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How to Get Rid of Cicada Killer Wasps


About cicada killer wasps

Cicada killer wasps are found in rocky, sandy and dry soil areas and feed on deciduous trees and flower nectar. These insects are barely aggressive towards humans. Just like other insects the Cicada killer wasp has have a queen that makes underground tunnels for nesting. On some provocation it might sting or bite you but it does not cause any harm. The larvae are fed a paralyzed wasp and an egg after which the transformation begins and the young wasp hibernates before entering the stage of adulthood.


  1. Using chemicals and insecticides to remove wasp

There are various products available to exterminate the cicada killer wasps which Solutions Pest & Lawn proudly carries, these are as follows:

WASP HORNET FREEZE: Find the nest holes of the cicada killers. Make sure you are wearing protective clothing and standing at a distance from the nests. Aim into the hole directly to get rid of the wasp. It will try to sting you so use the spray with caution. Make sure the spray goes deep into the tunnel to ensure the process was successful.

CYPERMETHRIN:  Use liquid concentrates when there are too many nests in your garden to handle all of them together. This chemical is a residual insecticide, when used as a spray inside the tunnels; the chemical traces allow the larvae to get killed as well. Hence, it has more effective results. It will last for 2 to 4 weeks exterminating the eggs and larvae and eradication of the cicada killer wasps altogether. Apply half gallon of mixture in each hole. We carry a great cypermethrin product called Martins Viper Insecticide Concentrate.

SPREADER STICKER: This product contains Cypermethrin, and is more effective on insects with hard shells. Using these stickers kills the cicada killer wasps instantly.

OPTIGARD:  The insects are less active during the evening and night time. It is best to use insecticides inside nest when the wasps are less active. Use a hose end sprayer for this chemical. Mix I gallon of water for half gallon of optigard. Apply the spray on the shrubs, bushes, mulch and other areas where the wasp are commonly found in the garden. The Cicada killer wasps will walk over the chemical without any suspicion and eventually the chemical kills them. The effects of the chemical take 3 to 4 days to work.

Drione Dust: Use a jar of Drione dust into the nest at night time. It has very strong and effective results in eradicating the Cicada Killer wasps. Use a flashlight at night time and apply the dust into the nest. It immediately terminates the cicada killer wasps. Use a hand duster to spread the Drione deep into the nest. The Drione dust absorbs the pheromones and odors of the Cicada killer wasp. This prevents the wasp from invading the gardens again.

Demon WP:  Mix one packet of Demon WP with one gallon of water. Pour it into the sprayer. Find the nest early on between July and September when the wasp is at its early stage of life cycle and spray the chemical in the nest. The more early the insects will be taken care off more easy it will become to contain the infestation.   

  1. Preventing the cicada killers from coming back

Adonis: Once the Cicada Killer Wasps have been terminated from the nest. There still might be a chance of one or two eggs being left behind, the odor and pheromones may invite other wasp back into the garden. Therefore, it is important to regularly use Adonis insecticide to eradicate any remains and traces of eggs, pheromones or odor. Apply one jug of chemical for one acre of land and apply all over the garden and inside the nest to ensure the insects never come back. Cypermethrin granules and liquid could also be used. The effects will last for almost 6 months.

Pyrethrin based powders are also quite effective in terminating these insects.

  1. Unconventional methods to get rid of cicada killer wasps

BLEACH: Pouring bleach down the nest will kill the female wasp but not the eggs.

AMMONIA: Pour bottle of ammonia into the tunnel and cover nest hole with a rock or brick. It will kill all the wasps in the chambers. However the eggs will remain unaffected.

BORIC ACID:  Apply this drug into the nest and cover the nest hole. The chemical will not only kill the wasp but also the eggs of the Cicada killer Wasp, subsequently eradicating the whole population.

GASOLINE & BOILING WATER: The more controversial methods that are applied to remove the wasp is pouring gasoline into the nest and burning up a flam. The fire exterminates the wasps.

Pouring boiling water into the chambers and tunnels has the same effect.

  1. Keep the soil damp

The cicada Killer wasps like to stay in dry sand or solid in which it can burrow the nest easily. Dampen the soil and keep it moist enough for preventing the Cicada killer Wasp from entering the garden and burrowing nest everywhere.

Final thoughts

Prevention is always better than the cure. Make sure all cautions are being taken. In addition, keep a regular follow-up of checking wasp nest and applying appropriate treatments immediately. Make sure the soil is damp and search for nest between July and September.  For more options which we have for eliminating cicada killers, check out our cicada killers control page.

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