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How to Get Rid of Cicada Killers

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Cicada killers or ground digger wasps are bigger than bumble bees. They are three inches in length. The killer has red body and a bright yellow band around its center. Even though they usually do not display aggressive behavior when it comes to stinging, they can sting you with full force and cause a lot of discomfort in rare instances.

Do not mess with them! Believe us, you will not want to due to their frightening size. Even their buzzing noise is much more louder than a bumble bee. Their favorite thing to eat is a cicada, which they carry to their den, and to annoy humans. If you are dealing with cicada killers, keep reading to learn more about them and find our ways to kill them.

About Cicada Killers

Cicada killers have both an intimidating name and size. Unlike other wasps and bees, they will not sting you until they feel threatened or provoked. Only the female cicada killers have stingers and capture cicadas to take them to their den to feed on it. The larvae will feed on the live, paralyzed cicada the female cicada killer dragged into the den.

Wherever they are a lot of cicadas present, you can bet on finding cicada killers nearby. They live in bushes around your home or make homes in sparse lawns and dry and bare soil. They will search for areas on your property that meet their housing needs and make their nest.

You will find their nests within flowerbeds, lawn, near sidewalks, and gardens. They lay their larvae in their tunnels where they take cicadas. You need to take measures to stop them because each year, they bury a hole in your yard or garden, and leave. The next year, their larva hatches. This cycle continues year after year, which is why you need to break it.

3 Methods to Get Rid of Cicada Killers

You can eliminate cicada killers using a variety of different methods, but first, you need to locate their nest or den. You need to look for dens that are a size of nickel or a penny in your yard or lawn. They will only makes nests in areas where there is no grass.

When you find their den, use a plastic knife to mark them because you will come to kill them at night. The reason you are not killing them in the morning is because they leave their dens in the morning to hunt for cicadas. You will attack at night, using a flashlight to find your markers and one of the following methods below to kill them:

  1. Spray Them

You can spray their den using a Hose End Sprayer and then use Reclaim IT Insecticide. You can spray it inside each hole. You can combine any chemical solution in the Hose End Sprayer. It can hold twenty gallons of water.

You should do it from afar, as they will come and launch an attack on you. Try to spray from a distance to avoid the female cicada killer from stinging you. You should wear gloves, long pants, and a long shirt to avoid being stung. Each den contains one to two cicada killers and twenty eggs.

  1. Use Liquid Pesticide

Since cicada killers can cause damage to bushes and shrubs, you can use Cyonara Lawn and Garden RTU. The low odor pest killer can kill pests that come in contact with it. Other chemical solutions to kill cicada killers include Essentria IC3 Natural Pesticide or Pyganic Dust. If you are unsure which chemical solution you should use to kill them, you can always consult with a professional to guide you into making the right choice.

  1. Use Bleach, Ammonia, or Boric Acid

You can pour down bleach into the den to eliminate the female cicadas. You can also pour down ammonia into their den. If you are pouring ammonia, cover the hole with a brick or a rock after you have filled it to prevent them from coming out of the hole. This will kill all the cicada killers.

However, bleach and ammonia do not kill the eggs, but boric acid does. You can pour boric acid down the den to kill cicada killers and their eggs. This will eliminate the chances of the eggs hatching next year.

Preventing a Cicada Infestation

If you plan to use one of the aforementioned ways to eliminate cicada killers, you need to examine the den the next day to see if there is any activity in the den or any dead cicada killers lying on the ground. If you still see some cicada killers flying near the den, you have to perform another search to locate any den you may have missed and repeat the method you used to kill them.

Once all the cicada killers in your yard or lawn have been eliminated, you need to make sure they do not return. You can do that by ensuring your yard or lawn stays moist because cicada killers will not make den in wet ground. You should, from time to time, treat your lawn or yard to prevent cicada killers from making their den on your property.


If you do not treat your cicada killer problem, it will keep on becoming worse. Follow these methods to get rid of cicada killers. Once they are dead, you can take preventive measures to keep them out. For more helpful pest control advice call us at 800-479-6583, email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or live chat with us online.

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