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How to Get Rid of Chigger Bites Fast


About chigger

Chigger is a small size larva of the harvest mite. It is red in color and belongs to the class of Anthropoda. Chiggers are found in tall grass and weed, woodlands, berry patches, etc. So, you may find them invading your lawn. It likes moist areas, fields, forest and areas near lakes and streams.

Chigger bites

The bites usually occur during summer and fall season. The chigger latches on to your clothes and reaches your skin. Normally, they bite your ankles, waist, and warm skin folds. After it bites, it secretes its saliva that contains chemicals which destroy the cells in the body of the host. A bite from a chigger causes a lot of irritation, itching and can leave marks on your skin. It feeds on your tissue fluids that causes skin conditions like Dermatitis. You will end up having red bumps; itching, allergic reaction will cause you to have hives as well.

Tips for dealing with chigger bites effectively

  1. Taking a bath

Use disinfectant and proper solution and scrub your body with soap and water properly to wash out the chigger from your body. Make sure you scrub every inch of your body properly and scrub it with soap so that the mites can be eradicated from your body. Take cool baths other than showers that also help in soothing the bites on your skin.

  1. Washing clothes

Wash clothes, towel, socks and your other belongings at high temperature. To eliminate and get rid of the mites that might be latched on the clothes towel and other material. Dry the clothes at high temperature. Make sure to check and dust off your clothes before wearing them.  

  1. Taking cool compressors

Wrap ice cubes in a towel or cloth and apply the cold bag onto your skin bite. The cold compressors help in calming down the swelling and pain and relax the irritation and itching on your skin.  

  1. Using over the counter medicine

LOTION & OINTMENT: Apply calamine lotion or hydrocortisone cream on the skin. It will soothe the itching and the inflammation. Corticosteroid creams also help for the chigger bites.

ANTIHISTAMINE: You can take antihistamine pills to relieve the inflammation and the itching.

STEROID & ANTIBIOTICS: You will have to use stronger drugs like, steroid medicine and antibiotics to for more sever chigger bite and extensive symptoms.

  1. Preventing chigger bites

While sitting in your lawn or going outdoors in places like the lake or park, you must apply repellant creams that will keep the chigger at bay. Make sure to apply the anti-repellant cream on your whole body. It will keep the chigger away from you.

Wear full length sleeves and trousers, cap and socks with tall boots or shoes. Tuck in the pants into the socks and make sure all your skin is covered to prevent the chigger from biting.

Spend less time in areas where chigger is infested. Avoid staying for too longs in those areas where the chigger usually lurks around.

  1. Spraying chemicals

Use bug sprays while going to such areas or even while sitting in your lawn. You can spray over your skin and clothing to deter the chigger away.  

Permethrin based sprays can be used on clothes to repel the mites from your clothing and prevent it from biting your skin. If you planned on going camping you may want to spray your clothes with Permethrin 2 days prior.

  1. Controlling chigger in your lawn

Use products like, Microcare Insecticide Aerosol, Essentria IC3 Natural Pesticide and SYLO INSECTICIDE. Chiggers are usually found in all the thick dense area of your lawn. Look for places where the chigger is mostly populated. It is usually the areas like mulches, wood chips, pine straws, grass and thick briar patches. It is also found in junipers, poison ivy and many more such places. Spraying such chemicals on the area the chigger have infested should be treated to eradicate and control the chigger population. Decreasing chigger population in your lawn will minimize your chance of getting bitten by a chigger.

  1. Taking care of your lawn

Mow the grass regularly and trim it short. Make sure to trim the trees as well. Remove all the mulches, wood chips and other foliage and clean up all the leaf debris. Keep your lawn well-kept and clean will also prevent the chigger from invading your outdoor premises. Allow more light and keep your yard or lawn more airy by keeping it clutter free and well-trimmed.

Keeping the chigger out of sight

Take all precautions necessary to avoid chigger bites, make sure to use repellants and wear proper clothing. In case you get bitten by a chigger be well informed about it and take instant measure like using cool compressors, keeping calamine lotion handy and taking immediate showers. All these measures and steps including using effective pesticide and insecticide will keep the chigger from biting you.


Chiggers are can make for an itchy and frustrating problem where they are residing. If you encounter some in your home, you would need to take measures to manage them. By following the steps we have outlined above and equipping yourself with the right products to soothe your skin and get rid of chiggers, you can again rest easy and bite-free.

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