onto our website and start a chat with our expert representatives, call us at 800-479-6583 or send us an email at askapro@solutionsstores.com

Are you ready to start laying waste to those pesky cluster flies?


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